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  1. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Six: Visitors Direct Download Stream Podcast Summary: A wounded Soong receives three visitors to her sickbed. Runtime: 24.33 minutes, 16.8mb Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Amanda Price [pyrrhical] as The Narrator and Hyang-Sook Soong-Four Alanna [scarlotte] as Lieutenant Casey Stone- One F
  2. Re: 50 fathoms conversion What's 50 Fathoms? Rob
  3. Re: FH Gripes Wait a moment, your wife nailed you in the nads the first time you met? That's quite a "how we met" story! Rob
  4. Re: FH Gripes Another tip- make sure you LIMIT the REC on the reserve if you want this to work, because it's very cheap and so they'll buy huge amounts of if they can to get around the limits. I suggest making it max at 1/2 EGO per time period, or maybe 1/2 INT, depending on the type of spellcaster. (Also a good reason to buy up INT or EGO!) Rob
  5. Re: FH Gripes I'm personally a big fan of END Reserves with slow-ish recovery rates if you want END-powered magic. Have them get back a point of END like every 5 minutes, and you'll see them being very careful how they spend their magic. The problem with just x2 END on their normal END is that they do recover fairly quick. Also, I'm thinking of a campaign myself, and was thinking rather than specifically just a Staff or Book or whatever, let them take whatever kind of focus they want, it just has to be OAF. They want it to be a jar of magic bees, go ahead! Rob
  6. D-Ranger: Adventure One- The Package, Part One Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson Summary: Brad Ryans recieves a package that will change his life one morning in this Superhero adventure story. Direct Download Stream Podcast Runtime: 16 minutes Starring, in Order of Appearance. P3RFECT as Brad Ryans Elgie as Pixelle Alanna as Lee Edwyn Tiong as Blood Rein Trooper Ty Konzak as Malarek Opening Music: Theme for a Hero, by Stefano Maccarelli Closing Music: Puddle of Life by Peter Chen
  7. Re: Random Rokugan Stuff SKJAM! I just want to comment that you're doing amazing work here! Out of curiosity, how many points would the PCs in a game using these packages start out with in your opinion? And what does "power loses 1/4 of it's effectiveness" mean in this case? Rob
  8. Re: FH Gripes Any chance of us seeing that chart? Please? Pretty please? Rob
  9. Re: Anime series as a campaign Akira was seminal in North America, but it's generally not considered the thing that kicked off the modern anime age in Japan: Megazone 23 is. It goes a little like this: Gundam (the original) was the major paradigm shifter for TV anime, and helped push anime for an older audience into more of the mainstream by virtue of being one of the first shows with...fanboys. This leads to more "mature" anime being done, which leads to things like Macross, and that (in it's second run) in turn lead someone to speculate and think that maybe, just maybe, ther
  10. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Five: Wendigo Direct Download Stream Podcast Summary: A year prior to the events of Black Dawn of the Golden Age, Soong and her cousin Miri have a supernatural encounter on a camping trip in Northern Manitoba. Runtime: 19:31 minutes, 17.5mb Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Amanda Pric
  11. Re: Ritterschlag Bwahahahahahaha Good one! Thanks for posting this! ^__^ Rob
  12. Re: REH Out of Copyright and Online That explains the sudden rush of Conan books in the past few years as they tried to milk it while they still could. Excellent news! Thanks for letting us know Von D-Man! Rob
  13. Re: Japanese unmanned rescue robots I better be unconscious when that thing comes for me, otherwise I'm going to die of a heart attack! Rob
  14. Re: Legend of Galactic Heroes Timeline When I taught in Japan, and asked people what their favorite book was, a common answer was "Ginga Eiyu Densetsu!" Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a personal favorite series that I have loved for a long time, and seen all 110 episodes of. (I had to watch the second half in Japanese at the time, though, before the Chinese DVDs with English subs were available.) It's an amazing story, with lots of politics and twists, and you really do fall in love with the characters on both sides. And, unlike many Japanese series, it has a very clear and definitive e
  15. Re: Balancing Magic Use is a myth I rather like this idea! Consider it borrowed! Rob
  16. Re: Balancing Magic Use Yeah, I had a bad experience in one campaign where the players were all different kinds of Mages. As soon as one player learned a flight spell, his character's feet literally never left the ground for the rest of the campaign, and it circumvented pretty much any geographical challenges I had planned for them. You don't realize how powerful flight is in a fantasy game until someone clever has it. Rob
  17. Re: College of Blademagic So, the idea is, say...you need to have four 15 point spells before you can buy 30 point spells? Or closer to "for every 60 point spell you have, you must have X number of points in lesser spells?" Rob
  18. Re: This is why I play Fantasy Hero Sounds good to me too! I WISH my players did that sort of thing! (Actually, one does, and I reward him for it, the others...not so much...) Rob
  19. Re: Daily Art Findings Here be monsters. Really really really cool monsters! Rob
  20. Re: Multiple Power attacks???? But, wouldn't using this turn characters into death-dealing howitzers? I mean, it becomes almost a way to circumvent AP caps, just hitting them with five different powers at max for the game. Of course, those 5 powers better cost 0 END or you're screwed! Rob
  21. Re: Balancing Magic Use But, how do you keep them from running roughshod with those points since they can in theory do anything? Do you make them use a spell list or have other limitations? Rob
  22. Re: Balancing Magic Use It seems most people here prefer to house rule that magic armour and real armour doesn't stack to prevent that. (Citing the "real armour" limitation as including this.) You cast your magic armour, you still only take the higher value of the magic and the armour- not both. This is a bit of a kludge, since it would be nice to have mages who can improve armour and even makes sense, but unfortunately the way HERO scales this is a bit of a weak spot when it comes to running Fantasy. Rob
  23. So, I'd been thinking for a while of running a Naruto campaign, but wasn't sure I wanted to run another asian-themed game. (Which are pretty much my standard.) I also had ideas of running a traditional Western-style Fantasy game, but hadn't quite set on the campaign focus. Then tonight while reading that webcomic about D&D and Lord of the Rings it hit me...Why not combine them? Rangers are effectively the Fantasy equivalent of Ninjas, with the exception that their job description is even broader, and they're not focussed on assassination. (An aspect of Naruto that always left me cold.
  24. Re: [Warning Anime] How would you create this character? Having seen and read this, it's a block. It's a really fancy block, but it's just a block with the special effect that that the sand is doing this. Some people above have said Armour with a Dex roll, but that fails to take into account that someone with sufficient speed (OCV) can overcome it, which a DEX roll won't represent but a bonus to the Block maneuver will. (Unless there's some way for the opponent to reduce his DEX roll by taking a penalty on the attack roll.) Ablative Armour sounds good to me, it could
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