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  1. Not eating out in town for lunch, for the last 7 weeks, seems to have made a difference for the better.
  2. I detect the subtle hint of GTA5 in the air... https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/05/us/5-year-old-driver-utah-trnd/index.html
  3. *wonders if fart jokes can be considered sentient spirits
  4. This site has updated the graphs they use with more data. I like what they've done. https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america/california
  5. Did he do any of the art back when the Global Guardians site was up for Play by email? You might possibly get access to that.
  6. Looks like the less populated Tennessee counties under the control of the State's health department will be opening up next week. (Not Shelby, ect....)
  7. Interesting article related to Stanford's Study on the virus. https://spectator.us/stanford-study-suggests-coronavirus-more-widespread-realized/
  8. Working from home makes me feel less guilty about eating 4 hard boiled eggs for breakfast...
  9. Wow, I never thought I'd hear a Pro "States Rights" mini video on CNN. (Related to States deciding when to open for business or close due to the virus)
  10. Into the Unknown from Frozen 2 has to be one of the crappiest Disney songs in recent memory
  11. Initially, burying virus victims on an island in NYC seemed horrible, but I guess this is common? Normally 25 a week are buried here, but now it is at 40ish a week.
  12. I like Steam Games, like Rimworld, Cities Skylines, Factorio and such.
  13. I'm not so sure comparing the virus death numbers to 9/11 is completely apples to apples. There is more than just numbers associated with the 9/11 "brand", for lack of a better term. There was emotion and malice associated with that date. This is bad viral Pneumonia. We are also at a 1/5 of a Nagasaki for US Deaths. 15 Tarawa's 10.5 Annual SIDS 0.01 Auschwitz's Just my 2 cents.
  14. Crozier's mistake was to make his boss, the Rear Admiral of the carrier fleet, look bad. It shouldn't have been a career ender, for sure, but it was.
  15. Looks like the USS Nimitz is affected too. I don't miss my berthing at 01-44 frame at all. https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2020-04-09/military-warns-of-coronavirus-breakouts-aboard-uss-nimitz-aircraft-carrier
  16. I read the first 3 books, but as soon as Honor gets a boyfriend, I lost interest in the story. I wanted more detailed space combat than kissy face time I guess.
  17. That's how I feel after eating a third helping of Thanksgiving dinner....
  18. The Lions Paws make the chair look tacky...
  19. Half days for those who want to be here. About a week before working from home, they spread us out all over the building for the required space. I got my own office... a 5 by 6 meeting room lol.
  20. We may be able to work from the office for half days, starting next week.
  21. New York City had a rough day yesterday, but still, it's 85 deaths per million population
  22. Does anyone here play Hearthstone? The new season starts today. I've been playing alot of Battlegrounds, but I hope this new batch of cards will get me playing the Standard decks again.
  23. The numbers are concerning when you look at what percent of patients who go to the hospital because of bad symptoms, cases are confirmed, then they die. (1-2%) The numbers seem more manageable when you look at confirmed cases per million population.
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