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  1. Just wanted 1) Bump this back up, and 2) see if you're up to adding more material to the thread.
  2. Re: Your greatest Champions moment
  3. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Actually, while I'm thinkning about it, that's not a bad idea. I've got a female genetically engineered Romanian Werewolf named Wolfen, who would be a perfect match for that pic.
  4. What's your greatest moment in Champions gaming? Mine happened way back in my HS gaming days. I had a PC who was leaving to go in the Marine Corps in a few months, and he wanted to go out with a bang. So I worked out a deal with him. He introduced a new character to our Champions campaign, but unknown to the rest of the PCs, he was secretly working for one of our major villains (I freely admit I stole the idea from Teen Titans - Check out the Judas Contract trades for you younger guys). He played it to the hilt right up until the end. After several adventures (during which a couple of guys got pissed at him for letting several villains escape), their little group busted into the villain’s moonbase HQ, and commenced to mop the floor with his loyal henchmen. Just before they slap the power damper cuffs on him, my little plant blasts them in the back. The look on their faces alone was priceless. The guy had been holding back during fights, and he finally let loose at full power, he cut right through them. The heroes were eventually able to escape (I'm not a total ***), and now their former teammate was on the top of everyone’s most wanted list. After that, I assumed control of the guys new villain and played him until the game folded (most of us ended up going into various branches of the military). It was great, and it's just the kind of thing that made those old games fun. As far as I'm concerned, it was one of the highpoints of my gaming.
  5. Re: China Sourcebook Or, how about this Asian Champions/Champions of the Orient source book providing information on Japan, China, (with sidebars on Hong Kong) and more info on the various Tiger Force squads, Korea, Malaysia, etc.
  6. Re: Supers and the law How well do law enforcement agencies work with your characters?
  7. Re: Ww 219 / Omac 4 -- Spoilers! IMHO, that was the dam bursting. It made absolutely no since at all. Things really started getting bad after that. Anybody remember Bloodlines? or War of the Gods?
  8. Re: Supers and the law Way back in the day, I had a PC who liked to "Spotlight" (focus the attention on himself), and was getting on a few other players nerves. So to bring him down a few pegs, I had a greedy NPC (a shady businessman), that had been a pain in the PCs butt before, trademark his characters name. He then sued the PC in court (amazingly the PC lost the case), and had to pay for the use of the name. While now it seems a little mean, it did have it's desired effect.
  9. Re: Supers and the law How realistic are you in application of the law? Say having a lowly thug/henchman file a 1983 civil rights violation against a hero for use of excessive force for hitting him with an EB, or having a case thrown out for your PCs not having a valid search Warrant. "Even though Stryker found $200 million in hi-tech weapons in Dr. Death's HQ, he dind't have a warrant and the judge threw the case out."
  10. Over the past few days, there have been several discussions going back and forth that got me thinking about superheroes and the law. Just how much legal authority do you grant your PCs? Are they completely on their own; do you grant them some type of limited law enforcement powers; or are they full blown law enforcement officers?
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