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  1. I'm starting a campaign around... I dunno... November, maybe. I'm going to post briefs of characters in this thread. The characters are sourced from old supers games, my own mind and more than a few bad dreams or late nights. How does this affect you? It does not UNLESS you like a character concept and want to run with it. Use it in your own game! If you post a write up based on the brief, I'll make sure he, she, it, they, them, WHAT? is used in the Metahumanity guidebook when they are all complete. "BUT WAIT!" I hear you cry, "ISN'T THIS JUST YOU TRYING TO GET US TO FILL IN THE GAPS IN YOUR GAME??" Yes. Yes, it is. You can also think of it as a community project done for laughs.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I think we'll probably be fine... my players are an ornery lot.
  3. My copy is on the way. Should have it on the 8th. Aside from some hyphenation and minor editing issues, THIS IS FANTASTIC! Chris always delivers. One thing holds me back from finishing my Weird West anthology (Titled For Whom The Bell Tolls) let alone run it. Guns vs plate armor in HERO. How do we enforce the "no armor" of the period (and many others from the late 1400s to WWI) where the vast majority of folks didn't wear armor. I know only a few people wore steel vests in the Civil War, but between those and some protection spells... I'm not sure I can scare the players out of going for their guns over someone bad-mouthing their horse. Sure, I've got a bit with the Angel of Judgement and a flaming holy sword... but a Peacemaker does 2d6-1. Full Plate Armor is DEF 8 (pardon my Fifth Edition Revised). This easily bounces most Peacemaker shots. This is not a weakness of Western HERO. WH is great... but this guns vs plate armor thing has bothered me for years. This has likely been discussed before... if someone has a link or reference to that thread... I'm all ears.
  4. Here's a taste of today's barely-comprehensible keyboard pounding and caffeine-fueled pseudoscience. Floaterax.pdf Floaterax.hdc
  5. I'm back to working on this thing. There are so many creatures, things and people in the Galaxy. As it has been said, some of the things are people. I think the intelligent races are just going to get Racial Templates instead of full entries.
  6. PERIL The Premiere Evil Research Initiative at Lansdowne is a terribly posh boutique blastershop in Pennsylvania. Somewhere, we aren’t exactly sure where the place is. Capes Capes is a bar where Metas hang out. It is considered “neutral ground” where heroes can meet with villain informants, actual supervillains and the worst sort of capesluts. Its actual location is unknown. Retropolis Seeing the Future through the Past. A Gernsbackian industrial concern operated by the futurist Doctor Retroscope. Headquartered at Retropolis (City of the Future), the lab and the city surrounding it are part amusement park, part heavy industrial research facility. Its functions are controlled not by Doctor Retroscope but by the Vacuum Tube Vixen, Galetea. The Home A secret base for very old heroes, the Home provide medical care for alien Metabolisms, and control devices for those brave meta-codgers who no longer master their abilities. Paragon Labs™ Paragon Labs™ specialize in Hero Training and Event Management. When the weird happens, the weird get going. They flit around the planet thanks to a purple cat who can teleport en masse. Frost Labs Frost Labs supports various governments and private armies as a mercenary research organization. They also make blasters, is what I’m saying.
  7. I haven't worked on it in a while. I'll see if I can crank a few more write-ups out this week for you.
  8. I may have some notes around here somewhere... 168 pages in 11 point type. Stolen Sourced from every nook and cranny of Gamma Terra itself. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AnjlOlt_p61acI2-Bsn-jy6sf-g?e=M6C0Wa There's a lot of stuff in there that I forgot about stealing... wow. Any complaints and it comes out immediately. Or faster. EDIT: Looks like I posted this about 3 years ago. This is an updated file.
  9. Fantasy HERO Formulary.pdf Downloads section isn't visited much, is it? Here's my Alchemy Guide. A work in progress.
  10. I should have been more clear... When the Cog Demon reaches 10 BODY, 1d6 is added to the axe's HKA. Might be a better way of doing it. I'm always open to suggestions if you think there's a better way to simulate it. Bolding that plus might have helped. Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6 (2d6 w/STR), Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼), Trigger (Activating the Trigger requires a Zero Phase Action, Trigger resets automatically, immediately after it activates, Character does not control activation of personal Trigger; Half BODY; +½)
  11. Nice! Might give that a try after they finished sneaking around Edinburgh Castle this Saturday.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Herein, you will find all sorts of things. Many of them are incomplete, stupid, or just too weird to keep in my head any longer. So here you are. A glimpse into my Fantasy HERO campaign. If you like it, remember that it is the work of years, slaved over and pounded upon until it has reached the incomplete state you find it in. If you do not like it, note that I slept a great deal during those years, some if almost certainly while typing.
  13. The Fantasy HERO Formulary is now in the Downloads section.
  14. This vile collection of gears, springs, bellows, and terrible flame strides toward you on cloven brass hooves. Its war cry is accompanied by a blast of steam and a glare of malice. It is knowledge and technological progress bound up with hate and betrayal. It has inspired steampunk horrors, devastating siege engines, and weapons of mass destruction. It is the bane of tinkers and workers of both intricate brass and unbreakable steel. Cog Demon.pdf Cog Demon.hdc
  15. I'll talk to the wife. She LOVES that show.
  16. Here's a bit about the setting. Ravenna Public.pdf Some hasty editing just now. Might give you a clue. 185 pages of clues. Public Consumption Edition This edition of Ravenna has been doped with distilled lies, concentrated falsehoods and Fib Dust. To mundane readers, It will appear as a treatise on the matter of the mating habits of the koala, while those with a talent for magic see it for what it is: an expose of the true nature of the world, magical and wondrous. If you can, get your hands on the pages about the koalas, though, it’s actually quite fascinating.
  17. I'm stumbling over how to transition my Danger International campaign from totally mundane sneaking and running and shooting and dying to my Ravenna setting. I want the shock of realization, but not so shocking as encountering an elf or demon. I though about fuzzy security camera footage of a guy killing someone by a lethal finger-gesture. Points, twitches his thumb, and the target drops as if shot with a pistol. The PCs actually find a bullet which doesn't match any ballistics profile. The game takes place in 1985 (the year Danger International is set). I have a print copy of it from back in the day. If the HERO folks read this and want to scan it, I'm down as long as I get it back (or sufficient $$$). How would you do it? You guys are always good for ideas.
  18. Hi. I have a thing I wrote about 3 years ago as an occasional distraction from my wife's medical condition. Don't mistake me. I was there for her. Like mad. As in it drove her mad. She's fine now, by the way. But I digress. I wrote this. It was originally 62 pages+the cover, but a lot of stuff in that document could get me in a lot of trouble, so I trimmed it down to 9 pages. It does not include my usual style of humor. I respect Tolkien's work too much to add Pleet Roodlepleen-style funny bits. The bits about magic come from The One Ring, an official Middle Earth product. I do not know if I would do it differently. You probably would tone it down a bit. Middle Earth Templates and Stuff.pdf
  19. Version 1.0.0


    I got bored. Started writing. Made a PDF of extreme martial arts moves one might find in an episode of Dragon Ball Z (or worse). 12 pages, more than 60 Techniques, some jokes and a hint of a campaign unplayed.
  20. Here are a few of mine. Just finished this. The HDC is not up to date with the PDF...but when is it. really? Error Code - Doragon-Ken.pdf Techniques.hdc
  21. Présenté sans commentaire. Error Code - Doragon-Ken.pdf
  22. Oh, that's not bad at all! Thanks!
  23. I'm translating Villains and Vigilantes' The Centerville Incident to HERO System. Yay! One of the characters is Special Officer Koniji Hirakarini, a space cop. She's got a gun, a short skirt, and all the anime tropes you care to apply. Her weird thing is Proxima; who is her armor and ship and best friend. They are the same person. This is a really cool idea, but how to build it? Do you just build a multiform for Proxima? Can a person (android) multiform into a vehicle? Proxima is an android? Easy enough. Proxima is a ship? Multiform to a character with all the powers required to simulate all the bits a starship would have (Merchant ship from Star Hero) Proxima is a battlesuit? Just a bunch of powers for Koniji with the limitation that Proxima isn't available while the armor is active? Handwave it? I'M THE GM AND I SAID SO is hardly good HERO Math.
  24. The Dragons of Caleon have various response to those who would employ their hides as haberdashery. Riachadda doesn't take offense so much as revenge. She sees her kind as noble beasts, standing apart from other creatures. While generally a force for good, murder is another matter. Korgalath is often amused. The armored character is often barbecued. Zinzalor might like to know if the hide in question was a friend. His reaction is generally based on the answer, as he has a number of rivals that he'd like to see on a dwarf's backside in one way or another. Nornastor is a close-minded reptile. He isn't easily roused or torn away from his books and scrolls, and rarely takes interest in anything else. Nornastor doesn't adapt. He's already hidebound. Gidraash, the Hidden Lord of the Drakeholds, is rarely seen and couldn't be bothered for an answer. The last time he was polled on a matter, the questioner was turned into rather startled cloud of drifting ash and regret. Onn, resting atop a pile of enchanted bone that would make any necromancer worth his salt quiver in vile, void-powered ecstatic glee, would probably like to know if the hide in question was his own. He'd like it back. Gethrimax will likely trade for it. He'll offer 3000... Degrees... Fahrenheit. Kaathrixis simply doesn't care to know who's being worn this season. She's rather busy these days and has no time for gossip. Boltakainen will cry tears of fire at the loss of one of his kind. He will beat his chest, roar in titanic sorrow, thrash his tail in anguish. He will lament for the fallen, for the Civilization of Solitude are few in number. Lastly, he will gently reach out, grasp the armored character in his forgiving claw and beat the remainder of the party to death with him.
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