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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows of any programs or downloads that can be used to create character pieces for a hex game board. I seem to recall a way to shrink down character images into a Word (?) document that is preset to hold several images. The images are then printed on to a light cardboard stock paper and the character pieces can be cut and folded together to make game pieces for a hex game board. Any ideas on where I can find something like this or how do to it myself? I hope I have explained what I'm seeking coherently enough. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  2. Re: The Ultimate Base Yes, I was wondering this as well. Will the Ultimate Base be in the Online Store this weekend, and will it receive the 25% off discount Hero Games is giving the rest of their products? I'm planning on buying a lot of books in this sale, and I'd love it if the Ultimate Base is available when I make the order this weekend.
  3. I have a player that would like to build a Variable Power Pool for his character to wield the magic of the Egyptian Gods. My question is if VPPs are a defined group of powers limited to a particular special effect (like gadgets, fire/flame, mentalism, etc) and the VPP in question is a Magic VPP, can the player take the -1/4 Limitation Magic Only on the VPP? Page 322 of the Hero System Fifth Edition Revised states that a VPP must follow a theme of related special effects. But on page 324 is a list of VPP Limitations, and among them is Slightly Limited Class (for example, Only Magic). How can you have a Magic VPP but then be able to add a Limitation of Only Magic? And on the subject of a Magic VPP, doesn't that imply that the character can make any type of effect (like a fire bolt, an ice storm, energy bonds, grant the ability to fly to another character, summon a wolf, etc)? How do you defined what a Magic Power Pool can do and cannot do, as Magic is a pretty broad catagory and in many stories/games is known for being unlimited in what can be accomplished with it. An allowing a player with a VPP to be able to make all of the examples listed above and more, doesn't that go beyond the bounds of the VPP being a defined group of powers (like all fire powers, all speed powers, all mental powers, etc). Yeah, I'm a little confused on this. I guess I'm just a little unclear as to what a standard Magic VPP can do and cannot do. Any thoughts or suggestions out there on this subject?
  4. Re: Master List Of Limitations new home Wow, what a great list. Thanks for posting it!
  5. Re: The Passage of Time My campaign has been running for fourteen and a half years. During that time 6.5 years have passed in the campaign world, and I keep track of all of it. In this manner it reflects the passage of time in a comic book world in that for the players 14 years have passed, but for their heroes only 6 year have, so the characters are staying relatively young, but still aging and growing from each experience and adventure. This seems to emulate fairly well the feeling of reading about a young comic book hero (like Spider-Man or Robin) and seeing them grow up and/or change based on the choices in their heroic careers. The campaign is set in the 1980's, and started in April of 1984. It is now late summer 1989, and most of the original heroes are still active. Many are around the 450 point level or greater (they were begun as 250 point superheroes). At this time, the campaign shows no sign of slowing, so I'm hoping to go for another five years at least.
  6. Re: Scourge From The Deep Thanks for these links - they were very helpful!
  7. Has anyone every done updated versions of the villains from the old module Scourge From The Deep? I'm planning on using the module soon in my campaign and am looking for updated versions of the Aquans. I did a search of the forums, but found nothing (my Search Fu pretty much sucks though). Any help you heroes could provide would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, One of my players would like to have his brick hero have +25 STR that can only be used for Heroic Feats such as Pushing, Pulling, Lifting, etc but that cannot be used for any type of Hand-to-Hand combat. Examples of the use of this added STR would be for holding up a collaspsing building, stopping a runaway train, pushing a huge boulder into a river to dam it, and the like. I own the Ultimate Brick, but can find no such example of a STR power built this way, so I'm wondering if it is even legal to buy STR in this fashion. Would you allow this in your campaign, and the more important question, how big of a Limitation would this be worth? -1? -1-1/2? Thanks for your advice in advance!
  9. Hey guys, Some time ago I introduced a neferious NPC / villain into my campaign who would grant favors to anyone who made a deal with him. The deal is always for the person to repay the favor at a later date. The person is told that the favors (either the ones that are asked of the NPC or the ones the NPC asks of them) can never be to inflict any harm on another person, and the favors must be something that is within the realm of possibility (i.e. one cannot ask for a cure for cancer or end starvation throughout the world, but could ask for help in locating someone or something, or with getting something done they can't do themselves. The catch is that the person who makes the deal must comply with the favor that is later asked of him/her or lose their soul to this mystical being. So far, three of the heroes in my campaign have succumbed to asking the mystical being for a favor (in two of the three cases it was to do good for others, the last case was to further that hero's own fame). The first case was a hero who asked the mystical being to give him a spell that could transfer the team's butler's soul from a robotic body back into the butler's human body. The mystical being called on those who owed him favors and summoned Lord Thorne of DEMON to cast a spell to do as the hero asked. Lord Thorne had no choice but to comply or lose his soul to the mystical being. The second case was a hero who asked for a script for a smash-hit movie be written about him and that he would star in it (he is a hero and a television actor). The mystical being called in a favor and a struggling writer changed his action movie script to fit the needs of the hero and gave it to the hero for free. The last case was a female hero who needed a genetic cure for her brother's condition. The mystical being called in a favor and a serum was delivered to the heroine with instructions on how to use it to cure her brother. In this case (as with all of them) the person doing the favor is not required to show themselves, so the heroine has no idea at this time who supplied her with the serum. The time will come soon when the mystical being will call upon the heroes to return the favors to his other clients. These favors will be to further the goals of Evil (the PCs are not aware that the return favors will be to aid Evil, but suspect the favors will have some consquences). If the heroes decline to perform the favor, they immediately lose their souls to the mystical being. At this time I am still undecided on how to address the loss of the PC's souls should they decline to perform the favor. Could a PC lose his or her soul and still be allowed to continue game play? I'm sure there may be some comic book characters who function without a soul (heck, didn't Spike and Angel on the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer fight evil and both had no souls, right?). But, in that case then the PCs suffer no immediate penalty for not completing the favor asked of them. So, no real downside until the character actually dies, right? My first plan was to have the PCs immediately die when (and if) they lose their soul for not completing the requested favor. But, then the question remains, how does the PC come back from this? They are not being cheated, as they made the deal fair and square, so there is no trickery involved by the mystical being (but make no mistake, he is evil). But, as a GM I want to be fair to the Players, as the favors that will be asked of them will have grievious consquences, so they may want to break their deal with the mystical being to do the greater good, even at the cost of their souls. The point of this idea was to create a situation for the PCs in which they would be asked to do something that would have dire consquences to others or the World down the road (and the heroes would know this). Would they save their own souls by doing the favor, or would they sacrifice their souls (and possibly their life) by doing the greater good and not perform the favor. That is the moral dilemma. So, as you can see, I have kinda painted myself into a corner as far as how to handle the loss of the soul should the PCs decline performing the favor. I'd like to hear the suggestions you guys and gals have out there on how you would handle this in your own campaigns.
  10. Re: Drain with Limitation Thanks for all of your input, guys and gals. Your thoughts on the matter have helped me to determine that I should assign a -1/2 Limitation to the power based on the likelyhood my player will face this defense in my campaign world. As always, I appreciate all your help!
  11. Hi all, One of my players would like to create the following power for his hero: Withering Heat: Drain END 4d6, Not vs Life Support: Safe Environment (Intense Heat) My concern is the value of the Limitation Not vs Life Support (Intense Heat). I'm not sure what would be the best value. -1/2 or -1 or something different? He thought it might be worth a -2 value, but I think that is far too steep. What do you guys think?
  12. Re: List of Forum Members - Super Teams & Members Justice Force (Detroit City, 1989) Flame Golden Eagle II Ultra Hombre Scarlet Angel Tigerlilly Slip-Stream Mystic Masters (Chicago, 1989) Elementalist Avatar Reflex Celtic Fury Enchantress (NPC) Coriolis (NPC)
  13. Re: Absorption As A Defense Thank you, Ghost-Angel. I pulled out my copy of Ultimate Brick and looked it up. This will work much better than what I was originally planning.
  14. I am trying to build an Absorption power that also provides Defense to the character. As per the rules (page 132 of the Revised 5th Edition) I would Link the Defense power to the Absorption power. However, when using my Hero Designer program (Hero Designer 2) I find a Cost Multiplier option under the Absorption power for Absorption As A Defense that is x2 the normal cost of regular Absorption. I cannot find anything in the rule book or in the FAQ guide on this site that gives me any information on this Cost Multiplier option. Is it now mandatory that this Cost Multiplier must be added when building an Absorption power that has a Defense power linked to it? Or is there some other meaning to this Cost Multiplier?
  15. Re: Coriolis Effect - Color Pic of Coriolis? Wow! Thank you Freakboy6117! That is great! (and fast too!). Thanks for doing this! Wow, I have to say, the people here on the Hero Boards are just the nicest folks around. Color me impressed!
  16. Re: Coriolis Effect - Color Pic of Coriolis? Here is the best copy I could get from the module: And here is a copy of the module cover so you can see how she looks in color (in case you did not know). Hope these links show up okay.
  17. Re: Coriolis Effect - Color Pic of Coriolis? Yes, that was my other option. Although I was hoping someone had a nice color version of one of the interior drawings of Coriolis. The interior drawings are much better than the cover art, but if I have to, I will scan the cover art later tonight and use that.
  18. Re: Coriolis Effect - Color Pic of Coriolis? Yes, I checked out the Heroic Publications website, but Donnah Hannah (Coriolis) is known as Lady Arcane there. I don't think she ever became Coriolis in the comic book, only Lady Arcane.
  19. Does anyone out there know if there is a color picture on the Internet of Coriolis I or II from the old module The Coriolis Effect? I've seen on these boards nice color images of Dr. Arcane, the Black Enchantress, and Ch'Andarra, and was hoping there was a color pic of Coriolis I or II. I am running the second part of The Coriolis Effect tomorrow afternoon and would like to have a colored picture of Coriolis for her character sheet. Thanks,
  20. Re: City of Heroes (Champions of Champion) Yeah, I've been playing since May of 2004. We have a large SG called the JUSTICE F0RCE, which is comprised of a lot of the players from my Champions Campaign. I don't play as much as before, but I still find the game fun when my friends are online.
  21. Not sure if this has been covered before, but I noticed during my last Champions session that the listing for the DEF and BODY of objects, specifically Walls, were greater in the Ultimate Brick than what has been listed previously in the Hero System 5th Edition Revised. Example: A Brick Wall in the Hero System 5th Edition Revised is listed as DEF 5 BODY 3 (Page 448). A Thin/Small Brick Wall in the Ultimate Brick is listed as DEF 5 BODY 8. Heck, even an Average Brick Wall is listed as DEF 5, BODY 9 (Page 146). This is much different that what our campaign has been using previously. Are the numbers in the Ultimate Brick correct? If so, then we will begin using them in our campaign asap, but we want to be sure before we make the change. Thanks in advance.
  22. I have recently read the Ultimate Metamorph, and have a question about Elemental Controls linked to Shape Shift. I’d like to buy an EC with the power of Leaping (Frog Legs), Flight (Bird Wings), and a HKA (Bird Talons). The EC is linked to Shape Shift, which allows the character to change into a Frog or a Bird. While in Frog form, the character uses the Leaping (Frog Legs) power, and while in Bird form the character uses both the Flight (Wings) and HKA (Talons). He cannot, however, use the Leaping while in Bird form, nor the Flight and HKA while in Frog form. Am I allowed to add a Limitation on each of the EC slots representing that he cannot use some of them at the same time? For example, “Cannot use Leaping while in Bird Form†or “Cannot use Flight while in Frog formâ€. Or are the EC slots already considered limited in this fashion because they are Linked to the Shape Shift power? Thanks in advance.
  23. Re: [Fifth Ed Conversion] Villainy Unbound: Phobos and Deimos Um, Question: All I see instead of the character sheets that have been posted by Scott is a bunch of computer jargon. Do I need to do something to my browser in order to be able to view characters sheets that are posted in the forems? Thanks in advance.
  24. Re: Need Help with Scenario ASAP! Yes, one of them is a tech guy, but he cannot whip up stuff at a moment's notice (he has a cyborg arm and is very intelligent, and is an inventor to boot). The others are a brick/martial artist, a brick, and a powered armor wearing soldier.
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