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  1. I want to turn all of this, and the other 135 entries, into a giant Space Bestiary product, but I can't get a response from HERO Games.
  2. Thanks! I try to be this weird in real life, but you can't edit as it as easily.
  3. The Zara Template Humans are still terribly fond of cosmetic changes to their offspring. Billions of teenagers now resemble Zara Temple from the catastrophically popular Hyperspace Phantasm enneaology of action-casts from 2580-2589. She starred in Hyperspace Phantasm, Hyperspace Phantasm II: Goldberg’s Revenge, Hyperspace Phantasm III: Stellar Catastrophe, Hyperspace Phantasm IV: Black Hole Sun, Hyperspace Phantasm V: Frozen Stars, Hyperspace Phantasm VI: Iridium Crisis, Hyperspace Phantasm VII: The Return of Goldberg, Hyperspace Phantasm VIII: Again with Goldberg, and Hyperspace Phantasm
  4. Artificial Indignation The vile machine intelligence known as Artificial Indignation is an electronic Hate-o-Mat. It is comprised of acrimonious subroutines, annoyance circuits, antagonistic code, inimical data, stacks of fury, thermionic ire, and anodic rage against all life save one small cat ai has named “Hostility.” In a web-cast interview, ai explained that cats are indifferent, not only to ai, but to all life. Ai digs that. Ai then had resentment-pumped plasma guns reduce the reporter to a cloud of free atomic oxygen, drifting carbon, and a handful of other elements ai was too b
  5. I just wrote this... just for you. Vaguerons You might have encountered a Vagueron. Most folks do not remember them. In fact, it’s a minor miracle I’m able to talk about them at all. They follow a strict code referred to as the Uncertainty Principles. Violation of this code results in exile which might or might not bring them into conflict in areas far away from their un-guessable home world (or near… I don’t know). Many people only realize they’ve been attacked by Vaguerons when they discover wounds, weird alien bodies, and drained power packs that hint at
  6. Kadu Kadu resemble nothing so much as a nautilus with a plasma cannon protruding from its tentacles. They are huge creatures, the size of a medium starship. The first thing you notice about a Kadu (right after you finish screaming and changing your pants) is the great spiraling shell of the beast, decorated with flowing bio-luminescent whorls and stripes. The tentacles are next, followed by that gun. What a monster that gun is, powerful enough to shred starship armor, it sticks out almost obscenely from the tangle of tentacles. It also glows brightly across the spectrum, mostly
  7. Which Argos was it? Lupus? Celestial Chorus? Core Stars? Not that dump near Hykene, was it?
  8. Goo Girls The Goo Girls of Regula Slimefax are an amorphous lifeform with a semi-solid rest state. That is to say, they look like transparent, candy-colored female Humans but are in fact able to move through cracks, grates, and enter any place not fully sealed off from the outside. This makes them excellent infiltrators. Any equipment they might carry is left behind when they discorporate. It’s also kind gooey afterward. Loot if you want, but carry wipes. It is interesting to note that Goo Girls all resemble Chlamydia Smithereens, a Tribal Seeker After Knowledge lost in the Regu
  9. Methusaline Methusaline is a viral treatment designed to kill, with a side effect of Immortality, or an Immortality drug that can kill you. Upon contact, the virus proceeds to re-write your system. This takes quite a toll, Draining 4d6 BODY before a Transform. Should you be in Negative BODY before the Transform hits, you are dead. So sorry. If, however, you survive, you are now immortal. Yay! Rumors of an Immortal Swordsman going around and killing Methusalites is pure fantasy. Seriously. Methusaline: (Total: 115 Active Cost, 18 Real Cost) Phase One: Drain BODY 4d6
  10. The Cloud (With sincere apologies to Fred Hoyle and Gene L. Coon) From the 1930s, mankind was aware of complex organic chemistry in deep space. From the discovery of methylidyne in 1937, to the confirmation of fullerenes in the century following, it was made clear that organic chemistry was not confined to planetary surfaces. What mankind did not know was just how complex such chemistry could be. In dark nebulae, organic molecules cluster inside carbon fullerenes, shielding them from UV radiation and allowing electrical connectivity between self-replicating molecu
  11. Humanity! Humanity has jumped out into the stars like a child at play. And, like a well-meaning but inattentive child, Humanity has scrapes and bruises to show for it. They are not one race, but dozens; Heavyworlders, Lightworlders and Spacers from the early days of interstellar journeying, to the most recent advances in engineering that brought forth Mankind’s newest children, the computer-like Bioroids. Humans are everywhere, and they are doing everything. From the relaxed, casual Earthbound to the pioneers of the Coreward Expanse, Humanity is leadin
  12. BALDR The appearance of the energy being BALDR to the folks of the Zhou Cricket Bar™ Foundry has messed with more than a few heads. By diverting the asteroid Tsu-54, he saved a hundred thousand lives and a million Androids aboard the station. BALDR does not seem to be an AI, mutant or anything Union science has ever encountered. Some have taken to worshipping him as one of the Forerunners, or perhaps something even older. His “coalescent form” as he termed it, was an incredibly hot white-haired Human male about 20 years old. Male-Attracted beings across space now have posters of him on t
  13. Zerped The Zerped are a race of gigantic wormhole constructors. A mix of ultra-tech cyberware and vacuum-adapted alien flesh, the Zerped number only a few thousand. They enter an area of space, shoot it full of wormhole networks and depart. Bloody conflicts follow as races who wouldn’t mix for hundreds of years are suddenly neighbors. Currently these spatial engineers are engaged in perforating the Mylax Cluster near Phong, in Cephei Sector. Corporate interests, the Xenohuman Alliance and the Union Military are poised to dive in when the first wormhole activates. For now, the eno
  14. Here's a bunch of stuff from my 2600CE campaign, hope you enjoy it. The Remains of Doxxis Prima Generally regarded as the greatest scientific failure in the history of the galaxy, Doxxis was the first (we think) planet to perfect Chronotropic Matter. Chronotropic Matter, once created, exists in all times, past and present, spiraling backward through history as if it had always existed. Rememberer Nora Lenderbee travelled quite by accident to Doxxis on a site-seer cruise and was nearly struck down by what she saw. The entire planet, and several worlds beyond Dox
  15. Zervoids The Zervoids are a race of callous, scheming worms with mismatched legs, jumbled “facial” features, questionable morals and nowhere-to-be-seen table manners. Each Zervoid seems a cobbled-together jumble of bits of different bugs. Their overall form is that of a short, stumpy, disgruntled Myriapoda. They favor darkness, having evolved under the crustal plates of their home world, Dank. Crawling around in the dark and cold for millions of years forged the Zervoids into many forms and functions. My latest encounter with this surly race was thankfully in deep space. We
  16. True. My next campaign, which was supposed to start today until a migraine decided to join the group will start on Argos (the one in Ophiuchus). Had to cancel with 2 hours notice. But that's the syntax. Most other references read "Sector/Planet" but no one ever says "Ophiuchus/Argos" they say Argos (the one in [Sector]). Maybe worlds are just "Argos" until they are something else, as you suggest?
  17. As a running joke in my 2600CE game there are 37 planets named Argos. I don't know how or why it started. I think I mentioned two entirely different worlds and a player called me on it. I hastily improvised a stupid story about prankster astrocartographers, bored pioneers, and some fairly shoddy interstellar communication. It stuck.
  18. Hrung Hrung are gigantic reptavians native to Vabulon, but spread across the galaxy in an age past. In the Vabuloid tongue, Hrung translates as “thunder bird.” In Lacertan, the translation cannot be printed here, but at least you’ll have some understanding of why those aliens are giggling. I was present at a Hrung Mating Ritual on Argos (the one in Ophiuchus). The ritual is up to 18 days long. It consists of the male clearing an area a kilometer in diameter of all plant life and rocks. He then proceeds to gather Hrung Berries (huge fruits some five feet across), Th
  19. It was just a matter of finding my voice and writing for myself. My writing became funny as a result.
  20. If I may, I think it was E.E. "Doc" Smith who noted that while firing a gun onboard a space ship isn't going to pierce the hull and evacuate the ship (hulls can take a lot of damage) a stray blaster might shot might punch a hole in a piece of vital equipment, such as a computer, drive system, ship's cat or porn-o-mat. But what did he know? He was a doughnut engineer. That aside, as others have noted herein, swords are cool.
  21. Teleron Drive A fundamental aspect of life in the galaxy is faster than light travel. Races that lack the capability to fling themselves across the vast emptiness between stars are at a great disadvantage militarily, economically, and tend to suffer humiliating giggling from more advanced species or polities. Civilizations that find themselves isolated from the galactic community find novel ways to overcome this issue and avoid having to reverse-engineer FTL drives from visiting traders, diplomats, and Player Characters. One such advancement is the Teleron Drive. With it, even the
  22. Clone Sauce Clone Sauce is a biomedical soup of active, unprogrammed nano and raw organics. Contact with exposed skin can lead to immune disorders and digestion problems. Improperly stored and unattended clone sauce can result in accidental replicates reproduced from fingerprints. Clone Sauce: Drain CON 3d6, Attack Versus Alternate Defense (Life Support (Sealed Suit or Not Being Organic); All Or Nothing; +0), Constant (+½), Uncontrolled (+½), Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Day; +2 ¼) (127 Active Points); OAF (-1), Range Based On Strength (-¼) Real Cost: 56
  23. Optional Starship Gear You don't have to take this stuff for your ship, but if you do, you get to say "zeroid" a lot. Aphasic Spatial Zeroid Interface By injecting zero-like virtual particles into a negative thermal energy array, power can be drawn from space itself as the virtual particles pop in and out of existence. We think. Aphasic Spatial Zeroid Interface: Endurance Reserve (10 END, 10 REC) Reserve: (11 Active Points); OIF Bulky (-1) Real Cost: 9 Chronotronic Static Field Generator This fine example of Union technobabble disperses Chronotronic Static into the
  24. Jet-Predator When a jet engine and a great white shark love each other very much, they make a baby that can chew through ship hulls. I encountered one on their native world of Sama' Liaimtinahia. It chewed its way into a cargo pod I had rented from Wahir Prospect Orbital. It devoured all of my samples from the Corlett Jovian of Broogh Bodjallagh and I was charged not only for the cargo pod, but for the extra passenger I’d acquired. The port officials at the Sahil Anti-Gravity Get-Together were quite persuasive, dangling me over the edge in a quaint local custom termed t
  25. Hex-Wolf “Look at him, walking off into the triple sunset of Mirathon, Las Culverin on his shoulder and quantum-bandolier across his chest. The Curse-Blade of Theelis Narr on his hip. Hex-Wolf goes to face the Sand Worm King. He goes to his death this day. Death or Glory. Probably death….” The Legendary Fighter Hex-Wolf has amassed victories uncounted, and his deeds burn bright across the galaxy. His culture adores him, and his enemies admire him, even while they seek his death. It is said that he has died a thousand and one times and returned to defend the defenseless a thousand time
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