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  1. Re: Steampunk Star Wars (Needs Better Name) Well done! I like it. Choosing to set it during the 18th century instead of going Victorian like so many often do was a nice touch. It really allows for a lot more flexibility in the setting- keeping it a touch more fantasy and swashbuckling instead of highbrow proper British. Rob
  2. Re: Shadow Warriors: The Best Ninja-Hero Source Material Ever
  3. Has anyone here watched this yet? I'm on the second DVD of the Shadow Warriors (Kage no Gundan) boxed set and I can't get enough! I already ordered more through an e-bay seller ($30 a season for English subbed DVDs if you find the right guy) and I'm totally in love with this series! Sonny Chiba is like the Japanese William Shatner- stick him in the right role and he's a coolness god! And this is definitely the right role! The story itself is about a team of Ninja from a clan that's fallen into disfavor going on special missions for the Shogun's guardian. The show itself comes across
  4. A science fiction audio adventure drama starring Greg Nugent [Dymatrex] as Imperial Naval Officer Albert Tysen and Melissa D. Johnson [Mippa] as the Space Pirate Zhang Ping-An, two figures on opposite sides in a battle for the destiny of mankind’s first empire of the stars. Book One, Episode One- Stationfall! Download Stream Podcast Also Starring: Tegan Harris [Emberwolf] as Squire Esther Chris Gumprich as Leederman Ty Konzak [Aramek] as Kip David Ault as Sir Fawn River Kanoff [sinowbeat] as Brother Ganymede John Boardman as Brother Io
  5. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial And finally, to celebrate the end of the project, a team picture!
  6. Re: My new on-line comic Not bad! Poser has definitely improved a lot, and you did well setting them up and positioning them. They're still a little stiff, but you did manage to capture some real feeling in them. Rob
  7. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial My Director’s Notes for TIA discussing the origins of the project, the evolution, how audio dramas are made, the characters and the cast as well as various trivia about the story. Runtime: Approx 1 hour. Direct Download Stream
  8. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Ten: Payback Direct Download Stream Podcast Summary: In the serial finale, Soong finds herself facing Fung alone on a mountainside as old debts are repaid. Runtime: 15:48 mins Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Crystal Lonnquist [Morningstar_Smiles] as Wan
  9. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Nine: Cliffhanger Direct Download Stream Podcast Summary: Soong races to save friend and enemy alike. Runtime: 21mins Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Amanda Price [pyrrichal] as The Narrator and Hyang-Sook Soong-Four Alanna [scarlotte]
  10. Re: Spell Active/ Real Cost in Average Games
  11. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Eight: Shifting Snows Direct Download Stream Podcast Summary: Soong, her teammates down, finds herself trapped between two foes, both of whom want the Ambassador. Runtime: 20mins Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Amanda Price [pyrrichal] as
  12. Re: Heroic Endurance and Stun I think the simpler compromise lies in the area of Long Term Endurance. Just have STUN damage inflict LTE with the idea being that the body is suffering pain and stress. If you want to set up a really simple system, have say 5 STUN taken inflict 1pt worth of LTE to the character. This will accumulate quickly if they get into multiple fights, and result in characters barely able to lift a finger after a few fights if they get hit a lot. Or alternately, just say that every turn of combat automatically causes 4-(REC/3, round down) points of LTE to the chara
  13. Re: fantasy books I suggest neither, read Guards! Guards! by Terry Prachett if you haven't already. Reading one Wheel of Time book killed the Fantasy Genre for me for a while, but Guards! Guards! made me love it again. It's a slightly humorous take on what it's like to be the members of the Town Guard in a particularly unpleasant city, but Prachett brings the whole place so much to life you can't help but fall in love with the characters and Diskworld setting's take on Fantasy. Rob P.S. if it's either/or for you, I suggest Song of Fire and Ice, which at least will give yo
  14. Campaign GM: "UltraRob! SOS! I can't make gaming night tomorrow! Can you run? I repeat...Can you run?":idjit: UltraRob: "Relax o revered GM! UltraRob is on the case!" So, with that, UltraRob sped into action! He had one night to prepare, but what was he going to run? Having just finished watching a bunch of Naurto live action fan videos online, and having been wanting to take a stab at a Naruto HERO game, even for a oneshot, the choice was obvious! So, how to put together a winning one-shot for a bunch of gamers of variable HERO experience that will only last a few hours? Here'
  15. Re: D-Ranger Audio Adventure D-Ranger: Adventure One- The Package, Part Two Direct Download Stream Podcast Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson Runtime: 21.4 minutes (19.93mb) Starring, in Order of Appearance. P3RFECT as Brad Ryans Elgie as Pixelle Ty Konzak as Malarek Alanna as Lee With Amanda Price and Robyn Paterson as Blood Rein Troopers Opening Music: Theme for a Hero, by Stefano Maccarelli http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=578970 Closing Music: Puddle of Life by Peter Chen http://www.soundclick
  16. Re: Tricky END Reserve Question As far as I can tell, in the actual Negima setting, rendering the Magi unconscious doesn't stop the Pactio users from using their Magi-powered abilities. (Although killing him/her obviously would.) Although, in HERO terms their abilities would stop when the Magi's END reserve ran dry whether he is conscious or not. Yes, it's well known that the Pactio users are powered by the Magi, take him out and down they go, so the Foci limitation would actually work very well. Thanks Outsider! Rob
  17. Re: Tricky END Reserve Question Interesting. In the setup I was thinking of, the characters would only be able to access the special powers by using END from the Power Reserve Character, not their own END sources. Those specific powers would be only available if the Wizard had the power to lend them. I'm not sure about range, but I know in the Negima manga, which I'm modelling it after, they can access it if they're within a few kilometres of the Wizard and possibly without him even being aware. (Although they can telepathically communicate with the Wizard as part of the bonding process a
  18. Re: Tricky END Reserve Question Actually, it's really quite the opposite. The concept comes from the manga Negima, in which wizards can bestow upon their allies the ability to tap into the Wizard's power reserve for short periods of time during combat to pump up the allies' combat abilities. This differs from a "buff" situation in that the allies, through a contract item, can control what powers they use and how much they're enhanced. Once the contract is made, the allies can tap into them anytime, the wizard is no longer in direct control of the use the allies make of their power.
  19. Here's the situation: One character has a huge END reserve, the rest of the party has the ability to tap into that reserve to power their superhuman abilities. So, the one with the END Reserve would have to buy: Useable by Others at range on their END Reserve, naturally. But, what would the cost modifier be on the powers bought by the rest of the team whose powers can only work off their friend's END Reserve? The powers cost END normally, just not the END of the people using the powers. Rob
  20. Re: Batman is dead With all the emphasis on cars so far, this is starting to sound more like "Team Knight Rider" than "Team Batman". Also, you haven't told us their exact purpose. Are they trying to convince everyone Batman is still alive and kicking butt? Or are they trying to fulfill his role in a mysterious way, implying that Batman is behind it when it's really them. If it's the former, a priceless moment just occurred to me, when the PC playing Batman suddenly finds Superman floating next to him, having dropped by to say hello.... Rob
  21. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Seven: Siege Direct DownLoad Stream Podcast Summary: While waiting for their chance to escape from the mercenary weather mages Feng and his sister Wan, Team Iron Angel suddenly finds themselves facing an unexpected attack from an old foe. Runtime: 18.51 minutes, 12.9mb Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Alanna [sca
  22. Re: Dungeons and Dragons Err...But if he's the EO and already rules the Realm, he has enslaved the living, and not only that, why is he trying at all? Better to say that he just rules with an iron fist and that he takes people to become his servants when it suits him, ripping them cruelly away from their loved ones and turning them into undead. Too many undead= lots of immortal servants with nothing to do. Rob
  23. Re: Negima Magic Style Thanks! I should note that this system in the comic is specifically designed so that magisters (latin for magic users) need someone watching their back while they cast. The whole idea of the comic is that wizards work in teams with a guardian of some kind (or guardians, if they have a whole party backing them up) and so while the magisters are powerful, they have two large weaknesses- reliance on foci, and inability to defend themselves while casting more powerful spells. (Concentration could be reduced to 1/2 DCV if the GM wishes to give them more of
  24. Re: Pharos Nice writeup! I like them a lot! I've always liked the idea of priests as psionicists (as opposed to channeling gods, odd as that might sound) with them believing their powers are coming from their gods. Sidesteps the whole question of how active gods are and why they don't do more. I also like your use of "20 active points" as the power cap and working through it accordingly, it's just the right level for a fantasy game, I think. One quibble, the package writeups list active costs but not real costs except in 1 case. Best! Rob
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