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  1. Just wanted 1) Bump this back up, and 2) see if you're up to adding more material to the thread.
  2. Many moons ago, some, and I'm not sure if it was Mr. Heine, posted full color illusttrations of Scott Heine's Protectors from to Serve and Protect. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  3. Re: Your favorite character type
  4. Re: Your favorite character type General question not directed at any specific response. Is there any particular power set you favor when building your favorite archetype?
  5. Re: Military Hand Signals That toon's been circulating around for a couple of years now. As far as actual hand signals go, there are some standardized one that each service teaches, but as long as everyone is on the same sheet of music, you can come up with your own.
  6. Re: US Army CID Help CIDC uses military and civilian investigators. The military personnel are enlisted, WO, and officers. The enlisted guys have to be at least an E-4 to apply. The civilian guys are 1811 series GS employees, and yes they can arrest civilians. As far as organization goes, there are CID detachments on most major Army installations, and forward deployed to places like Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, etc. The size of specific sub-units isn't going to be available to the general public. If all you want this for is game play, I wouldn't sweat it, and just go with whatever you feel fits the bill for your game.
  7. Re: Your favorite character type
  8. Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite type of character to play? And why?
  9. Re: Artwork for Gestalt Gotta agree with Death Tribble on this one, lots of good concepts to work with. If you haven't check out the book, you should.
  10. Re: Recommendation for a TPB: Pantheon: Welcome to the Machine I started reading Pantheon way back with its second issue, and have the complete run as well as the scriptbook. I'd give the series a 7 out of ten. There are a couple of things that annoyed me, or that I thought could have been done better, but it's a good read over all, and would second your recommendation.
  11. Re: Gestalt of the Week If you guys haven't been checking this out, you should. There are some very cool concepts in the Gestalt book, and discussed on the Gestalt section of the Blackwyrm message boards. Yes you have to register, but it only takes a few minutes, so I encourage you to drop by and take a peak.
  12. Re: The Tiger Squad Sourcebook (Fan Project) Have you considered possibly narrowing the focus somewhat, and concentrate on one specific group of characters? Or one particular event, or time in their history?
  13. Re: The Tiger Squad Sourcebook (Fan Project) Just bumping this back up to check its status.
  14. Re: US Police Equipment That would depend on the type of work he's assigned to, but if they need a vest it could be anything form a Level II to a Level IV vest. Most agencies will dictate what type of weapons you can carry both on and off duty, along with the type of ammo you can carry in the weapon. If they're expecting trouble, you'd request that a tactical team make the entry as they have gear and resources that the detectives may or may not have access to.
  15. Re: Gestalt of the Week A new Gestalt is up, the Bone White Queen. If you haven't been keeping up with the posting on Blackwyrm's board, you should.
  16. Re: Native American Supers: Post Your's Here I've got two write-ups floating around somewhere on this board. The first one's Hardcase he's a mutant teen brick, that's pretty much indestructible. The Second's Bright Star, and energy manipulator who can create objects out of solid light energy. I'll see if I can track down the threads I posted them in.
  17. Re: Prison facilities for super-human criminals in your Campaigns?
  18. Re: Prison facilities for super-human criminals in your Campaigns? While it's not for Champions, here’s a little info on the various metahuman prisons operating in my M&M universe. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) maintains an agreement with the FBI, US Marshals Service, DHS, and the BSI (Bureau of Special Investigations) to handle transport, confinement, and if necessary execution, of any “supervillains” taken into custody by the US government, or an allied government requesting US assistance. Other than regular prisons, there are currently four facilities specifically designed and built to house supervillains. The first two are “Supermax” facilities. One's located in Nevada, near the US Dept. of Energy‘s Nevada Test Site , the other’s in the Black Hills of North Dakota. Both are primarily used for the non-powered, or low power level villains. Both facilities maintain large, well trained security staffs. In addition, BOP Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and BSI tactical response units (Special Response Teams - SRTs, STOP teams, and SLAM units) are on standby to respond to any security incidents that may arise. There's been some discussion about having BSI's Office of Detention and Transportation form some sort of tactical unit (its working name is the Detention Response Unit) to relieve BSI's already over taxed SRT and STOP teams. The main debate is over how to fund the unit within the current budget. The other two facilities are “Ultramax” (nicknamed "The Pit") and the Special Containment Facility (SCU, or "Deep Freeze"). Ultramax is located on a small island off the coast of Alaska, and the SCU is located on a small atoll in the South Pacific. Both facilities are constructed deep underground. Ultramax is currently home to some the more powerful villains such as Graviton and the villain team "The Disciples ", while the SCU currently houses a number of classified subjects in "cold sleep". It's believed that the alien entity, "He Who has No Name", is one of the beings housed there. Unlike the Supermax facilities, both Ultramax and the SCU have a military detachment assigned to them from the DOD's Joint Meta-human Special Security Task Force. Their job is to study the abilities of the villains currently confined there, and come up with defenses against them. They also have a military Special Security Unit (SSU) that handles perimeter security, and would respond to any attempted escape or security related incident. The overall military commander is Brigadier General John T. Hazard, a hard as nails former infantry officers (his troops like to joke he’s as hard as woodpecker lips). The staff for both facilities is assigned there for a one year tour, and then they rotate out to a less stressful position. No more than 25% of the staff will rotate out at any time, that way there is always a "seasoned" crew on hand for emergencies. The Pit was constructed on what was a Cold War early warning radar site. The site is only accessible by air, with all sea passages being monitored by a series of highly sophisticated acoustic and magnetic buoys, surveillance satellites, US Navy and Coast Guard vessels. In addition, several Alaska Air National Guard fighters are maintained on “Strip Alert” ready to respond at a moments notice. "Deep Freeze" is located on Atuu Atoll. It's exact located is classified. It's a former US government bio-warfare research facility, that was closed down in the early 80's, only to be reactivated in 2001 and converted into a super prison. While most of the facility is constructed underground, the facility has a dozen buildings above ground (Air Traffic Control tower, aircraft hangers, boat dock, maintenance buildings, etc.) along with an airstrip capable of receiving C-17 transport aircraft. What's unknown to most of the staff is that in the event of a successful security breach, both facilities would be destroyed by small nuclear charges planted during their construction (Codename: Project Failsafe). As a second failsafe measure, USAF B-1 and B-52 bombers, based in Guam and Diego Garcia, have the atoll’s location programmed into their navigation computers, and several nuclear equipped Tomahawk cruise missiles have been pre-positioned for easy access.
  19. Re: Updating VOICE Okay folks, I'll be dropping out of this little discussion, as I'll be leaving for a military deployment. Feel free to continue without me though.
  20. Re: Updating VOICE Interesting choices, as some of them may bump heads with current members. It would also be interesting to see how Eurostar would react to VOICE trying to recruit Dinamo, since they've already put their bid in.
  21. Re: Updating VOICE Any other suggestions, as I still have to dig through Champions World Wide.
  22. Re: Viper/Demon and organization in other fiction like them I do remember them having a large security force, and many of their members owning and running large companies, and that's not counting them controlling the school the Hellions went to.
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