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  1. Good point. I think they enjoyed it. At least, when it was revealed (rather nicely) they didn't call me on it. I think they realized what had happened, adjusted their thinking quickly and moved on to damage control. They want revenge, and this Saturday, they get it, they'll have to break into the bad guy's secure point and take it out on them. Not me. That's how it should work, methinks.
  2. This was my first time trying this method. In the past, I'd roll to hit OMCV, Roll Effect, describe the new situation and the players would be looking for ways out of the Images, Mental Illusions, what-have-you. No longer. Now I'm going to play smarter. I'm kinda tired of being argued with by a few difficult players.
  3. I have all of my player's character sheets (thanks, HERO Designer!). So I know their CHA by heart. This past Saturday, one of them was attacked by a Mentalist who scored +30 on her Mental Illusions Roll (rolled pre-game, mind you). I said nothing about an attack, just played another hour or two of the game getting input from other players as if nothing weird was going on. After the Player revealed their safe house and many important and terrible things had been done over the course of 2 Illusionary hours, he snapped out of it with help from another player (1 Phase later in game time). Then they learned he'd been under the influence the whole time. The bad guys beat them back to the safe house, nearly killed some campaign NPCs and made off with Arachne's Tapestry and the Important Mysterious Female NPC. I think I did okay, but the pre-rolling feels dishonest. Hearing 18 dice hit the table really clues a bunch of PCs to the notion that bad doin's are afoot. Your thoughts?
  4. I have stuff going back to Mythic Greece at home, but here's my PDF collection.
  5. All good ideas! I like the ones based on Invisibility. I hadn't even gotten close to that. I've just dug a hole for myself with it, is all. My current Ravenna game has a Mortician (Hunter of the Dead), a Noble Wild Raccoon Healer, a Nightstalker (Magic Detective), an amnesiac wizard with a strange Svartalfr companion, and a Half-Golem Wall of Meat with a love of Shotguns. I want to introduce Absentia as a place of sanctuary, but messing with player's memories without an actual power construct is asking for heat. Game is weird enough as it is. Started with a hillbilly Shadow Cult and might end with the destruction of Indianapolis.
  6. I have a Hidden Place in my Urban Fantasy game (Ravenna) called Absentia. People from Absentia (Demonym: Absentees) are often forgotten shortly after they are encountered. Is this a Constant Mental Transform (editing/removal of memories (EGO+1))? Or more of a Complication? Both? I'm torn. It should be noted that Absentees can remember each other. Seems like it leads to this ungainly awful thing (I may be applying Constant improperly): Forget Me: Major Transform 4d6 (Person With Memories To Person Without Memories, Meeting Again), Trigger (Activating the Trigger requires a Zero Phase Action, Trigger requires a Turn or more to reset, Character does not control activation of personal Trigger, Misfire; Leaving; +1/4), Area Of Effect (3m Radius; +1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Constant (+1/2), Uncontrolled (+1/2) (120 Active Points) Real Cost: 120 Or maybe I'm overthinking it and it's just this: Social Complication: Forgotten Soon After Parting Very Frequently, Severe, Not Limiting among Absentees 20 Character Points.
  7. I like this a great deal. Especially the no resurrection stuff. I look forward to the spells themselves. Certainly, you've put more thought into this than I did the Maelstrom Magic System for Ravenna/Caleon/Etc.
  8. So... doing a new worlds-spanning Bad Guy organization for all of my homebrew settings. They take the limbs of undead horrors (or craft "fresh" ones) and add them to the living (sometimes with their permission, often without). I've decided Differing Modifiers are the way to go for this Ritual Weirdness. Attached, please find my initial notes on the matter. Let me know, if you would, if I'm employing DM properly. Maledictors.pdf
  9. I'd love to see that, as well!
  10. Updated. More to come. Chaos Effects.pdf
  11. Thanks! There's a bit of Zelazny in there already... but I'll look into the others.
  12. I modelled a great deal of Caleon on various Role Master concepts. Healing, Arcane Magic, crafting materials, the use of "essence" and the Pale. Played Shadow World for years in HERO, but was very exposed to and still employ a lot of their conceits.
  13. Here are some notes. No proper HERO constructs yet. Those will follow hard upon when I get home. I just started writing this an hour ago. If it sucks, remember I just started writing this an hour ago. If it's really good, then remember that I just started writing this an hour ago. Suggestions welcome. It can't get too weird! Chaos Effects.pdf
  14. Expanded... made some corrections. Pioneer Campaign Notes.pdf
  15. Attached are my notes for the Star Hero game that starts this Saturday. The Player Characters are the Crew of a Pioneer (the Far Star II) vessel going off to search for habitable worlds, while having a secret mission of finding previous surveys that did not return. Think of it as a bit of Traveller, with a heaping helping of Star Trek with a pinch of Saturday Morning cartoons sprinkled on top. There will be one episode a week for a long time. I'm only up to Season 2, Episode 14, and I'm certain I've got more ideas, but I thought I'd let you guys see it and find out if I'm missing a trope or two somewhere. Note the general lack of detail. This is purposeful, as no "module" or "adventure path" survives contact with my group. They do not like rail-road plotlines and "So you do this..." kind of leading from their GM. So... they are very open ended. If anything does not make sense, feel free to ask... If anyone wants to use these seeds, please do! I'd love to hear how your players tackled these situations. Edit: Oops! Pioneer Campaign Notes.pdf
  16. John, Thanks for the reply! At present, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. The project suffers from a decided lack of organization and my tendency to jump around like an exothermic Swamp Waddler of Sigma Ustafal. The 2600CE Player's Guide (of which that PDF is a small part) is at 233 pages. The idea of arranging traits by world of origin is an interesting one, tackled by Jason Kemp in Flynn's Guide to Alien Creation. I have that book, but I admit to only being slightly influenced by it. Perhaps I should re-categorize and do this more in that style than the GURPS-like implementation I've used so far.
  17. Hey, you! Are you writing an alien race, genetic tweak or radical splice? You need fresh genes! Try this handy work in progress of stuff lifted from better authors (plus my own fevered imagination). Some of the game mechanics are a bit spurious... especially on Desolidification. If Desol doesn't protect against damage, I don't make you buy Affects Physical World (APW) with your other attacks. Quite often in 2600CE, Desol is a mental power, so they aren't protected against Mental Powers, and do not have to buy APW with it. (That's still experimental, however, I've yet to see it in play.) I plan on expanding it, adding more detail and eventually writing up all the critters mentioned in a Stellar Bestiary at some point. Species Traits.pdf
  18. I'm converting GRAmel's Tropicano to HERO. Seems like the coolest idea for Dark Champions/Danger International. Please have a look at the reviews on your favorite PDF site. My group only plays HERO and PFRPG, so a lot of conversion will be required. If there is interest, I'll post my conversions.
  19. I have that. "Enter the Dream Realms" uses Extra-Dimensional Movement. But I couldn't find any other way to let someone live out huge tracts of time aside from Mental Illusions.
  20. So... working on a system for Ravenna based loosely on (read: stolen from) H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands cycle. I think (and since I'm the GM, I'm right) that a person can use a Mental Power on themselves as easily as they could a targeted Power. This person could cast Mental Illusions and live out minutes, days or years in a dream based on the +30 EGO result that allows Illusionary Time to take effect. One could even use the +30 result on others to force or invite them into this dream. This is very like the film Inception. Question is... is this within the rules? Such a spell would make use of Transdimensional, limited targets (Sleepers Only) and certain Area of Effect and Line of Sight modifiers, but I think I'm on to something.
  21. I'm writing this using my own Megadungeon guidelines - Vast Underground Vast Underground.pdf
  22. Here's a thing I started on today. No hint of a plot yet. It's written with my home campaign, Caleon, in mind, but might be convertible once I'm done. Ancient Regio.pdf
  23. Thank you both for the input. It is a challenge, handing something like this to players. I'll take a look at your stuff and get a clue on how to better structure it. Then I'll tackle letting my players chew on it. Use this for Materia and Spellcasting: Alchemy and Spellcasting A measure of Materia can alter a spell and make it more effective. For every ounce of Materia whose function matches your chosen spell, you get either a +3 to your Magic Skill Roll or 1d6 Aid to the spell’s Active Points. The materia is consumed in the casting. Seems like this could get expensive.
  24. Long story short, I'm thinking of letting Players use Improvised Magic in my Urban Fantasy game, Ravenna! They can improvise up to their magic skill x 5 AP. As can be seen below, the Skill Roll modifier and Side Effects (which I am still developing) should control the Players a bit. The Verb/Noun construction comes largely from GURPS Magic. Talked to the wife about this. She thinks the limit should be the Character's Multipower Active Points. I like that better. Improvisation Improvisation is the act of manipulating magic on the fly, without knowing a spell or reading from a tome. It involves some risk, but it is often better than nothing. It is dangerous and taxing, requiring total concentration and prodigious skill. It makes archmages feel like tyros. The effects are never subtle, they move blocks, shatter windows and employ brute force in the vast majority of examples. Improvisation Ethics Improvised magic (for they cannot be called Spells) are no more good or evil than most other magic arcana. What sets Improvisation apart ethically is the danger to the caster and his companions presented by such hasty casting. “It’s not evil, it’s stupid.” they say. But who listens to them anyway? Creating Improvised Magic The ability to Improvise is bought as a Variable Magic Pool with the following limitations: • Costs Endurance (where applicable, varies) • Gestures (-¼) • Incantations (-¼) • Increased Endurance Cost (x4 END; -1 ½) • OAF (Magical Focus; -1) • Requires A Roll (Skill roll, -1 per 5 Active Points modifier; Jammed; -1 ½) • Side Effects (Side Effect always occurs whenever the character fails the Magic Roll; -¼) • Signature (-¼) The Improviser must choose a Verb and a Noun to form the magic around. This will suggest which Powers and Targets the improvised magic will employs. Verb Suggested Powers Communicate Mind Link, Radio Perception/Transmission Telepathy, Images, Mental Illusions Heal Heal, Aid Sense Detect, various Enhanced Senses Conceal Invisibility, Levels in Steal or Concealment Strengthen Aid Repair Heal vs Inanimate Object BODY Protect Resistant Protection, Aid to PD/ED, Warn Triggered Detect with Transmit Create Object Creation (APG) Control Mind Control, Telekinesis Transform Transform Move Teleport, Telekinesis Example: Nathaniel “Oracle” Wakefield happens across a cargo vessel in a cornfield in Owen County, Indiana. Since this is not a naturally occurring event, Oracle cannot let it be discovered. He sends out an improvised message, hoping a nearby Wizard will hear and attend to the weird happening. Quick Missive: Mental Group Images, +/-3 to PER Rolls, AoE (5m Radius; +½), MegaScale (1m = 10 km; +1 ¼) (38 Active Points); Requires A Roll (Skill roll, -1 per 5 Active Points modifier; Jammed; -1 ½), Increased Endurance Cost (x4 END; -1 ½), OAF (-1), Concentration (½ DCV; Character is totally unaware of nearby events; -½), Side Effects (Side Effect always occurs whenever the character fails the Magic Roll; -¼), Incantations (-¼), Gestures (-¼) Oracle needs to hide the cargo ship. He does not have a spell in his arsenal capable of hiding something this size. He whips up Hide Cargo Vessel and begins concentrating. Hide Cargo Vessel: Invisibility to Sight Group , No Fringe, AoE (25m Radius; +1), Usable As Attack (x2 maximum weight per inanimate target; +1 ½) (105 Active Points); Requires A Roll (Skill roll, -1 per 5 Active Points modifier; Jammed; -1 ½), Increased Endurance Cost (x4 END; -1 ½), OAF (-1), Costs END To Maintain (Full END Cost; -½), Concentration (½ DCV; Character is totally unaware of nearby events; -½), Incantations (-¼), Gestures (-¼), Side Effects (Side Effect always occurs whenever the character fails the Magic Roll; -¼) A group of Player Characters responds to the call, and venture inside after an amusing, if heated, exchange involving clenched teeth and some sausages. When the survivors emerge, he has to drop it in the nearest ocean, as while Cagles Mill Lake is big enough and relatively close, it is little better than a cornfield. Someone would notice, and they’d start making phone calls. If he could do it, the Improvised effect would look like this: Move Cargo Vessel: Teleportation 11m, x32,768 Increased Mass, MegaScale (1m = 10 km; +1 ¼), MegaScale (1m = 100 km; +1 ½) (322 Active Points); Requires A Roll (Skill roll, -1 per 5 Active Points modifier; Jammed; -1 ½), Increased Endurance Cost (x4 END; -1 ½), OAF (-1), Concentration (½ DCV; Character is totally unaware of nearby events; -½), Side Effects (Side Effect always occurs whenever the character fails the Magic Roll; -¼), Incantations (-¼), Gestures (-¼) He can’t do it. The modifier on the magic roll is -40! It is literally impossible. Perhaps there is another way to move the boat?
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