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  1. The Bestiary will also have NPCs. The point of view on these might shift away from Pleet and to a more GM-Focused perspective on what the character is in reality. Is that sensible, or should we see everyone through Pleet's skewed vision? Here's an example, using more of that CCVVC name pattern I'm so fond of. Frankly, while this type of entry is more useful, I don't think it's as funny. EDIT: Should we keep Pleet's viewpoint and let the character sheet speak for itself? In this case, you'd have Pleet remark on his successes, then read the Telepathy construct in the HDC. It would b
  2. Nanogel Horror Nanomedical and nanohygiene products are commonplace. Modern planets consume hundreds of tons of the stuff an hour. Diagnostic nano is injected into a patient where it goes to work analyzing their physical condition. It records and transmits this data to a medical professional of either the electronic or squishy sort and is then flushed out of the patient’s system. Nanohygiene gets sprayed in your hair or rubbed on your skin where it crawls around to make you glow, shine, or adapt to changing fashions so the Contemptoroids will leave you alone. When finished
  3. Jason, 

    Where can I find guidelines for becoming a 3rd party HERO publisher? 

  4. Oops! I said that already, didn't I? Chris, thanks. You have always been a supporter of mine from way back in Ravenna's early days.
  5. Zard Cats are an acquired taste. Humans in particular have evolved protective impulses leading to childcare, the medical industry and a love of small, furry creatures. Zard was born in the bowels of Hexabina Landing in the shadow of the Rings of Gwynedd. He spent a good portion of his kitten days chasing and being chased by other cats and suspect stowaways from a hundred worlds. Mutant Norwegian brown rats, gwids, star-hoppers, cable-chewing polyvores, kweeps, gnarsters, galactibats, hyper-mice, semi-psionic jumpers, winged farples, and the ever-present velocibugs were his prey. Life
  6. Apogean The Apogeans are a small reptiloid species ruled by their energy being masters, the Perigeans. Every aspect of Apogean life and culture is dictated by the blue glowy guys while the little grey ones labor. This is the case even though the Perigeans only make up about a quarter of the population of any given world in their little empire. In the distant past, the Apogeans were winged reptiles resembling the Terran Rhamphorhynchus muensteri. At some point it was either environmental or sexual pressure that forced them to the ground where their wings were used for locomotion while
  7. You have no idea how much that comment means to me. My wife said it the other day and I almost cried.
  8. Thanks! He's certainly an ethically challenged individual. Pleet will do any for research funding, and then do anything with research funding.
  9. I think I cannot rely on sales to tkdguy to drive this as a PDF product. Perhaps I'll just finish writing it and distribute it free hereabouts.
  10. I'm thinking about a Kickstarter for my proposed book Pleet Roodlepleen's Intergalactic Bestiary. I need money for art, and time to complete the entries for 194 Critters, AIs, Shipminds, NPCs and such. Please drop into the Star HERO area for some previews.
  11. Pakadar The Xenohuman Pakadar labor under a bad reputation stemming from the reign of the Rather Disagreeable Semi-Sober Murder Magnate Greldo Fex who dominated the Telesca Dark Cloud a few hundred years ago. His Pakadar troops invaded the cloud and brought progress and learning to a halt. Entire planets were forced to turn their economies to the manufacture of war machines, battle armor, blasters of every description, Shibari rope, and foul-tasting ration packs. Beneath nearly starless night skies, decorated only with the bow shocks of nearby stars, Fex’s slave legions trained
  12. Loud Andy Colonies are entities composed of hundreds, thousands or even millions of tiny component creatures (often called zooids). The most common type are the aquatic siphonophores, but insect swarms and slug farms are also known. A colony being can command his/her/its/their component creatures to slip under doors and through cracks, as well as build bridges of creatures to reach far away from the main mass of critters. Loud Andy is the entire screeching sophont population of Tremaine in a pineapple-themed Hawaiian shirt. This colony of tiny primate analogs has taken to tourism.
  13. Hauaan The largest sophonts known, the great polyp-like Hauaan have contracted with several interstells to move themselves from the shattered Quaalix Polity to Human Space. All 23 of them have been loaded onto Leviathan-class megafrieghters, along with their many hundreds of astrologers, entertainers, poets, attendants, sycophants, groupies, personal groomers, publicists, pet care specialists, and metabolic process maintenance staff to Pacifica/Doongkoorlanwornt where they have purchased all of Sayamakannasi Island on the advice of Jimmy Dupree. Mr. Dupree was not licensed or in any way em
  14. Okay, that was a rough one. Left some OSR text in there (from the other ill-fated version of this project), then uploaded the old version of the PDF. My every apology for all of that. Moving on... Cephalos and Gnaulhad.pdf Gnaulhad.hdc Reticulax Repulsoid.hdc Cephalos and Gnaulhad.pdf Cephlophanatik.hdc
  15. Cephalophanatiks The Cephalophanatiks are an uplifted species, created through careful genetic manipulation of Enteroctopus doflieni over several decades. They are excellent swimmers, and can blend into their surroundings. They can survive out of water indefinitely. They make good spies, soldiers and guards, though a large number of them have gone into music or art, much to the dismay of their creators, who were hoping for a savage race of murder-smiths. I had the pleasure of assisting the latest generation when they sued for self-rule and were granted independence. They now sear
  16. Life in the Galaxy A dissertation by Dr. Pleet Roodlepleen (Note: degree revoked by the bastards at Rasalhague University Department of Fringe Theory Suppression, Peer-Review Redaction, and Notion-Squashing) A Lifetime’s Journey I have wandered the galaxy for decades, gathering information on life in all of its varied forms. In this volume, I present my abbreviated findings on some of the Milky Way’s most interesting creatures and races. These species have showed themselves to be unique in all of the galaxy, as is to be expected from life that arose in many different t
  17. Reticulax Repulsoids The Reticulax Repulsoids have only cartilage analogs and hate holding them together. Morphologically similar to armored 4-armed snakes, they are actually a form of evolved spite. They care for nothing and no one. They are immune to pain. I had dealings with a group of Repulsoids while working at Research-o-Rama. The Bloody Moon sect had informed me of a cache of "scientific equipment" stored in a disused shuttle bay in the jungles of Praxima II. Quickly assembling a crack team from the University Inebriax Burger Bar and Gyration Dome, we set out to recov
  18. 18. We got through maybe 3 turns of combat in a 4 hour session. Edit: My current group is only 5 at max and runs smooth as silk.
  19. I suppose I'd better get the flavor text and illustrations ready. Let's see if I can make this thing happen.
  20. They are specific to my campaign, but some might find a home in yours. new demons, variant trolls, the emotion-themed Exarchs of Hate, Joy and Pain. Some normal animals you don't see in other works. Wyverns... Undead Wyverns... icy wyverns, flaming wyverns...
  21. Do we need more monsters? I have ~190 critters at hand, and I wondered if they'd be welcomed? I'm going through the document now, adjusting stuff and thinking about selling it. Maybe get some illustrations going as well. I might just post it for free, as I have some other stuff.
  22. Chew on this, ya mutant freaks! I was working on this right up to my wife's cancer diagnosis. I sort of associate it with her condition now, and have no real intention of finishing it. Want the Word doc? Might hand it over. I've stolen some talents from somewhere. If you recognize your work. You have first my apology and second my promise to remove it. Other than stuff obviously ripped from Gamma World, all of this is me. Gamma Terra Public.pdf
  23. Here's a thing. My buddy Chris is here in Indy for Gen Con, and I can't go, so I thought I'd whip up a dungeon for a special episode of my long-running (1986) Caleon game. Quick Background: A lost sword is now the hands of the vile wizard Dragon Mask (aka Chadros Fane). He and his cult swiped it from some ants. The PCs are sent by this hive of semi-intelligent ants to return Fane alive to the Ant Queen; they can keep the sword, she can't use it. She just wants revenge on him for killing all those pupae. Dragon Mask worships my weird version of Bahamut from Arabic myth. This thing refer
  24. My Players gang up on my Bad Guys. So I've created a list of abilities to handle this situation. The powers are named for various members of the Control Freak World Tour, a group that has been around in one form or another since 1984. "In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed." --William Ernest Henley, Invictus In an effort to keep the Bosses/Elites/Weird Lieutenants alive. One or more of the following Powers may be present on Maelstrom Campaign villains and Key NPCs. The cost for these abiliti
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