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  1. Re: Operation OVERDRIVE I like the idea. Mecha in Champions has allways intrigued me, from Robot Hero's and Red Doom till the present. They are easy to .. overbuild .. so they present their own unique design challenges - Can't wait to see the build! -CraterMaker P.S. - I'd keep him 15 feet tall, which would allow transport in the trailer of a big rig. Plus, it sounds as if Jack is a charismatic bloke.. Buying the mech as a vehicle should save enough points to buy a fistful of followers who serve as the pit crew for the hero.
  2. Re: Operation OVERDRIVE How big is the Mecha? sorry for the short post, gotta pick up the kids - CraterMaker
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Just picked up an Iron Maiden compilation album - "The Trooper"
  4. Re: The Professions of Arms Well, PS Soldier should be complimentary to Survival, definately.. I'm not particularly versed in the Long Term Endurance rules, but I could see a successful PS: Soldier roll slightly reducing a characters (or squads) LTE expenditure for the day.. -CraterMaker Err.. Sorry, see now that it's PS Infantry, rather than Soldier..
  5. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Here's a couple I've saved - Don't remember where I got em'.... Could even have come from round here. -CraterMaker
  6. Re: Lasso's in Combat Should a lariat be a multipower to allow it to garrote someone at range? -CraterMaker
  7. Re: Lasso's in Combat Thank you guys! Awesome! Maby tack on a -1 ocv penalty to it? Str minimum of...? 10? weight of.. how much does forty feet of hemp rope weigh? Hmmm.. Currently the writeup gives it 5 def and 1 body.. cinematically I can see it taking at most 2 phases to saw out of the lariat with a dagger. How would you handle a person trying to escape while being dragged? As creatures get larger, their weapons do more damage and have further reach - what effects would a large creatures lariat have? More range, they allready most likely have a higher strength.. ? Cool and thanks! -CraterMaker
  8. Hey there.. I was working on a sort of AmerInd/western Centaur society and was intrigued by the idea of having them use the lasso as an everyday herding tool, and also as a weapon used in raids and wars. I kknow it was in Western Hero - Which I can't find (probably in a box somewhere). Has anybody used them in their games, or have a rundown on how Hero did lassos? Thanks -CraterMaker
  9. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast Hmm.. Well, I guess the house rule in our games is that you cannot spread Killing Attacks. It seems to me that if you implemented some sort of rule like this (and maby allowing Killing Attacks to spread for a small advantage on the power - either a quarter or half advantage depending on your game) then there would be a big tactical difference between EB's and KA's - perhaps enough to "level" the effectiveness of the two powers? Sure would be easier to implement than changing costs or rules for the powers. -CraterMaker
  10. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast Don't Energy Blasts also have the inherent advantage of being able to spread? Or did I miss that getting phased out? I think -1d6 for a +1 OCV or a -1d6 per hex area effect is MIGHTY versatile.. I based my namesake character around the whole concept back in 3rd edition. -Cratermaker (16d6 EB with an OCV of 4 - Spread his attacks for ocv or mook control, but when a villain got stunned.....KAPOW!!)
  11. Re: The Interogation Skill as a "Lab" Whats the personality of the character like? That'll go a long way towards suggesting what type of goodies would be in the lab. Don't forget Sodium Pentathol! -CraterMaker
  12. Re: The Professions of Arms I googled Hoplites and am doing some >slow< research - I got sidetracked by some cool Skeletal Hoplite pics, but I should be back on course by thanksgiving. But, I did find out that Hoplites were raised to be warriors from birth (actually, all the menfolk were), so that's pretty cool.. -CraterMaker
  13. Re: Linked or something else? Sounds good to me, too.. -CraterMaker
  14. Re: The Professions of Arms PS Gladiator might inform a gladiator of good ways to fight against certain things - Like knowing the weaknesses of chariots (making a ramp of shields to flip it) or the fighting styles of some wild animals (these animals fight in packs, those animals try and drag people off to maul them..) It might work as a complementory skill for violence based Pre attacks - theres stabbing someone through, and then theres the way to do it to spray blood into the third row of the arena.. -CraterMaker
  15. Re: Demo Game Ahh, I was hitting stereotypes, not actual personalities.. Okay, I'm with the program now. By the way, the whole concept of your game is pretty nifty. Will you consider posting updates and letting us know what happens and how it is going? How about Lovecraft for the mystic, then? >shivers< A creepy, half mad mystic, but.. *grin* I still think Jack Johnson is a sweet choice for a warrior - He was Insanely Famous in his time period. Do a google search on him and read the highlights of his life - Intelligent boxer, barred from fighting whites, beats everyone handedly untill finally public pressure forced the Champion to face him. He had a lot of drama in his life - was sent to prison for marrying two white women (at the same time), had an incredible flair - challenged the champ to fight him in the basement of a bar for 50 bucks just to see who was better, exiled to Europe - in fact, they pulled the previous Heavyweight champioin (who had retired to his farm) back into circulation to dethrone Johnson, which didn't work. Jack Dempsey is a good choice, too, but I think I like Johnson a little more, if only for the fact that he was reviled and revered at the same time. I'd never heard of Dorian Gray before The League of E. Gentlemen, so don't be too cautious about going out on a limb.. But I can certainly understand tryi8ng to keep things familiar for your players. Instead of Lancelot, how about Guinevere? You seem a little light on the fairer side.. Henry Ford might be a good Technomancer.. I'll try and do some brainstorming, see if I can come up with some more people..
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