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  1. Re: Something we should all look into.. I am in error... it's "Hero Set." Yeah.... I was wrong... https://www.daz3d.com/shop.php?op=itemdetails&item=2957
  2. Re: Something we should all look into.. How's this... I'm sorely lacking in jewelry and religious medals and such. I think her figure is right this time.... comments welcome... including such things as "HEY JEFF! YOU SUCK! LET GO OF THE MOUSE AND STOP WITH THE COCA COLA AND OFFICE PRODUCTS!" ...or whatever. http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15221&stc=1
  3. Re: Something we should all look into.. Osprey... I had a feeling her name was Osprey... or Sparhawk... Sparhawk is also a cool name... Next up... Elena 2.0 Oh... it should be noted that I DO NOT like these wings... but they are the only ones I have other than some cyberwings... they look ...aluminium... http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15214&stc=1
  4. Re: Something we should all look into.. I'm working on that and the Winged Chick In Green... Even now... oh...and listening to Johnny Cash...
  5. Re: Something we should all look into.. I'm thinking of buying the Hero Creator from DAZ... have a look at it... let me know if I'm gonna need it... it's only $14, and if folks keep requesting art, I'll buy it and keep posting for y'all... Keep the requests coming! And Yogzilla, send me those Fantasy Hero Characters... I'll see what I can do...
  6. The Real Thing I think this Strange Young Visitor from Another Planet has been adversely affected by Earth's marketing machine. When he reached adulthood, he struck out on his own... to teach the world to sing... in perfect harmony... Yes... his costume is a scanned Coke Can... and my dead tired imagination. I'm very tired again... More Lizard Man Pics tomorrow.... I have a new shader I want to try... http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15175&stc=1
  7. Re: Something we should all look into.. Here's the Work In Progress on Lizard Man... Note... this is not the final picture... I'm still playing with the textures and the facial configuration... then I gotta learn how to do a tail... Oh... and here's Hazard... a character of my own design... http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15131&stc=1
  8. Black Arachne Not knowing anything about the character aside from appearance and age, I decided to give her a bit of a "Mall Rat" walk... perhaps this is wrong of me... but I tried to make it look like she was walking along, chewing gum for some strange reason.... Now, Jeffy is going to bed... http://www.herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15120&stc=1
  9. Re: Something we should all look into.. Trebuchet... I'll get right on it... As for Lemmings Request... I'm getting sleepy... and I used a basic DAZ bodysuit pattern that I hadn't occasion to use before... whatcha think? http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15118&stc=1
  10. Re: Something we should all look into.. Here's Elena... I don't like the shadow on her arm and I can't figure out where it's coming from... Global Lighting sucks. Consider all these pix to be first run type of things... Make comments and expect changes... http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15115&stc=1
  11. Re: Something we should all look into.. Well, Lord... I hope this does not offend... Ya been playin' her for 14 years and I hope my vision doesn't... um... suck too much. I don't seem to have an object for a headband... I'll wander Renderosity, Poserpros and Daz3D until I find one and revise the picture... now on to Elena... http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15114&stc=1
  12. Re: Something we should all look into.. That's what I get for not reading or paying attention or anything... oh well... here's a Black Cat. Not sure whose Black Cat... but definately one that I've done up thinking I knew what I was doing. more soon! http://www.herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15113&stc=1
  13. Re: Something we should all look into.. Black Cat/Felica Hardy might be fun... Not sure how I'm gonna do the fluffy things at her wrists and ankles, tho... Elena might be easier... she just might appear here in a few hours. I have to do custom clothes by hand with Photoshop and the Catsuit object that DAZ makes. That one character that Lemming mentions might be fun... hmmm... As for the Lizard man... I think I can whip something up using a "second skin" type costume...
  14. Re: Something we should all look into.. Since I know the program rather well, and have spent so much money (and ya'll shouldn't have to...) I'll take a few requests for character art. Let's see if I can turn anything in... I'm best set up for Manga/Anime style stuff, but ask away.
  15. I use DAZ|Studio for superhero and Fantasy renders when I'm stuck for ideas, or do not have time to draw one. I think a lot of folks would benefit from having this program. The basic program ( and a tiny bit of content) is available for free from daz3d.com but a vast amount of content is for sale all over the web. I shudder to think what I've spent lately on it... Here's a sample (The Destructionator, based on Daz's FREAK model): http://herogames.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=15098&stc=1
  16. Re: Last Night's Star Hero Game... Oh, she knows... I explained my position on such "playing" more than clearly. I just thought I'd get some feedback..
  17. ... my player Bridgette's caninoid was determined by the Bad Guy (A 30' sessile column of self-aware crystal) to be of weak mind. It focused its Mind Control and Telepathy powers on her, to get her to lead the crew down into his chamber where he could mentally dominate everybody at once. Seems he needed to hitch a ride off the desolate hellhole of a world he was stuck on... His mind control attempts were more than just my rolling, shouting numbers and telling PCs they wanted to go down into the planet, I brought up people from their pasts; friends, loved ones, business associates, old military buddies, and THEY talked to the characters as though they needed them to do different tasks that were all, in fact, leading to the same result. After 2 attempts at other PCs, when it came to be her turn at this, she just sorta gave in. "This is where the plot leads, may as well go along." she said. What kinda playing is that? I planned to do it as I did to give it that "Sci Fi movie" feel. The hallucinations where often questioned by other players, but a quick glance at my dice shut them up, they knew I had them, and they roleplayed along... but Bridgette just angered me...
  18. Say I've got a power that only manifests with a great amount of training and focus. (That is, requires a particular Martial Art at a certain number of points spent, or a different power to already be known) Is this worth a limitation? My gut feeling is "no." but I thought I'd ask HEROdom...
  19. Re: Anyone done a Dragonstar HERO ? I have a thing called Exodus. It's different from Dragonstar in that its a Magical society that achieved space flight in the "natural" course of things. I can collect my writings and put my Exodus webpage back up... if there's interest...
  20. Re: My Prefabs for FH I get a big Mac-styled 404 from tis file... http://homepage.mac.com/badger3k/HeroDesigner/New Racial Templates.zip I think the spaces in the filename are confusing the server... but I could be wrong. Otherwise, good effort!
  21. ... my players will all recive a Veiwbinder with this cover insert... whatcha think? http://www.geocities.com/jephkay/Graphics/Unioncover.jpg I don't think its too sexy or anthing... but is it compelling?
  22. "I've never heard of the Hero System" I was at my soon to be brother in law's 30th birthday party last night, and someone said they'd never heard of HERO... I was stunned. As big a geek as I know this guy to be, he's still playing RIFTS... and has never heard of hero... Nearly started a tirade right there at the table. Dawn (my fiance) kinda rolled her eyes in a HEREWEGOAGAIN look... she knew what was coming, so I shut up... I offered to run a game for this group of his, and they said they'd get back to me... Now, how do I convert these guys... these... savages! to HERO?
  23. Re: GURPS Aliens Conversions You ain't kiddin' about cranky links! That's one frustrating page. However... many thanks for the tip.
  24. Re: My group voted ... It's Star Hero! I bought the Prefabs for it. But I don't own the book yet. It's on my list. The setting is very like Terran Empire, but with some Ancient History thrown in to make it more Star Wars-like, some Big Governments to make it more Star Trek-like and some Weird Organizations and Philosophy to make it more Dune-like. For example, we have Force Swords (Lightsabers) but they are relics of a previous age of the galaxy, and there is no Official Monastic Order to train you in using one. Force Sword Fencing is kind of a Hidden Art, you have to go find a Master to train you. The Union Science Council (holder of all the Psionic and Weird Technique cards) has agents that would love to get their hands on one. "But Jedi? We ain't got no Jedi..." Then again, there are the Auroran Stars, a Secretive Alien Government of Xeno-humans (humans who grew up near another star, "native" if you will, to a different planet than Earth) They do have an Elite Corps who use toned-down versions of Force Swords (not nearly so powerful as the Ancient Artifact Swords...) I'm also working on other things to separate Union from TE, like the addition of psions who can talk to planets... but now it starts to sound like D&D in space... and I have a setting that is full-on Fantasy Space (Exodus), so it can't get too weird. I dunno... I do lots of weird stuff...
  25. Re: Space Opera RPG Psionics I remember EVERYTHING in that game as too complex. But I was 17 back then... maybe it's better now, but HERO's just all around better than anything.
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