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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Federal agents raided Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office Wednesday, seizing computers and cellphones in a major escalation of the Justice Department’s investigation into the business dealings of former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer...
    The dual searches sent the strongest signal yet that he could eventually face federal charges.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    While I'm sure that COVID measures were a major factor, "recorded" influenza cases are (by the CDC website's definition) the listing of virus samples from state and local labs.
    With so many people scared to death of going to doctor's offices and emergency rooms, I'd be shocked if there weren't whole swaths of people who didn't go to a doctor at all even though they had flu symptoms. 
    That's also thought to be one of the reasons that cases of COVID have been underreported.
    My GP doctor's offices and the offices my wife's GP doctor were each closed to in-person visits for any reasons for months. I think it was something like December before my doctor's office reopened in a limited manner. And my wife wouldn't have let me go to an emergency room for anything less than being on my death bed.
    You can't test for influenza virus through tele-visits.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to unclevlad in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I'm hoping that Carlson can be arrested for inciting criminal activity.  Probably not, but free speech does have its limits, and this is, at least, getting close to the line.  Equating having your child wear a mask, to child abuse????  There's a series of tweets;  the first one includes this:

    If Carlson can't be challenged legally, then...probably not.  But it's definitely worthwhile to see what might be possible. 
    The only reason I can't put him as my Public Enemy #1 is, I'm not sure if some other Fox jackass might not be worse.  But from what I've seen...I used to consider Palin as the Republicans' attack dog.  Carlson is an alt-right rabid dog.
    But this is more support for why I *don't* consider Trump to be the biggest problem.  CLOSE, but the reckless talking heads have more reach overall.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Pariah in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Tucker Carlson Condemned After Urging Viewers To Harass Strangers Wearing Masks
    “They’re the aggressors,” Carlson said of people who wear masks during the segment. “It’s our job to brush them back and restore the society we were born in. So the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or on the bike path, do not hesitate. Ask politely but firmly, ‘Would you please take off your mask? Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing it. Your mask is making me uncomfortable.’”
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    "The Forgotten Precedent for Our ‘Unprecedented’ Political Insanity"
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Pariah in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    This is where we are: George W. Bush as the voice of reason.
    Bush tells Congress to cool it on 'harsh' immigration rhetoric, hopes to set 'more respectful' tone
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to tkdguy in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Last night's Zoom call with the family turned into a full-blown political debate. Some of my cousins have really drunk the Kool-aid and spewed the crap the Trump supporters love to proclaim, from the election being rigged to Covid-19 being a hoax. Even my cousin from the Philippines called bs on their claims.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    He's deliberately lying to promote his agenda, nothing more, nothing less.
    He knows the answers to the questions, he's just saying what his audience wants to hear so he can hold on to them as an audience. The audience wants the other side to be idiots or bullies or authoritarians or fill-in-the-blank...and that tool of pretending that you don't understand the publicly-available answers to simple questions lets the host paint the other side to be what the audience wants and expects the other side to be. 
    If the host was always honest and painted the other side as being on occasion reasonable people who had valid arguments to back their points of view, his audience would leave him to find someone who would instead feed their own inner narcissist (it's MY opinion which means I must be right, how DARE you present contrary information).
    Unfortunately, he's not alone in doing that among TV hosts. 
    I love Rachel Maddow to death. But when she hits one of her hot button issues, if the other side hasn't said or done something inflammatory that she can point to, she pretends to misunderstand something to suck up to her audience. That lack of inflammatory stuff wasn't something she had to worry about in the Trump administration but she's gone off on a couple of rants since Biden came to town because the other side quieted down.
    To her credit, her little ploys never deliberately try to rack up a body count. But she uses the same tactic.
    The TV host who follows Maddows' show does the same ploy all the time. His name escapes me at the moment.
    The CNN host who comes on after Cuomo does it.
    Former FOX host Bill O'Reilly used to do it all the time.
    I haven't watched FOX since doing opposition research in mid-2016 so I don't know their current line-up. But I'd guess they all do it at some point every week, especially since Biden is a lot more low key than the Democrat leaders they've gotten used to.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Terminax in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Tucker struck a nerve when he started ranting about Canadian internment camps the other day. I realize Trudeau isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and that his government has it's problems, but to call sending travelers refusing to quarantine properly upon entering the country, to guarded hotels to complete said mandatory quarantine is somehow akin to Nazi deathcamps makes my blood boil. This is from a guy who supports the open air caging of illegal adults and children in terrible and unjust conditions! 
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Lord Liaden in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I think we're returning to a type of cold war. What we're seeing is the maneuvering of the major powers on the chessboard of the world. They're going to make threatening gestures, posture and push, to test the boundaries of what the others will let them get away with. Neither China, Russia, nor the United States want a "hot war" with any of the others (including their allies), because none of them could win without devastating costs to their own countries. They'll make every effort to avoid a precipitating incident, while trying to steal as much advantage as they can short of that.
    Sadly, as we learned from the last cold war, unintended consequences are a lot harder to avoid in the face of that much tension.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Old Man in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Not really.  American media is extraordinarily bad at covering anything outside of Europe--outside of the UK, really.
    China has been following a policy of gradual expansionism for at least a decade.  On paper their navy is now about equal to that of the U.S. (save for carrier aviation), and they have well over 1000 modern combat aircraft (approaching the numbers of the USAF and easily outnumbering any USAF assets in theater).  It's been pointed out that the constant, long term internal propaganda about retaking Taiwan almost guarantees that they'll have to try it at some point.  It's possible that they may have gauged that the U.S. has been greatly weakened by internal division, pandemics, and military mismanagement, and that now is the time.
    Putin's timing is a little harder to figure out.   You'd think that if he were going to finish the job in Ukraine, he'd have done so while his puppet was still in office.  That said, he may also figure that he has so thoroughly pissed off the current administration that he has nothing to lose by going ahead. 
    I'm a bit more worried about Taiwan than Ukraine.  I doubt if Russia can sustain a protracted hot war--this is no longer the mighty Red Army.  Ukraine might be able to hold out with NATO air support operating out of Romania and Poland, though I don't know about taking back the Donbass region under the nose of Russian artillery.  Taiwan, conversely, is only 100 miles offshore, and the PLA/PLAN forces arrayed against it are numerous and formidable.  The conventional ballistic missiles alone would likely trash Taiwan pretty quickly.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Hermit in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    On another note...
    Holy #$#$! China is making threatening moves towards both Tawain and Vietnam...
    meanwhile, Putin seems to be wanting to take another bite out of the Ukraine, possibly as a distraction as much as dreams of USSR reclamation
    And some theorizing it's coordinated (But I don't know if that's bull or not) to stretch the US so thin we can't help either .. even if we want to, which is questionable.
    Any of you folks with better international insight than I got some straight dope on this?
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I think corporate America has been looking for an excuse to run like a bunny from the Trumpists. There's not a much more pure cause in our society than "one person, one vote" so trying to legislate that away is not something which is easily ignored because it doesn't go away before the next election.
    Yeah corporations want to be able to play the political game where they give to each side so that they aren't legislatively locked out no matter which party comes into power. But it's more important that they have customers from virtually all minority groups...and latching onto a party which is almost reaching the point of posting neon signs saying "Only Whites Need Apply" is damaging their base of potential customers.
    Yeah, Republicans can point to individual Democrats doing shenanigans like snowbirds who are registered to vote in NY and Florida and who vote in both or who pick whichever state to vote in which has the hottest races this time around. Or Indian reservations which don't have universal street addresses so that individuals can claim in each election to live on whichever side of the border that has the most important races. But there's no longer advantages which the Democrats as an organized party are writing into law like there were 80-100 years ago.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to unclevlad in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    The difference with the assassinations is that they came largely out of the blue.  Yes, especially with the MLK shooting, there was something of a buildup, but it wasn't necessarily to that.  Jan. 6th was the result of a process that's been growing for many years.
    Distrust, fear and hatred are NOT Trump's legacy.  They were his vehicle.  He didn't lose power as a failure of those factors;  I'd say he darn near kept it because of them, despite being the most clearly incompetent officeholder ever.  Heck, look at the non-reaction about the Gaetz accusations.  Trump's been gone for a few months but they sit on their hands.  If you're not still pro-Trump and pro-Trumpist lies, you're catching a LOT of pushback.
    The social changes have to start by making it blatantly clear that Trump was a manipulative, sociopathic narcissist, so that even a major portion of those who believed in him, start denouncing him.  If that's even *possible*.  Trump and Fox have a stranglehold on "truth" to a HUGE segment of the public, and if that can't be broken, then the amount of change that's possible is very, very limited and probably will be short-lived.
    It may well be fair to say that Trump is not the real enemy;  Fox is.  Because they'll switch right around to the next tool  they can use to extend and tighten their grip.  Doesn't have to be DJT;  could be Junior, or Cruz, or Hawley.  Won't be Gaetz or Greene.  Could be Abbott.  It's probably an overstatement to say Fox is the real enemy, tho, because they weren't the first to fearmonger.
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    TrickstaPriest got a reaction from Cancer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    At this point I'm just concerned about whether there is going to be a violent uprising over some of the tally issues and rumor mongering going on in MI.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to unclevlad in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Trump may be out of the limelight but Trumpism isn't gone at all.
    And while I would be perfectly happy to never hear about Trump again...that won't work.  Not while Tucker Carlson continues to spew revisionist history with regard to Jan. 6th, not while the voter suppression movement remains.  Those are the overt aspects.  A subtler sign is the serious rate at which US military personnel are turning down vaccinations, and which some states see the same thing.  This is evidence of the deep penetration of...perhaps not the Trumpist mindset, but the distrust which helped it flourish.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Tom in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Uhm, we are talking the senator that stonewalled Merrick Garland's Supreme Court nomination during the 2016 election.  He hasn't bothered to 'hide it' since long before Trump...
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Dr. MID-Nite in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    That drawing is pretty insulting on a number of levels to be honest. I freely admit the majority of them probably would enjoy themselves at a fancy party without a care in the world while the rest of society burned.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Old Man in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Lincoln wouldn't be there either.
    Trump seems to have lost a surprising amount of weight.  His coloration got better too.
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to unclevlad in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I don't think anything can be done right now.  Nothing *can* be done until real dialogue can be re-started.  First things first:  fix the sick culture.  "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing."  "Second place is first loser."  Compromise means you lost.  Related aspects include lack of trust in institutions...not just government, but business.  Enron.  Duke Energy in California.  The Texas energy fiasco not so long ago.  Athletics...baseball's doping.  The Pats have had several.  Right-wing talking heads have the longstanding practice of demonizing anything and anyone liberal, which only increases lack of trust.  And in recent years, we've got fake news, which too often IMO is outright, cynical lying.  The damage it's done to crush trust has been immense.
    This creates, IMO, a vicious cycle.  Erode trust in the broad institutions --> increase the "I can only rely on myself and maybe a very few friends" where that latter clearly has a connection to "people who think like I do" --> the tighter and tighter polarization --> "I can only trust those who think like I do" --> less trust in the institutions.
    So I think the problem with political advertising is derivative from the deeper problems.  Just go back to Trump's attempts to overturn the elections.  It never had any legal traction, but it had great social traction.  Don't get me wrong;  I'd love to see political advertising cleaned up, but it's a consequence of the problems that led to Trump's efforts having the credence they had.
    And, yes, it's fair to say I'm a social pessimist, but no, I don't think things will improve;  I think they'll get worse.  Any momentum to restore the ReTrumplican Party to the Republican Party seems to be gone.  Instead, there's a greater push to hold onto power, which very clearly erodes trust and increases polarization.  The liberal side has its 2 issues that are being inflamed:  racism especially in policing, and gun control.  If I counted right:

    in March alone there were 46 incidents, with 70 people killed and another 188 injured.  And of course there's the incidents none of us need to be reminded of.  But nothing gets done.
    If we can't address gun violence, is there reason to think we can address anything substantive?
    (It also doesn't help that I think we've passed the point of averting MAJOR climate problems;  our only hope now is mitigating how bad it will be.  And the problems, like the Texas energy fiasco, will just contribute to the social disintegration.  IF we had time, maybe we could fix the communications issues;  I don't think we have long enough.)
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Starlord in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Capitol Police officer killed, another injured after suspect rams car into police barrier outside building

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    TrickstaPriest reacted to DShomshak in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    So, today my local paper printed the third syndicated column I've seen this week in which the pundit asks, more or less, if the Republican Party is committing suicide. Jennifer Rubin (I gather she considers herself somewhat conservative?) gives polling statistics on high support for Biden's policies on pandemic relief, the economy and even gun control -- pretty good even among Republican voters -- and in this context, finds the lockstep opposition in Congress to be, well, bizarre. They seem to have some success in their boilerplate raving about immigration, but most Americans don't rate that issue high on their list of concerns, and the cyclical nature of the "borde crisis" means that pretty soon, the current surge will subside and the Biden administration will be able to claim (rightly or not) that their policies worked.
    Some days ago, notably liberal Paul Krugman asked if the GOP even cares about governing anymore, their opposition to Biden policies is so muted and pro-forma. He concludes the Rs have lost control: They can no longer use the culture war to rile up the base and convince them to vote for plutocracy. They're so locked in, even Trump couldn't (or wouldn't) implement genuinely populist policies. If it isn't tax cuts, deregulation and raving about migrants and Dr. Suess, they've got nothing.
    In the same issue of the NYTimes, David Brooks noted thae curious absence of GOP policy as an alternative to the Dems. But then, he thinks there's been a seismic shift since the Great Recession in Americans' views of the role and scope of government. He admits that current spending bills would have made him flip out 10 years ago; but now he thinks they really might be necessary. He still gets twitchy when he reads claims that "Public debt doesn't matter," but... The problems are extraordinary; he accepts that the responses must be, as well. And what alternative is being proposed?
    It may just be a punditry echo chamber. Or perhaps people who've spent a lot of time thinking about politics are genuinely seeing the same thing: The GOP as we know it is sinking. The only question is how many other people drown with it... which is why even Krugman gives his prognosis without joy.
    Dean Shomshak
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to Iuz the Evil in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I’m not entirely sure about all that - in particular the bit about the landed aristocracy. That changed a bit, but wealth dictates social advantage better than ANY other predictor and likely will continue to do so for the lifespan of everyone on this board. It’s conceivably possible to see that distribution change, I would expect (as this implies) a some reduction in racial privilege for that group mentioned to some extent. I fully expect other forms of privilege granted by wealth, physical ability, and so forth to remain in full force. To the extent any group has greater access to that they will have greater privilege. I think that change is far slower than current media representation presents it as, given how wealth is distributed (and inherited).
    The Aristocracy owns hedge funds now, not castles, but they’re still here in my opinion. YMMV
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    TrickstaPriest got a reaction from Dr. MID-Nite in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Georgia's made it official that early voting closes at 5 pm, that it's outright illegal to give water or food to voters waiting in line
    Nebraska's GOP has been advocating for a new "United States exceptionalism" curriculum
    Ohio almost explicitly made illegal punishment for 'religious answers' in schoolwork even if it's content is wrong
    Kansas forced almost a million occupants of Dodge City to use a single polling location during the 2018 election and had near-literal entire-day waiting lines to vote.
    Trying to legalize driving into protesters in a number of states now, it looks like?
    I won't even get into the constant anti-cali, anti-detroit, anti-etc propaganda I constantly hear from friends.  Not that those locations don't have troubles, but they parrot things that blatantly aren't grounded in truth, and only stop when they get frustrated enough to research the topics themselves (after arguing the point with me).  It sets the groundwork for utter lack of empathy when bad things happen to other people.
    Pretty much seems the entire party is seeking revenge for other people existing
    oh.  can't forget the new anti-abortion laws being pushed...
    (and the anti-trans stuff that is now 100% in vogue)
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    TrickstaPriest reacted to archer in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    The headline doesn't convey how pervasive this law is: a doctor can agree to be your doctor but can refuse to give you particular treatments based on his/her personal religious beliefs.
    My cousin's family lived in Arkansas. Their religious belief (on her father's side, I'm related on her mother's side) was that all medicine (pills, injections, vaccinations) was evil (seriously).
    Their sect of Christianity just didn't believe in medicine because they thought God would heal whoever He wanted healed and would let other people remain sick or die. And that interfering in God's will through medicines was sinful. (They were OK with bandages, splints, casts, and other measures, just anti-medicine, don't ask me to explain how that's internally consistent.)
    So if my cousin had decided to become a doctor in Arkansas, under this law she could practice medicine but could refuse to write any prescriptions.
    (I'm not completely sure but I think that the law shields the doctor from even having to inform the patient that a treatment is available but he just won't give it due to his beliefs. That's usually how these "doctors' rights" laws are written.)
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