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  1. Completely and seamlessly. So much, that I do not (now that you ask) even mention in the book. I might have to address that. You can enchant an SMG, have a phone booth that's Bigger On The Inside, and employ a smart phone as a focus for casting spells. Old school wizards, like Cagliostro and such, do not use much in the way of technology, but more modern mages, Dante Morse, Scratch (Khunrath's Apprentice), Skid and Aubree have technological foci. (Truthfully, Aubree has but a few, she normally casts using a bouquet of flowers and a lizard) An evil NPC emailed an attack spell to a Player Character. (New Deep Discounts on Fireball Video Cards!!). Another NPC was saved to a USB drive as a method of imprisonment. There is a Killing Attack that leaves brass cartridges lying around so the cops won't think a murder was anything other than a typical street hit. (Do not leave a magical crime scene...They'll ask the wrong questions.) The characters in the last go-around used: 1. no focus (she was a newborn dryad, using staffs and wands made her cry) 2. an electric whip (a Scourge, the guardians of Ravenna, who employ whips and magical tattoos) 3. a staff (Anachronistic wizard) 4. a wand (Yet another Anachronistic wizard) 5. a smart phone. (Gunslinger... a Galaxy S4, I think) My next NPC of note uses an umbrella, so really, the setting is all over the place.
  2. I like big dumb crystals with power just blasting out of them. Maybe hooked up via a dimensional portal to whatever Plane of Power (Elemental, Demonic, Archonic, Infernal, Quiznos...) the wizard reveres. It can't be bribed, chased off, caught sleeping, etc. Plus, it cannot be comfortably taken as loot.
  3. I have a lot of research on those guys waiting to be included. I regularly raid Wikipedia and other pages for details.
  4. TKDGuy, Yep.. it's Modern, but I have a thing called Ravenna Medieval on the back burner.
  5. Chris, I have an NPC by the name of Mercy Ashdown... a Harry Potter-esque name, methinks. I found a list of popular Victorian names that I'm using for some NPCs. Others are people from history, such as Alessandro Cagliostro, Dante Alighieri, Avicenna, and John Dee. But others are just weird... Scratch, Jink and Ferminous Grump.
  6. In brief, there are Hidden Cities inside the cities we know. The largest of these is (probably) Ravenna, but Roma Aeter is suspected to be larger. These things are hard to judge. Mundanes are not aware of these cities, but access to them is found in Ravenna, Rome, Leipzig, Bonn, London, Indianapolis, New York, Tokyo and San Francisco. Opposing Ravenna in its goal of Maxime Magica (Magic Over All) is the Establishment, a group of mages who operate out of Roma Aeter. They also revere Maxime Magica, but they envision a domine of a magical Roman Empire, where the mundane world serves the magical one. Ravenna is ruled by the Signoria, a group of wizards who are elected by the whole of Ravennati society. Players in the setting are Normal Heroes, 175+50 and all that. They tend to be wizards, but can also be a variety of magical creatures, undead, Dolls (ball-jointed ceramic people) and Eikones, the spirits of long-dead people and minor gods. Adventures include breaking up Establishment plots, busting monsters, taming feral undead and the politics of wizards. Also, a lot of poorly pronounced Italian.
  7. In my Ravenna game (that takes place in a hidden city "inside" Ravenna, Italy) there are magical books from the past and from other realms (i.e., my other HERO campaigns). Here are a few. There is evidence of house rules (like allowing wizards to use Multipowers, the inclusion of Detects in MPs, etc. I humbly beg indulgence... and if you use them, please make them match your own house rule situation. Ravanna Grimoires.pdf
  8. Oops. Helps if you can read the character sheet. Old Galactic Kadu.pdf
  9. Here's a Kadu, a giant form of Vac-life in my 2600CE campaign. This one is fairly old and large, and I just noticed there is no indication on how long these guys live, or what their purpose might be. Anyway, enjoy and if you want, make suggestions for other features of this critter, or even other kinds of vac-life. I think I want to add some kind of EM-based stealth or minor invisibility power.
  10. Then I will not release my adaption of it. I do not want to step on toes.
  11. So I re-wrote Cyber Hero. Found a copy on EBay, started typing. More than 52000 words later, I'm ready to link it to all of my other games by way of the Via, the network of inter-dimensional pathways that meander through Astral Space, some of which connect to past-time echoes of Earth, possible futures, fantasy worlds, magical versions of Earth... you name it. Almost 20 years ago, my then-very-small son created a setting with cyberpunk elements. In his story an Arcology suffered an accident that sent it to a world of steaming jungles and dinosaurs. There might have been aliens, but I can't recall. Point is, I'm resurrecting it now that the game is ready to be played. The setting itself is a mix of Cyber Hero, Kazei 5, Transhuman Space and raw speculation. with Crazed Robots, Zombies, Biotech Horrors and Ninjas. In Deniable Assets (the name I use for my version of Cyber Hero), the PCs are investigating a ruined arcoloy in New Haven, CT. How many weeks of exploration will I put them through before they find the aperture to the Jurassic? I think I might break it down into old-school dungeon levels or specific encounters, and let them just run through it. Here are some ideas: Morlocks (the survivors of genetic experiments); scrounged gear, hordes of enemies, easily dispatched. A proper Gang Encounter with some street elements that are trying to get deeper into the ruin themselves. CorpSec - Corporate Security trying to keep folks out of the place. Some kind of Picaresque encounter with a crazy scientist who "Knows Stuff" but is completely wrong about everything. (Like the Internet) Rogue Psyker and his followers, looking for the secrets of the Aperture. Zombies. With one or two Mega Zombies. And some that explode. Auto-Turrets. Crazed Auto-Turrets with Bad Attitudes Some kind of terrifying mech guarding the actual aperture. (which itself is found in a Jurassic-like environment "leaking" into our world) The Aperture will be big enough to walk through, but it is imperceptibly shrinking, so the whole world doesn't get contaminated. 12d6 STUN Only NND (Something or other) for the trip through the Aperture. Oops. Guards at the Other End, waiting for something to fall through. Dinosaurs. Because Dinosaurs. Survivors of the Arcology, trying to rebuild in the Jurassic period. This almost begs to be published. Maybe I should try it.
  12. We have riding birds, Striders and Stompers in Caleon. I could post their stats if there is interest.
  13. I've expanded on FPS Hero from Digital Hero 43. Is there any interest in such a thing? It breaks a number of rules, and as ever, I worry about other's toes.
  14. I bought a print of this from Larry a few years ago. It's the first RPG my wife and I played together. That exact edition of FH. We were married to other people back then, and now that print hangs in our living room.
  15. I guess my initial post is a bit misleading. Yes, for years (since 1986) I didn't have many monsters, there were NPCs, some were Dead NPCs. Some animals, but it wasn't DnD-level of monstrosity. That article, originally written in 2005, was a turning point toward more wild game, magic increased, the stakes got higher. The game is much weirder. I'm on page 283 of my player's guide for the game. (158000 words) Thanks for the kind words and opinion!
  16. For years, I didn’t have monsters in Caleon. I had Demons, Trolls and Ogres, but no monsters. Bandits, Brigands, evil Mercenaries and awful people of all races and temperaments. No Monsters. They don’t make sense. Maybe it’s that they don’t make sense in Caleon. Perhaps they make sense in your world. If they do, cool. This article is for you. I wrote this a long time ago, using various resources and games.. Traveller.. a lot of HERO Products, and my own research into how life changes over time. I updated it yesterday and thought I'd share. It's not really a bestiary, but it could be used to create one. Monsters and Animals.pdf Animal Traits 6E.hdp
  17. This needs a little more work, but basically, this guy has a house full of yarn, pins and pictures, a tangled web of fate. When he plucks the strings of this web, he can grant luck or unluck, or listen to the strings to tell him where someone is, and who they are tied to. It's very rough, but he's not a Player Character, so maybe he doesn't have to be so accurate and rulesy. Clive Daniels Anansi, the Yarn Man VAL CHA Cost Roll Notes 8 STR -2 11- HTH Damage 1 1/2d6 END [1] 13 DEX 6 12- 12 CON 2 11- 23 INT 13 14- PER Roll 14- 20 EGO 10 13- 15 PRE 5 12- PRE Attack: 3d6 4 OCV 5 3 DCV 0 3 OMCV 0 3 DMCV 0 2 SPD 0 Phases: 6, 12 2 PD 0 2 PD (0 rPD) 2 ED 0 2 ED (0 rED) 4 REC 0 20 END 0 10 BODY 0 20 STUN 0 Movement Cost Meters Notes RUNNING 0 12m/24m END [1] SWIMMING 0 4m/8m END [1] LEAPING 0 4m 4m forward, 2m upward Characteristics Total: 39 Cost Powers 18 Web-Reading: Mind Scan 10d6 (Human and Alien classes of minds), Invisible Power Effects (Invisible to Mental Group; +1/4) (69 Active Points); OAF Immobile Fragile (The Web; -2 1/4), Requires A Roll (Skill roll; -1/2) - END=7 21 Understanding: Clairsentience (Mental Group And Detect Relationship), Discriminatory, Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees), MegaScale (1m = 1 km; +1) (70 Active Points); OAF Immobile Fragile (Yarn, Pins, Pictures; -2 1/4) - END=7 60 Strand of Fate: Luck 4d6, Usable By Other (+0), Grantor can take back power at any time, Grantor can only grant the power to others, Ranged (+1/2), No Range Modifier (+1/2), MegaRange (1m = 1 km; +1) (60 Active Points) - END=0 120 Pluck You: Major Transform 4d6 (Normal Person into Person with Unluck, Another Application Of This Power), No Range Modifier (+1/2), Invisible Power Effects (Fully Invisible; +1/2), MegaRange (1m = 1 km; +1) (120 Active Points) - END=12 Powers Total: 219 Cost Skills 20 +10 with Pluck You 3 Charm 12- 3 Conversation 12- 3 Deduction 14- 4 KS: Conspiracy Theories 13- 2 PS: Welder 11- 3 Power: Fate 13- 3 Stealth 12- 3 Streetwise 12- Skills Total: 44 Cost Perks 3 Anonymity Perks Total: 3 Cost Talents 3 Absolute Range Sense 3 Absolute Time Sense 1 Ambidexterity (-2 Off Hand penalty) 2 Environmental Movement (no penalties in the Web) 3 Lightning Calculator 3 Lightsleep 4 Speed Reading (x10) Talents Total: 19 Value Complications 10 Social Complication: Recluse Frequently, Minor 5 Distinctive Features: Bathrobe, Slippers, Pajama Pants (In Public) (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses) 5 Negative Reputation: Crazy Old Man, Infrequently Complications Points: 20 Base Points: 200 Experience: 0 Experience Unspent: 0 Total Character Cost: 324
  18. Aside from being a backer, was there any other way to get these before now? I bought a couple of copies of MHI at Gen Con a year ago. Were they available somehow back then?
  19. I have a Possess a Freshly Dead Body and Heal It So You Can Use It Power. Discarnation: (Total: 160 Active Cost, 130 Real Cost) Possession (Mind Control Effect Roll 40; Telepathy Effect Roll 30) (60 Active Points); OAF (Fresh Corpse; -1) (Real Cost: 30) plus Healing BODY 3d6, Resurrection, Trigger (Activating the Trigger is an Action that takes no time, Trigger resets automatically, immediately after it activates; Jumping to a Dead Body; +1) (100 Active Points) (Real Cost: 100) Real Cost 130 As for those others, I would think that Life Support: Immortal would cover that. As there is no other rule covering aging, so that means that aging just happens.
  20. My Urban Fantasy HERO game goes live soon (As soon as Mummy's Mask is behind us...) so I thought I'd offer these Not Dying Talents (or Powers, your choice). I put various levels of Not Dying on a spectrum from almost Mundane to HIghlander and beyond... Flavors of Not Dying Life Support: Immortal is boring. Immortality is cheap… points-wise. Sure, you can pay 5 points and live forever. This is because HERO is balanced toward combat. Its 5 points to live forever, but you never play that long, right? Time is a special effect. Actually getting immortality is a lot harder than those 5 points imply. There are treatments, accidents, curses and rare spells involved. Do some research, why don't you? Fast Healer It might not seem like much, but this tiny bit of Regeneration is enough to make Mundane doctors sit up and take notice. Fast Healer: Regeneration (1 BODY per Day) Real Cost: 4 Unaging The Unaging Talent prevents a character from growing old or dying of age-related diseases They stop aging at the physical age of 18, or the age when the Unaging Talent was acquired. Thus, an infant with Unaging will stop aging around 18 and never look older, whereas a 48 year old man who acquires it (possibly due to potion malfunction) will always look 48. Forever. Yay. Unaging: (Total: 30 Active Cost, 20 Real Cost) Life Support (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases; Longevity: Immortal) (Real Cost: 10) plus Power Defense (20 points) (20 Active Points); Only Works Against Aging- and Time-Related Effects (-1) (Real Cost: 10) Real Cost: 20 Undying If you want the serious immortality offered by the Nicene Treatment, or the Jupiter Protocols, take Undying. Not only does it make you immune to diseases and aging, but as long as you keep your brain stem intact and connected to your heart, you can come back from the most grievous of injuries. Undying: (Total: 61 Active Cost, 51 Real Cost) Life Support (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases; Longevity: Immortal) (Real Cost: 10) plus Power Defense (20 points) (20 Active Points); Only Works Against Aging- and Time-Related Effects (-1) (Real Cost: 10) plus Regeneration (1 BODY per 6 Hours), Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection (Real Cost: 31) Real Cost: 51 Ever-Living This version of Immortality not only allows for protection from disease, aging, and the regeneration of damage, it can magically overcome bodily destruction. Limbs and heads removed by violence can be re-attached and function as normal. It is also faster than Undying. Ever-Living: (Total: 79 Active Cost, 69 Real Cost) Life Support (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases; Longevity: Immortal) (Real Cost: 10) plus Power Defense (20 points) (20 Active Points); Only Works Against Aging- and Time-Related Effects (-1) (Real Cost: 10) plus Regeneration (3 BODY per Hour), Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection (Real Cost: 49) Real Cost 69
  21. <Nero> Hi, Christopher </Nero> Do you list somewhere the qualities of the magical materials you mention in your Treasure PDF on your website? Does the Fantasy Codex have this info? I'm buying it either way, but I thought I'd ask.
  22. I would agree. That's why I'm trying to re-tool them with this Limitation.
  23. Good Advice. I'll lower the Limitation.
  24. So, something like this? (the +0 on Illusion Magic is not an error, just a reminder. Phantasmic Fireball: Killing Attack - Ranged 2d6, Illusion Magic (+0), Alternate Combat Value (uses OCV against DMCV; +1/4) (37 Active Points); Can Be Disbelieved (-2) Real Cost: 12 Obviously, if the caster was someone known to employ Illusions, there might be a bonus to the Breakout Roll, or would there even be one?
  25. Say I want to make Illusionists cool again. Could I allow a Limitation on Powers like "Can Be Disbelieved" and "Illusion" to represent that the Powers aren't real, just weird, magical light, and that they all share a common special effect, that of Illusion Magic. A target would get a Breakout Roll to defend against them. (or they might be required to target DMCV) What sort of Limitation would that be? -1? -2? More? Also, if this has been covered before, please direct me to that discussion, I'd love to read it.
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