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  1. Re: Moving Violation Soulbarb: Tech really isn't her subject of expertise. If there's magic involved, she'll be able to determine that in short order; otherwise it's time see if any of her contacts knows anything that mould make for a lead to investigate, and to do some research to see if she can find anything on the net or in the news about it that seems worth following up on. Sylph: Check with UNTIL, since they often get called in on paranormal threats in the city, and once they've had a chance to look into the matter, offer a hand with following up on it. She's not much of an investigator, and tech is not her specialty either. Alternatively, she could commune with the plants of the city and try to pick up on any impressions they might have regarding this, but that's something of a crapshoot.
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Hm, like many others, I enjoyed SFB back in the day, but gave up trying to find people to play it with long ago. These days I get my sci-fi-warfare fix from computer games instead. Games with tactical starship combat simulations are out there if you look for them! Some of them in the Star Trek universe, even a few in the SFB version thereof.
  3. Re: Who homages the Watchmen or those the Watchmen homaged? This is exactly the sort of problem my character Soulbarb, a Dark Champions character, struggled with for the early part of her career. She had always been willing to use less than ethical means to succeed -- only when push came to shove, not as a matter of course -- and was always as careful as she could possibly be to not make any mistakes. To succeed. The problem is, even if you don't make any mistakes, sometimes you just can't predict all the ramifications of your actions. Soulbarb eventually does come to realize this and starts striving to mend her ways, though only after things blow up on her due to circumstances beyond her awareness or control. That event is the transition point from the early Dark Champions part of her career to the later Standard Champions portion.
  4. Re: Who homages the Watchmen or those the Watchmen homaged? For my own roster, sadly no. But Random, one of the characters in Outside People on Hero Central, is pattened after a somewhat more limited Dr. Manhattan. He still has a cosmic VPP but it's limited to self-only powers and is quite a bit smaller than what Dr. Manhattan shows; no teleporting crowds home for Random. Still it's enough to do many of Dr. Manhattan's stunts as portrayed in the movie.
  5. Re: Superheroes and lethal force Well, that depends a lot on the game. Generally, I try to be as upfront on the tone of the game I am trying to run as I can, and expect players to abide by that tone. This is generally sufficient. Sometimes there are hiccups. I usually address these by (a) talking with the players and ( applying real world consequences, or at least consequences as close to the real world as I can manage. If a player is playing a character with a Silver Age ethic in my Dark Champions game, and comes across situations that (rightly) don't belong in a Silver Age game, yet insists on keeping the kid gloves on when dealing with a serious and deadly threat... that will have consequences if he fails to contain said threat adequately. By the same token, my Dark Champions game is not a Rusty Iron gorefest, and PCs that go too far in the other direction will get called to task for it by the authorities, and they'd better be able and prepared to justify their actions. With proof to back it up. If I were running a more traditional comics game, I'd probably do the same, except I wouldn't even bother to include situations where imposing the death penalty would be a reasonable course of action in real world terms. Any repeat offenders would be strictly non-deadly, and potentially deadly foes would be non-human, if they were present at all.
  6. Re: WWYCD (kind of): Advice Time for Scarlet! Soulbarb: "You really want the kind of constant scrutiny that level of publicity will immediately conjure up?" She shakes her head. "If it were me, no way in hell would I do that. There are better ways to get back at your folks." Sylph: "Well, far be it from me to criticize someone who wants to go public -- I have enough trouble keeping my secret ID, and I've seriously considered going public myself. These days it seems like half the folks on campus are in on the open secret of who I am when I'm not running around in costume... and while most of them are friendly enough, it has brought trouble my way as well. But are you sure you're going public for the right reasons? What will let you help more people, staying an unknown in your downtime or becoming a full-time hero?"
  7. Re: [Podcasting] Roll 2d6 discusses Champions I think it was more of an opinion piece than a documentary. I don't get the impression that research was high on their list of priorities -- certainly nothing more than putting up a couple links to Wikipedia and the Hero Games site.
  8. Re: Desolidify/Tunnelling It would be a generic 'Limited Power' limitation. I'd skip the Always On though. The character would still have to buy Affects Physical World if he wants to do anything while he's got the power on, and presumably would only turn the power on if he was intending to pass through metal that phase. Unless you use GM fiat and let him take 'only to protect from metal' instead, but I personally would not actually allow that on a power that also let him pass through a metal vault door.
  9. Re: Alternate Earth 20: Paradise Island Lost Soulbarb would probably never have suffered the abuse at the hands of her father that led to her power origin, and so for all intents and purposes would cease to exist as a character -- or at least have a very different powerset, perhaps becoming a martial artist or beginning witch instead. Sylph is still a super-nice girl but now has a lot more backbone and is a lot more comfortable with herself. She'd also have a much better intuitive relationship with her maenad side (assuming that Greek mythology is pretty much unchanged from normal earth) which would allow her more direct control over it.
  10. Re: Firing Into Melee, a rules quandary It certainly isn't just you. I put forward another idea on how to handle it as well, since I agree it doesn't make sense to have more dextrous characters be more likely to hit unintended targets. Personally I think once you get past the point of 'I missed', what happens to the bullet after that is pretty much random and independent of skill. Usually 'I missed' should mean just that, but otherwise it could mean anything, depending on how target-rich the local environment is.
  11. Re: Firing Into Melee, a rules quandary I'd rather just ignore that rule in the DC book altogether, and make up something completely different that makes more sense. For instance you could assign an unluck-type roll to a missed shot fired into melee. Everyone gets 1d6, and on a 1, the shot hits an unintended target. Every die of unluck the character has adds to this roll. Though there are other ways you could do it; that's just one example.
  12. Re: Secret Worlds: Reboot write-ups Missed a spot.
  13. Re: Secret Worlds: Reboot write-ups Sorry, wasn't clear that's what you meant. I thought you were suggesting 2 people might be joining the game.
  14. Re: Secret Worlds: Reboot write-ups Or the new player can bring in another char, and Maiyay can remain an NPC... That's what I was thinking was going to happen, at any rate.
  15. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts EDIT: You know what, I decided I'm not going to help Gary hijack this thread into another STR vs. MA debate.
  16. Re: Secret Worlds: Reboot write-ups Who is Rai? Is that Ryu?
  17. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts Go back and read what I posted again. Normal humans don't have powers. If you're a person with the build of a typical 98-lb. weakling, and never exercise, but you can lift 400 lbs., it doesn't matter that you're still within NCM. You've got superhuman strength. If you are a trained soldier to start with, with 14 DEX, and get secret-master-ninja training that gives you +10 DEX for a total of 24, then you've got superhuman agillity. Note: Here I'm referring to an NCM superheroic game. The breakpoints on what counts as superhuman may be different for a game with human peak at 30, as per the CU. Some possible answers: - You don't necessarily need to deal with it. The more experienced character may just have a few more/better skills, which don't imbalance anything. A small difference in combat potential may just be a reward for a more loyal player. Since the characters in question will tend to have different schticks, and thus different roles in a fight, small differences may not even be noticeable in play. - If it's a big difference, and it's causing a problem in play, then you need to talk with your players about normalizing the game. Either way, this doesn't imply you shouldn't at least start things off on an even keel.
  18. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts Right. That's why, if I wanted a low-power world where everyone is mostly NCM or under, I would apply NCM universally to all characters. No exceptions for concept, saving possibly for characteristics bought as powers in some cases. This might not work out to be a lot different from what you're doing currently, but it makes the line in the sand clearer. Then you can have several characters each start with a given level of DEX, and have character A buy 'Super-Trained Reflexes: +10 DEX', character B buy 'Mutant Reflexes: +10 DEX', and character C buy 'Precognitive Reflexes: +10 DEX' and not have to quibble about SFX, as all of them are powers, i.e. abilities not available to non-supers. You can become a super by exceptional training, but at the end of the day you're still a super. Spot on. Don't make someone pay extra CP if you don't think the power should be allowed on the sheet. Make them justify it, and if you don't like the justification, just say no. This avoids the problem of having characters not balance relative to one another. If they don't like it, they can make a better-justified character. But if Joe Green Lantern clone wants martial arts, and he can justify it in his background, he shouldn't have to pay more for it; he already won't be as good as a pure martial artist simply by virtue of the fact that most of his points will go to fuel his power ring.
  19. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts From what I could find on Mockingbird, she was a former Shield agent herself. For a 250-point NCM game I'd probably build her with somewhere between 17-20/4 to a Shield agent's 14/3. And she'd certainly have more levels than any agent. An average CV of 7-9 to a Shield agent's average CV of 5-6, probably better defenses, and better DCs... taking on 4 doesn't sound like too much of a stretch, if she can maintain a substantial DCV edge over them. And it's quite possible within NCM on a 250-point budget. But that's for a Dark Champions-style version of the character, and I don't get the impression that her native habitat is that gritty. For a more natural 4-colour feel for the character, play her at 350 and boost her CV accordingly. Similarly, one *can* build an early version of Batman, within NCM, on 250 points. But if someone wants Batman to appear in their game, in many cases that won't be the version they are thinking of. (Certainly not one with only a single overall level and no CSLs to his name!)
  20. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts
  21. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts I have to agree that I find the idea of forcing some characters to pay double for certain things based on their backstories or archetypes to be a non-starter. I have no problem with an NCM game, especially for Dark Champs, Animated Dark Champs, or the like. I'd be willing to consider a 4-colour NCM game, if we weren't looking to emulate characters that were supposed to be exceptionally powerful. In such a case, though, I would not make exceptions. Everyone gets NCM, for all stats, period. If you want a power that boosts your characteristics past NCM, I may allow it if it will fit the feel of the game... but if it doesn't fit the feel of the game, or isn't well-justified, I simply won't allow it. Forcing someone to pay extra CP because they haven't provided a good rationale doesn't strike me as the best way to say 'no' -- when you can just say no. As a side bonus, it would give you a very clear idea of just where everyone would stand once depowered, and that might become an important theme of the game.
  22. Re: Combat Skill Levels vs Martial Arts In an Animated Dark Champions game, it's entirely appropriate for basic agents not to be much more skilled than normal guys on the street. The main difference between basic agents and normal guys on the street in such a game is that they have weapons and are willing to use them, whereas the normals generally do not and are not. Look at the Joker's crew in the first Batman movie. Did they look all that tough to you? They were just a bunch of thugs. Dex 11/SPD 2 is entirely appropriate for them. Now, if we're talking about a 4-colour game featuring experienced, iconic characters, things are different. In such a circumstance, you might well want to have your agent fodder be considerably tougher than normal humans, so that your heroes are demonstrated to be that much more studly when they mow through these tougher foes just as easily.
  23. Re: Lets Talk Disads: The Point Trap Here's another approach that a GM could take as far as 'racial packages' go: Go from a meta-gaming perspective, and take only those racial abilities and limitations which will be important to your character and to the stories you want to craft with the GM about your character. So you're making an elf, but you expect that most of the time he's going to be living in a pretty cosmopolitan place, and his pointy ears won't really stand out or disadvantage him in any way. If so, they aren't worth points. And all elves are supposedly natural archers, but your character uses a big 2-handed mace instead, and hasn't touched a bow in years. So you don't bother with any package deal that says you should have levels in archery, and just buy levels with the mace. In short, build the character *you* want to play. Pay points for stuff that's important to your character, don't pay points for window dressing that's not important to your character and will never be relevant to the game. If it doesn't disadvantage, it's not worth points; similarly, if it's something that will never be helpful, it doesn't cost points. Just because the book says 'all elves are XXX' doesn't mean that a character should have to pay for that if it's not relevant to the character's role in the group or his interests in life.
  24. Re: Self Defeating Powers As written, this is not really useless; it allows you to change shape to any one other form and then remain in that shape even while asleep. While it might not represent the best use of points, I think you need to add some limitations to make it truly useless...
  25. Re: Self Defeating Powers Note that pushing is normally used only in extremis, whereas an Aid power like the above can be used whenever the character wants. Unless of course you put on another lim, 'Only when Character could Push.'
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