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  1. I use set in stone dates in my campaign, and have stuck with them since the start. It does cause the campaign to fall behind in comparison to the real world date, but if you and your players are okay with it, it should not be an issue. For example, I began my Champions campaign in 1993, but it was set in the game world as 1983 (ten years in the past). The campaign has continued non-stop now for almost 23 years, yet in the game world only seven and a half years have passed (we are now up to 1990).
  2. Thank you everyone. You've really given me some great insight to this story arc for my campaign. Special thanks to Massey, as the legal steps you laid out are just what I need. The twist in the story is that the female bird hero that "Birdman" framed has no alibi for the killings either, and evidence was found at the last crime scene that ties her to it (one of her feathers was found next to the body). "Birdman's" defense will be to attempt to point the finger at the female hero, hoping to give reasonable doubt to the charges against him. This may be enough to make the heroes think there is a fair chance the serial killer will go free, and then be unable to be tried for these murders a second time. Although I don't think the story will get all the way to the trial, as I have other twists planned.
  3. Hi All, I am in need of some legal expertise for a situation that has arisen in the Champions campaign that I Game Master. Let me fill you in on the story: I run an NPC superhero on my players' team, the Justice Force. The NPC hero owns a technology company and posses alien bird powers. Although he is a superhero, he is also a serial killer of woman. Due to his jealousy and hatred of another hero on the team (a female PC with bird powers), he attempted to frame this hero for the serial killings, but failed. In the last session, he was discovered to be the real killer, and in a showdown with the PCs, admitted to the crimes as he battled the heroes. Now he did confess to the heroes because he thought he would be able to defeat and kill them. But he now plans to plead Not Guilty at his arraignment hearing because there is not one shred of evidence that ties him to any of the serial killings (no DNA, no sightings), but he also has no alibies for the times of the murders either. My question is, can his confession to the heroes (who all have police sanctioning) be considered valid in court and used against him? He never signed an official confession, but verbally admitted to the murders. But again, there is not any evidence that can tie him to the murders. His defense is that the super team is trying to railroad him for the killings in order to protect the other bird character (the PC) whom he framed for the last murder. Would the charges against him be dropped if it was only the word of the heroes against his? And if he should go to trial, would he be denied bail simply because of the PCs word against his? Or would he be denied bail because he has super powers and access to lots of money via his technology company, and could use that to flee the country? Keep in mind, this would be five superheroes claiming he confessed to the crimes, yet none of them have any evidence to back this up. Any advice or suggestions you have would be appreciated.
  4. I use the Champions 4th Edition setting with a healthy dose of the 5th Edition setting mixed in.
  5. Congratulations on such a long-running and fantastic Champions campaign! 34 years is impressive!
  6. I would have to say Day Of The Destroyer is probably one of my favorite modules. I ran it back in 2012, and modified the story so that it was a Dr. Destroyer Android (from the Book of the Destroyer sourcebook) at the final battle instead of the original plot's use of Dr. Destroyer II. That turned out to be a pretty epic adventure for my PCs. Wings of the Valkyrie also deserves a mention for its crazy time travel plot to stop the assassination of Hitler.
  7. I actually ran this one last year for my Champions campaign. It was a fantastic run, and the absolutely loved the story. I ran it as a time travel story set 5 years in the future and it worked out really well.
  8. Yes, thanks for the work and effort to update these characters.
  9. Thank you for the update of these characters! And the color pictures and game pieces ROCK (see what I did there?)! I am actually using Road Kill for the first time in my campaign next month, so your write-ups of the characters could not come at a better time. I am using 5th Edition and will have to modify them slightly, but your write-ups have still saved me a lot of prep time.
  10. Wow, these coloring jobs are awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Looks sharp. Very colorful, as a comic book adventure should be! Also looks like a good length adventure.
  12. Awesome. Thanks everyone. Yes, I recall that King Cobra first appeared as Cobra, then later added "King" to his name. Perhaps that was when he formed COIL? At any rate, thanks again for the information.
  13. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the first time King Cobra and Black Mamba appeared in a Champions product, and what year those books debuted? I do not own any of the first three Enemies books, but I do own Classic Enemies, which has write-ups for both characters. But I think those two characters were published before that book came out. While I'm thinking of it, I would pose the same question for Boa Constrictor, one of King Cobra's super powered henchmen.
  14. Awesome. Thanks! Always looking for more adventures to use in my campaign.
  15. His name is Contrast, and he can be found in the 4th Edition sourcebook Enemies For Hire. That picture you posted has been altered to add nightsticks to it. The picture I have in the book does not have them.
  16. My Champions campaign started in 1993, and has always used 250 points as the beginning level for all player characters. While we did convert from 4th Edition to 5th Edition, I did not allow new characters joining the campaign to be created on the new standard of 350 points. I've always felt that 250 points was a good starting level for characters as it reflected a novice hero beginning their career. And quite honestly, I've never had that much difficulty helping my players create the characters they wanted for a mere 250 points. Granted, my campaign is still running, and from the get-go it was meant to be a long running campaign, so starting at 250 points allowed the players to have somewhere to go with all the points they would earn along the way. Last year one of my players retired her character, who had reached a total of 606 points and had been played for nearly 18 years in the campaign. She started a new character built on 250 points last Fall. As I've been lucky to have a large number of players involved in my campaign, I've been able to observe a trend with some players who, when their characters reach a certain point level, become unsure how to build beyond that point level (usually around 375 to 400 points). This is usually because the character has become fully well-rounded with powers, skills, talents, and perks, at this point level. Obviously this does not affect all players in my campaign, and some have no trouble growing and expanding their characters no matter what their current point level is. I guess what I'm saying is that the starting value of the player characters in your campaign should be based on how long you expect or want the campaign to run, and/or on how fast you intend to dole out experience points. If you want the player characters to be novice heroes with low-level abilities and powers, then 250 points is the way to go. If you want them to be certified and experienced heroes, then 350 is a good starting level. If you want them to be powerful, epic level heroes capable of taking on the likes of Mechanon or Holocaust in single combat, then perhaps a 475 starting level is good bet.
  17. Really like the character sheets used on the Newmuse sight. Sharp.
  18. I've actually done what Lord Liaden suggested in my campaign several years back. The 4th Edition version of DEMON is the front/false face of Black's DEMON. Its worked out quite well with the heroes slowly peeling back the layers of the organization to find another deeper level of evil below.
  19. Very sad news. I have always valued his contributions to gaming. He was without a doubt one of the greats of the industry.
  20. Some nice maps there for modern settings, but none with hex grid, so not really useful. A shame there are virtually no modern maps with hex grids to be found out there.
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