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  1. (Since I misread the other thread title about hot guys when I first glanced at it, I thought I'd turn it into a real thread...) I vote for The Blob from X-men. Can anyone do better? Rob
  2. Since it's as much Fantasy as anything else, I thought I'd post here about the magic style shown in the first few volumes of the Magic Teacher Negima manga. This is skipping the whole Partner business, because that's where it becomes more of a superheroic setup. As I see it, the magic for Negima seems to function as follows: Magisters (wizards) usually require a physical focus to channel their power through when casting, this is normally a special magic staff. The staff is very literally acting as a focus, and in fact if the wizard channels more power through the staff or other item
  3. Re: Lyrical Nanoha This almost sounds like a classic Elemental Control vs Multipower Magic situation. The Velka users would have EC's instead of Multipowers, which would both show their more focussed and limited natures and also allow you to do more creative power builds. (ie Extra effect with increased END or Charges) The Michilda users would be Multipower users, able to have more types of powers, but more limited in how they could use them and not able to boost them like the Velka users could. They get versatility, and probably more abilities, but can't put the kick in that V
  4. Re: DEX levels in your campaign. I think it would work 100%. It would be interesting to see what numbers like this would look-like or result-in in most campaigns, though. I could still see people buying the DEX up to get initiative, but that's also reasonable. As you say, DEX is now just like INT. Rob
  5. Re: Character: Captain Jiranee Jenvirava
  6. Re: Superhero Podcasts The X-Men one is literally direct adaptions of the comics written by Claremont himself, very literally. It's a little bit funny, old (pre 90's) Marvel comics were narrated so heavily I always thought they'd work find without the pictures, and then this guy went and proved it by literally just taking the dialogue and narration directly and adding sound effects! If you had the Days of Future Past comic in front of you as you listened, you could literally follow along! The newer one, Rubicon, is from the 90's when Claremont was at war with Lee for control
  7. Re: Character: Captain Jiranee Jenvirava Dang! Those "ears" are lethal weapons! I'm sure many a man died while staring a them when he should have been watching the polearm. Rob
  8. Since the age of podcasting is upon us, I thought I'd point out there are a few fairly high quality superhero podcasts/audio dramas out there some people on here might enjoy. Much like fanfilms, fan radio plays are starting to become quite an industry unto themselves, and are often high quality too! My own original ones can be found in my sig, but I thought I'd highlight some others out there worth your attention. Circus 13's X-Men Fan Radio Plays Pendant Productions Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman Plays Decoder Ring Theatre is modern detective and superhero stuff. And if you
  9. Re: DEX levels in your campaign. Excellent idea, but I'd say make it 2:1 for the simple reason that if you don't then why would anyone buy SPD? I can pay 20 points for DEX and get DX:30 and associated bonuses and SPD:4, or pay the same 20 points to get...SPD:4. Rob
  10. Re: DEX levels in your campaign. I had players wanting that back when I ran HERO in the 80's with 250pt characters! DEX is the WIN stat, and why else do players seem to play supers games? It's why I always capped DEX at 30, and unsurprisingly, most players seemed to be quite happy to pay the 60 points for it. ("So, it lets me kick the asses of most published villians? I am SO there!") As has been noted elsewhere, DEX and SPD are seemingly costly, but the returns are so damn high why not invest in them? No powergamer I know (who couldn't have the VPP they wanted) would go wit
  11. Re: magic system Steph, The only problem I see with that is the high lethality rates will make it so nobody will want to be a mage, and you can get things like your NPC mages suddenly blowing themselves up during a big fight! ("I guess we don't need to kill the Wizard King after all! Back to the tavern boys!" ) I've thought about similar limitations on wizards, but I keep being reminded that if I limit them too much, there's no reason for anyone to play one! Even a 16< skill roll with a side effect on a failure will make most mages hesitate if it's a big one! Better to just
  12. Re: DEX levels in your campaign. If the CSL/DEX balance is off, then, then one of them needs to either become more expensive or cheaper. It's that simple. Obviously however, there will probably be no agreement either way (since things haven't changed in the last 3 editions!), and unless the editors make a decision (which will probably piss off half the people here) nothing will change. So I guess DEX:23 it is! Although this does make me consider halving the price of CSLs to try and make them more viable... Rob
  13. Re: DEX levels in your campaign. Has anyone just sat down with their group at the start of the campaign and said... "Okay, DEX is nice and all, and helps you go first, but CSLs are much cheaper, let you hit just as well, and even let you do more damage and do other tricks. You blow all those points on DEX, but in the end the guy who paid 40% your cost for CSLs can still hit your butt just as easily, but with rebound shots for extra bonuses that your high DEX doesn't let you do. Unless you're an acrobat, buy CSLs instead." The more I read this thread, the more I think DEX has become a
  14. Re: [GM Resource] Anatomy of the Orcish Host Well said! Well said! Rob
  15. Re: [GM Resource] Anatomy of the Orcish Host That is one badass host! Hardly the unthinking horde I'm used to seeing in Fantasy! These guys are really scary! I almost wonder how Caithness still exists! Rob
  16. Re: [super Team] Young Titans - GenCon 2007 Apparently I give Oddhat too much rep...Who knew? Regardless, great thread, ideas and characters! Keep up the good work! Rob
  17. Re: Lyrical Nanoha You're not the only ones, I never touched Nanoha before, writing it off as a "magical girls show", but happened to see the first episode of Striker S two weeks back and it totally blew me away. There is seriously a setting suited to both gaming, and HERO gaming! I've always been a fan of the "superheroes on a colony world" genre the Japanese seem to like doing from time to time, and this one really brings that home. From what my friend who is a fan of the show tells me, those foci they're using with "charges" seem to be one of the more interesting use of charges I'
  18. Re: Space Wizards (info, advice, & suggestions sought) Well I knew I didn't need to tell YOU this! Rob
  19. Re: Stacking a power? Nah, it was my screw up and you just winged me...gonna go lay down now... Rob
  20. Re: Star Fantasy, some ideas please? Well, your most basic questions are: Are there starships? If so, what type? Crystal Solar Windships powered by magic? "real-ish" Starships that could come out of Star Wars and just look funky or maybe have a funky power/FTL/navigation source? If not, is interstellar travel via Stargates or funky teleportation points that access the galactic ley lines on each world? (This is good if you want to sidestep the starship issue.) What is the common tech level? Pseudo rennaisance or Victorian with magic? Ultratech? What overall power level are th
  21. Re: Space Wizards (info, advice, & suggestions sought) ORION is perhaps the most detailed (OVERDETAILED) science fantasy story ever done, and apparently is being reprinted right now! Rarely mentioned, barely understood, and quite a trippy read. Rob
  22. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial There is no better excuse to get an MP3 player (and a dog to walk as you listen) than Podcasts! Rob
  23. Re: FH Gripes hahahahah Good story Keith! That does indeed bear repeating! Thanks for telling such a painful tale again! Rob
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