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  1. The concept is as follows: The game universe has a "soundtrack" that is audible only to the audience and those characters who have spent the points on the appropriate sensing ability. Within this universe, those individuals who are important in the grand scheme of things each have a unique leitmotif (or motif for short) associated with them. The downside to having a leitmotif is, of course, that it makes it difficult if not impossible to have the element of surprise against enemies who can hear the soundtrack. As GM how much would you give characters for this as a DF?
  2. Note I said minimum penalty. If the local lord or magistrate is particularly miffed with you, your punishment could be much worse.
  3. This is for a fantasy setting in which magic is demonstrably real and potent and it's possible to perform spells and rituals to summon specific entities (monsters, demons, lesser deities, etc.). In many cities in the setting, there's a strict prohibition against summoning potentially dangerous entities within city limits. Breaking this law typically has a minimum penalty of either a year confined to the dungeon at the local lord's castle or a fine of 100 gold coins. Naturally, you'd also be on the hook for any property damage, injuries, or deaths the aforementioned entity causes if it goes on a rampage. The local lord reserves the right to grant onetime emergency exemptions in situations where summoning such an entity was necessary to prevent a greater catastrophe. For our legal eagles on the site, how reasonable would such a law be in your professional opinion?
  4. The Original Gobble-Tron was a mecha. It was totaled and its pilot was arrested. How the big metal turkey was rebuilt and who's at the controls is a mystery, especially since the original pilot is supposed to still be in prison for all the chaos and destruction he caused during the last Gobble-Tron rampage.
  5. It's once again Thanksgiving Day, the official holiday of roast turkey, stuffing, and peanut oil fires in the driveway. This year, Campaign City gets hit with a triple threat of giant turkey-themed monsters from years past: Gob-Lar the giant mutant turkey, Gobble-Tron the giant turkey mecha, and another group of crazy cultists summoned another giant demon turkey (and of course, got gobbled up shortly after completing the ritual). Each of the three is approaching town from a different direction, but are all head for Main Street! WWYCD?
  6. Night Mind's Candy Bowl for Halloween 2020. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUtMdfebeaoemngB9eE68ZkOhUYejdNZ_
  7. How about half-human hybrids like in the following example: Anna's mother is human and her father is a powerful being from another dimension (and indeed, the ruler of said dimension). She's still a child and thus hasn't yet matured enough to unlock the powers that are part of her genetic inheritance. Her father, however, gave her a means of summon help from his realm if she's ever in danger. One good, loud distress cry out of her and any would-be assailants will suddenly find themselves staring down a cadre of the beings who serve her father; or if they're particularly unlucky, Dear Ol' Dad shows up to deal with them in person.
  8. A reading of "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell (long, roughly 3 hours 12 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6NBIS3m15E
  9. Also the scene where the Doctor pretends to be the President. His performance was unimpeachable. [rimshot]
  10. I can't take credit of that one, sadly. It originated on YouTube, where the Ban Bots are likely to home in on you like heat-seeking missiles if you dare say anything about the Corona Virus.
  11. Thanks to the Beer Buggery, the usual Halloween festivities may be cancelled in many parts of our world. Thus, I'm starting this thread so we can all celebrate the holiday here on the forum. Post your favorite spooky images, videos, and stories here...just don't overindulge in sweets and be sure you brush your teeth before bed tonight.
  12. How about beings who are the rulers of their own planets/dimensions? Might they be treated as visiting Chiefs of State while (peacefully) on Earth?
  13. HA +2d6, OIF (boots; -1/2), Only For Stomping (-?) In your opinion, what would be a fair value for the "Only For Stomping" Limitation?
  14. I imagine Fox might laugh if her Ex, Jerry, was the one who fell for this. 😉
  15. Overnight, all over Campaign City, someone has set up several kiosks in public places. Said kiosks feature only a large, red button and sign over it that reads, "WARNING: DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON." If pressed, the button triggers a hidden spray nozzle that sprays the person with a (non-toxic, soap and water washable) bright orange dye and then plays a digital recording of mocking laughter from a hidden speaker. At each kiosk, a web cam is hidden nearby, constantly streaming to a popular video hosting site (the URL for each kiosk's video stream is in small print at the bottom of the sign). Who is behind this? WWYCD?
  16. Yeah, somehow I'm not surprised people are doing stuff like that. I've also heard of some particularly brazen TP bandits loading up a cart with as many packs as they can lay hands on and just bolting for the front doors at the smaller stores. One pair of such opportunists knocked one of the store employees to the floor like a bowling pin on their way out, they didn't even care that they might have injured the poor guy. You and yours stay safe, I have a feeling things are going to get crazier still before this is all over.
  17. It was one thing when when people were panic-buying and hording it by the metric ton, but now they're going around straight up stealing it. You heard me right, PEOPLE ARE STEALING TOILET PAPER. Rumor has it a state park in Michigan is having to lock all the bathrooms along their jogging trails because someone's been smashing the dispensers and absconding with every single roll. They're even taking the hand soap. Is the Beer Virus turning everyone into Cornholio? Because this makes no fragging sense.
  18. We've been self-quarintined since last month, the office is closed until further notice anyway. Not sure if the Beer Virus can affect a demon in a meat suit, but I chose not to take any unnecessary risks. Only going out when absolutely necessary, like shopping for groceries.
  19. I was thinking much the same thing just now. Depending on how much of a brain-trust our Jane Doe was, she might've thought it would be a good idea to "shake and bake" some meth in there. Cooking hillbilly crack is a great way to blow yourself to kingdom come if you're careless.
  20. Fair enough, but that still leaves us with an exploded porta-potty and a thoroughly charred Jane Doe that require an explanation.
  21. If I had to hazard a guess, I think it's likely our Jane Doe decided to have a smoke while in there. Not a smart move, but no one ever said Florida-Woman was that much brighter than Florida-Man.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLq5R8LcvnI When you gotta go, you gotta go...
  23. Q: What does it say in Facebook's TOS? A: And that's when I jumped out the second story window.
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