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  1. The closest we ever had to a fixed SPD campaign was what the group called the 4/2 Speed campaign. They would joke about an opponent being Super or fodder depending on what SPD he had. Supers had a SPD of 4 Agents, Combat Trained, Law Enforcement, etc had a SPD of 2 Normals had a SPD of 1 unless they were fleeing then they had a SPD of 2. As the campaign went on, one player talked me into allowing a SPD of 4+2 for a speedster concept and I allowed it. He moved on every phase and twice on 2 and 4 with his first move coming on his DEX and his second on DEX/2. A second player tried t
  2. The Ultimate Base has rules for building kingdoms... so you could probably extrapolate from there...
  3. STARGUARD INTERNATIONAL, a.k.a. SGI, from Super Agents was the first time I remember the mention of Questonite and it was a plastic. It was invented by Jonny Quest's dad, Benton Quest. Although it was not spelled out in the supplement it was implied. History of SGI "The company was founded in 1976 by Dr. J.A. Quest, son of the world famous scientist who created the remarkably durable Questonite plastic..." Dr. Quest History "Dr. Quest, a flinty eyed blonde man entering his early 30's... Dr. Quest spent most of his teenage years free footing all over the South Pacific..." Questoni
  4. Dark Doctor, The Hated of the Future
  5. Tears for Fears - Everybody wants to rule the world...
  6. Left to Right - Flower, Moonbeam, Starflash, Sunshine
  7. This the build for a immortal who has been around since 5000 BC... he has a very good memory... he likes art and traveling... 3 Knows Everything... - Scholar 2 1) Art of the World: KS: Art History (INT-based) 13- 2 2) History of the World: KS: World History (INT-based) 13- 2 3) People of the World: KS: People of History (INT-based) 13- 2 4) Weird Things of the World: KS: Unusual Things and Events (INT-based) 13- 3 Traveled Everywhere... - Traveler 2 1) Cities of the World: CK: Cities of History (INT-based) 13- 2 2) Cultures of the World: CuK: World Cultur
  8. Know what you mean and I only have a notebook with the history thorough the middle of the 80s...
  9. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
  10. For the people in the know on Chronicles Earth, the Wardens Chronicles campaign homeworld, there are six documented parallel Earths. Each of which is called a Prime Parallel as the rules of physics as well as 'superhero physics' for them seem to closely mirror those of Chronicles Earth. Each alternate Earth is called "Prime Parallel: Earth X" or just "Earth X" with X being a number designation. Earth 1 Inhabitants: Humans, Low-Level Machine Intelligences Dimension Brief: Technology stands at the forefront on this world. The average technology is roughly 30-50 years more advanced than Chro
  11. I had a set of twins that were immune to their own and each others powers... they each bought their attack power with personal immunity and then bought personal immunity to their sibling's attack power as a naked advantage.
  12. My book arrived in Florida today...
  13. Savage Worlds is the new flavor for a 'generic' game engine and is quite popular right now... whether or not there are Hero System rules products from this line depends on sales... based on the support for Hero System being limited to the campaign book and two Serpent Scales pdfs then not other products, it does not appear that the sales are enough to support the effort to put out Hero System rules versions of the products... buy the products in the line for the source materials and background then build your own Hero System rules
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