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  1. Re: Warrior Nymphs Actually, it occured to me there should probably be a "medic" Nymph type as well, any suggestions for what tree would suit a healer type? Rob
  2. Re: Warrior Nymphs I think that's not really an issue. Both because of the way they're raised and their link to their tree they're effectively warrior slaves who have total loyalty and duty to their masters. However, if you had one that was raised away from the community, it would probably be a little more....spirited. The intent was always that they look like young human women, so if the person they met hasn't met a Warrior Nymph before they would probably mistake one for a human. It's a bit like meeting a clone of a particular type. If I were writing th
  3. Re: "Chinese Amazons" as a Fantasy Culture Threadjack! Actually, my former Chinese tutor and still good friend spent her teenage years on a state-sponsored national volleyball team in China. She is HUGE, and breaks pretty much every stereotype about Asians being small/weak. It's actually funny to see her tower over her average sized Canadian husband. She's a "Chinese Amazon" in every sense of the word, including being hot as hell in the looks department. If there's a whole tribe of her across the strait (she was from Shanghai), I'm packing my bags! end Threadjack!
  4. Re: What is a conceptionalist wonder Eosin is dead-nuts on, and I am wrong. That's why the term sounded familar to me, I had heard it before. A character whose background only exists to justify his stats or abilities and nothing else. Everything fit together in a nice neat maximized package designed to keep the GM from saying that certain things aren't justified. I've had a few players throw these at me over the years. When I first read it, I stuck on the comment about the skills, which made me go in that direction. Yes, a streetkid could have a lot of points in skills, although gen
  5. [Note: These are loosly based on the Spirits from the new anime series Sword of Aseria, but my expanded take on them since I have only seen a single episode. These are just my brief notes, which I thought I'd share.] Warrior Nymphs Warrior Nymphs are used by a kingdom with a fairly low population as a way of surviving against the hostile powers around them. Essentially they are magical tree nymphs which appear as young women when they take physical form and have been trained and taught to act as warriors. This has several advantages, including that they neither eat nor sleep normally
  6. Re: What is a conceptionalist wonder He probably means that the character's abilities and background don't match each other well, at least that's my guess. A streetkid with 2/3rds of his points spent on skills could be considered a bit much, where did he learn all this stuff? Either that, or he's referring to the character being really unoriginal and uninspiring. Rob
  7. Re: Webcomic inspiring a game. Since you brought it up, this webcomic inspired me to take a recent interest in the Shadowrun setting... http://kitsune.rydia.net/comicsbulletproof.html Rob
  8. Re: Art for Asian Fantasy Games You might try getting your group to try out Weapons of the Gods then. (Assuming they won't do a HERO one, of course.) Rob
  9. Re: So the King is a Vampire One interesting take is the backstory of the Vampire Hunter D novels, in which ALL the leaders were Vampires! The "Nobility" as they were called, just plain took over, and in between snacking on their populations used their immortality to bring about a great age of art and science. (Which many of them used to help their human populations, if it didn't threaten the vampires in some way.) If one country has an immortal vampire leader, then in a sense other countries without one might be at a disadvantage when you think about it. Skilled and immortal leade
  10. Re: Art for Asian Fantasy Games Oh, indeed! Excellent link! I will never turn down Three Kingdoms art! These alone will make my next campaign rock... http://www.yueying.net/dw/?gallery=official&show=Dynasty+Warriors+4+Artbook Thanks! Rob
  11. Re: Genre conventions Someone really needs to go play Final Fantasy 10. (If they haven't already done so.) It's a game almost entirely based on the theories presented here. I had similar ideas once long ago when I was working through a modern world that had magic added to it after a long period of being low-mana. Magic (in this case an overabundance of life energy) could be shaped by (highly talented) human will on the small scale (mages), but also had repercussions on the larger scale because it was being shaped by the collective unconscious of even the normal people of the setting.
  12. http://my.opera.com/candy_ling2002/albums/show.dml?id=36105 I stumbled across these earlier today, and thought they might be useful to some people here. (I'm looking at you, Susano! ) Rob
  13. Re: Rifts HERO? Yes, excellent work! How many points are you PCs built on? I suspect at least 300. Rob
  14. Re: Rifts HERO? One of the problems I see with making weapons this high powered is that DANG are your PCs gonna need a lot of BODY. Those weapons are doing a minimum 4-8 BODY per hit thanks to that penetrating advantage. I see high PC turnover rate in your game... Other than that, looks good! Rob
  15. Re: Okay Class: Make me a Fighter. Zee Mousketeer! Nimble: DEX: +5 (15) WF:Common Melee (2) WF:Black Powder Guns (1) The Fine Art of Swordsmanship: +3 w/Melee (15) My Next Shot Won't Miss!: +1 w/Black Powder Weapons (3) Clashing Blades: Martial Block w/Light Swords (4) I've Got your Back: Teamwork (3) I Meant to do That!: Breakfall (3) Ride for France!: Riding (Horses)(3) For the King!: PS: Musketeer (2)
  16. Re: Curve-balls and left-field stuff So, I was running this game where there was this amulet that contained a dead villain's soul I was using as a plot device. One of the PCs half figured out what it was, so they decided to turn it into the authorities. Since I didn't want it out of play, and since the character was telepathic, I said that when the character touched the gem to give it to the authorities the villain took control of the character. (There was a context of EGOs and the PC actually really did lose badly, it wasn't even a GM fudge.) I took the player aside and explained
  17. Re: Curve-balls and left-field stuff Very cool idea! Consider it..err...borrowed! Rob
  18. Re: How to end a dystopia... Remember, remember, the Fifth of November... In theory, social stresses build up, someone or something provides a spark, and pop goes the revolution! There is another possibility, of course, which is prosperity. Cheap energy, lots of jobs, or other factors listed by people above can just plain make jobs plentiful over time. The economy goes up and people go up with it, upwardly mobile people demand change and with their now power they get it. Also, how about an idea? Ideas can change society, it's happened many times in the past and will happe
  19. Re: Rifts HERO? Wow, that's almost a perfect Juicer! Well done! Rob
  20. Re: Rifts HERO? Oh, they do sound cool...the first few dozen times you hear them. Kevin S. is hardly the first person to trott out a variant of "faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap..." to describe his setting's uber-men. The problem becomes, how do you separate his uber-men from the others, who have the same descriptions? ("Who's stronger, the Hulk or Superman, mom?") Hype is nice and all, and I agree, it's cool, but in the end games are about fun, playability and balance (can you tell I'm a HERO GM? ) not just hype. I have to make this c
  21. Re: Rifts HERO? Well, you've just met someone else who agreeds with him. Because when it was written Kevin S. was trying really hard to emphasize the over the top coolness of his new game. It was supposed to be a very different take on fantasy/sci-fi gaming, and largely was a new direction for mainstream gaming in fact. It's not a matter of "why would he need to" so much as the in-game hype he was trying to generate. RIFTS was about selling his audience a new kind of power fantasy, and it worked. This here is the HERO board, I might debate the point with
  22. Re: Rifts HERO? I tend to look at when writers say "hundreds of times stronger and faster" in a game as pretty much them trying to say "really really strong/fast" in a hyperbolic manner. They don't really mean they're hundreds of times, if they did then the Borg would be able to run a lot fast in their real stats. (In terms of reflexes they would be the godninjamasters of the game, making Juicers look like snails.) He's just trying to say it's fast and strong in a cool way, so don't worry on it too much, just go with how they feel in the other game. They're big scary tough guys, a
  23. Re: Rifts HERO? 150 base + 100 disad points should produce some good low-level RIFTS characters of different kinds. Assuming you're giving them equipment for free, except for special equipment and maybe borg stuff. Rob
  24. Re: Fantasy Hero Exalted Done, Done and Done, My Lord. We'll see what hornet's nest we can stir up over there with this. I guess HERO really is in my blood, I ran my first session of Exalted last week, and it only took 4 days of reading Exalted rules to make me think about how HERO could do it better... Rob
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