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  1. I run a campaign set in Detroit in the 1980's, which is based on the 4th Edition Champions Universe and Dark Champions Universe. The PCs began at 250 points, and over the course of the 10 year long campaign some have earned enough XP to put them around 450 to 480 points total. There are, however, characters of lower power level, so basically the campaign has various power levels ranging from 250 to 480 (Active Cost is 50 to 70 points). In the past 10 years of the campaign the PCs have "lived" through 5 years of their lives (1983 to 1988). I have begun to add some of the elements of the 5th Edition Champions Universe to our 4th Edition Universe (for example, when the campaign reaches 1992 Dr. Destroyer will destroy Detriot, and construction will begin on Millennium City). As for the records kept on the campaign, well I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to that. I have a timeline detailing every adventure of the PCs that is over 300 pages long. I've run hundreds of adventures in the campaign's long run, and I wanted to make sure there was a record of their exploits. I also keep other detailed notes, such as details of super bases, NPCs, Stronghold guests lists, etc.
  2. Britney Spears is okay, as long as she doesn't talk or sing. Dancing around and striking poses are okay though. Britney Spears in a Supergirl costume dancing around and striking poses is even better!
  3. Mangog, your work is just amazing. I can't wait to use your images of the Aquans when I run Scourge of the Deep . Simple put: You rule.
  4. Very interesting character. How did you use her in your own campaign? I doubt she shows up everytime a villain attempts to rob a bank. Can't wait to see the artwork for her.
  5. Dude, is this thread still here? Will someone please put it out of our misery already?
  6. Mangog, your art is just fantastic. Why aren't you doing freelance work for Hero? I cannot wait to see the rest of the Aquarians drawn and colored. I have not yet used them in my campaign, but plan to if you end up coloring all of them. Keep up the good work!
  7. Re: character image Not bad at all. Man, I wish I had half the talent you guys who draw these pics do. Keep up the good work.
  8. One of my players is looking to buy a HA baton that can also be thrown and do the same damage at range as at no range. The thing is, he wants it not to be built as a multipower. He has a 25 STR, and wants a 6d6 HA, for a total of 11d6 in HTH combat. He also wants to be able to do 11d6 at range with the baton as well. What if we build the 6d6 HA with Ranged and Range Based On STR, and of course, OAF. But wouldn't he also have to buy (seperately) STR Usable At Range (+1/2 Advantage), Only with HA (maybe a -1/4 Limitation). What do you guys think? Also, is there a better way to buy this?
  9. Re: Re: How Did You Use Him? Wow! Now that's what I'm talking about. What a clever way to use that character. Scary, too! Any one else have any kewl scenario ideas like that for the Monster?
  10. How Did You Use Him? How have any of you GMs out there used the Monster in a scenario? Just random appearances that ended in mass murders? Or did you use the Monster for more involved scenarios other than just "monster terrorizes city" games? Did he target specific people, or haunt a particular section of the city, or was he a pawn of some master villain?
  11. I'd pick up some back issues of the Avengers comic if I were you. Although the team recently started working with the United Nations after the war with Kang, long before that they dealt with many international situations. My favorite was when Ultron conquerored a small country by using his robots to slaughter the entire population. He then turned the corpses into robot/zombies while building hundreds of duplicates of himself. There is more detail to the story that I'm sure I'm forgetting, but this is only one of many stories that could be tweaked to fit your campaign (substitute Mechanon for Ultron for starters). I'd look for the recent volume of the Avengers, which started about four years ago with a new issue #1.
  12. Your artwork is just awesome! I can't wait to see the color versions of these (please say you're going to color them, right?). I have not yet run the adventure Scourge of the Deep, but now can't wait to put these villains up against my PCs. Great job!
  13. Phydaux, see my post above. I still run 250 point heroes with the average of 12 DC attacks. I do have a few heroes who are near or over 400, but some are still close to the starting total of 250. I have to admit, some of these other guys campaigns seem over the top. I mean, come on, 750 points and up for characters? Yikes!
  14. 250 - 475 Points In my campaign, the players begin with characters built on 100 base points and 150 in Disadvantages. The campaign has been going for over 10 years non-stop, so many of the characters are near or over 400 points. Since the group is so large (9 to 12 players on average), we only game about 20 sessions a year. I rotate the PCs so that most games only involve 4 to 6 of them, as to not overwhelm myself, and cause combat to bog down. As a result, the XP advancement is somewhat slow, but no one complains.
  15. FLARE RULES! It doesn't hurt that she's totally hot too.
  16. Yep. Can't see it or download it.
  17. Re: "Suicide Squad" Champions Universe style The 4th Edition Champions Universe had a group during WWII called The Expendables (I believe). This group is discussed in the Golden Age Champions source book. The military would use criminals to preform missions against the Axis powers. This group could be easily re-formed by the military in today's setting, and run pretty much like the Suicide Squad was in the DC Universe.
  18. All of the hero's teammates where in other rooms of the museum at the time of the murder. And the team is sanctioned by DOSPA.
  19. Bolo, The Player role-played out the remorse of the hero, but he himself seems indifferent over the accidental death. If it turns out the hero must go to prison, he is ready to roll up a new hero. Which is a shame, as his current hero was a few months away from getting married (I had the bachelor party and wedding all planned out!). I run a very realistic game, as far as superheroes are concerned. So, the act of the hero killing is a major event. All my players know that to do such an act will have huge reprocussions. So, I don't plan to let the player off the hook. He knew what he was doing when he declared he wanted to tear the head of the unconscious demon. He knew he did not have all the information on the demons, but still blundered ahead with no thought to his actions. As a result, a teenage boy, who was an unwilling host to the demon, lost his life. He's going to have to do time for his crime. The demons will not interfere with the hero's trial, as they will all be banished to a prison-dimension soon. My best guess it that the hero will not be charged for the death of the demon. He teammates will testify on his behalf on this, and the team leader is a super mage who can provide proof that it was truely demons the team was dealing with. However, the death of the boy cannot be excused. I'm guessing it will be Involuntary Manslaughter, unless you or one of the lawyer types out there know the correct charge for this case. I'd figure the hero will get 5 years in Stronghold, with parole after 3 years. Does this sound right?
  20. One of the PC heroes in my campaign recently crossed the line and killed a villain. I have been running the Demons Rule adventure, during which the heroes must battle real demons who are using teenage gang members as host bodies. After the first major battle with the Demons, one of the heroes becomes convinced that there will be no way for Stronghold to contain the defeated Demons. Not yet knowing that the Demons are using teenage gang members as host bodies, the hero decides that the only course of action is to kill the Demons. It took him several phases to kill the Demon, as he wanted to rip it's head off with his great strength. Let me tell you, he and the rest of the team were pretty shocked when they saw that head come off and revert to it's true form of a teenage boy. The question now is, what should the hero be charged with, and what kind of jail time is he facing? I had the DA charge him with Second Degree Murder (of the Demon) and Involuntary Manslaughter for the death of the teenage boy. What's worse, the act of killing the unconscious Demon was caught on video tape by the museum's security cameras. Also, isn't there some kind of criminal charge for dismembering a body? Ripping the head of the Demon/boy may add another charge to the list. The hero was given Bond due to the circumstances of the crime, and has been released from prison into the team leader's custody. He is currently suspended from the team, and is awaiting trial. Did I charge him with the right crimes? How many years is he facing in jail? Might he get off of the Second Degree Murder charges, as he thought he was killing a Demon. Still, as an agent of the law, he should not kill an unconscious criminal, especially by decapitation. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance. Acroyear II
  21. We use cardboard miniatures for EVERY game. I draw all the maps for the battle scenes on hex map boards (the vinyl hexed ones). I wish the maps that come with Champions Battlegrounds where the big foldout maps like those that came with the HERO Resource Kit. Acroyear II
  22. Would you be willing to share with us some of the plots and scenarios you've run with the villains listed above? I liked to use Firewing, Terror Inc., and the Ultimates again in my campaign, but have run dry on ideas. Also, I'd be interested to hear how you have utilized Takofanes as a behind the scenes villan. Thanks in advance, Acroyear II
  23. Has anyone ever used a scenario/plot with any one or more of the following villains? If so, what was the plot? If you have not used these villains before, could you suggest an interesting scenario with them? Avar-7 Titaness Mentalax Monopole Shamrock COIL (organization) Mongoose Earthmaster Halfjack Hideous Power Crusher Sparkler Thanks in advance, Acroyear II
  24. Re: Crimebuster Um, the "timeline" link does not work. Acroeyar II
  25. Storn, great pic. One of my favorite of all you've done. Your talent is exceptional! Keep up the good work. Acroyear II
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