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  1. 14 downloads

    A write-up of a supervillain who appears in Hermit's The Adventures Of "Fish Guy." Work In Progress.
  2. Version 3.0


    An enemy/obstacle for any Pulp Hero or Horror Hero campaigns where the PCs are likely to do a "dungeon crawl" through the lost catacombs of Egypt or the like. Fans of the original 1986 Thundercats cartoon will recognize it as being similar to something that was found in Mumm-Ra's pyramid in one episode. Built as an Automation on 1500 points. 5th Edition write-up. Two-column layout.
  3. 370 downloads

    A collection of 5th Edition templates for Characters, Bases, Vehicles, A.I.s, and Computers. Created in Microsoft Word.
  4. 71 downloads

    Energy Projector Type who gets her powers from a gemstone that fell from space one night. Also uses her good looks and charm against foes who do their thinking between their legs. 5th Ed stats, 350 points total. *Update* New two-column format and some corrections to text. *Update* Minor correction in Martial Arts section of write-up.
  5. WARNING: The contents of this thread may be too disturbing or terrifying for some people. If you have a low PRE score and/or are easily squicked out, now would be a good time to head for the exit. If you're at the office right now, we cannot guarantee that everything here will be 100% work-safe, so please use discretion. To kick things off, a little something from Mr. Nightmare's YouTube channel:
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