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  1. Figured it out with help from a friend. All good.
  2. Currently no idea how to 'Clim my Account' Have two messages
  3. Appeal to Denial of Entry of Utgor Son of Angor I am Stave, retained to argue for overturning the Denial of Entry and the Admission of Utgor Son of Angor to this Fair City. Question 13. This question, as probing and fair as any, was in fact answered by Utgor. The answer given did transcribe his surprise, not an objection to the question. Utgor Son of Angor is not now, nor has he ever been possessed, as I understand Possessed to be defined in City canon. Question 17. This question was answered in all honesty. Question 18. Utgor Son of Angor hails from a homeland that defines the word 'they' to only refer to bipedal races. Utgor Son of Angor's plain understanding of the word 'they' has one frame of reference, bipedal persons he currently travels with that are also entering this fair city. Utgor Son of Angor would amend his answer to Question 18, he would strike his given answer and amend that his unnamed and well bred horse is not literate. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Stave
  4. 1) Full name Poltir 2) Mother's maiden name unknown 3) Any titles you have and where they were granted Blade Master, Iron halls of Myrmidon Uthordrak-Qog, Orc Chieftain of the Red Crag Tribes Kafiej-Paode, Conclave of Padashar of the Bright Desert Prince-Errant, Hold of the Ten Thousand Faithful 4) Place of birth summit of the Shattercrown Peak 5) What is your reason for visiting our fair city? to secure commerce or contract 6) Education informal 7) List your previous three jobs Captain Commander, 6th Phalanx of 1st Expeditionary element of The Army of Seven Kings Consort Protector of the Princess of Endless Tides, Daughter of the Moon, Ruler of the Jewel Coast Emissary-Khadiq, Ars Elemental Council 8 ) List of references (preferably at least one within the city) None in city Arch-Militant Ophir, Commander of the Sequestori Defier 9) Preferred religion Aftagiel, Lord of Patient Silence 10) Any outstanding tax debts none 11) Any outstanding bounties and the circumstances of why a bounty has been placed upon you Bounty offered by the Pirate Xoa-Wu Qin; destruction of landing parties, City-State of Byzartium Bounty offered by Cult of Kjistiloth, for raid, murder of Priests and destruction of the Tower of Wisdom 12) Declare all dangerous companions and all dangerous items in your possession Companions, none. Items, I hold bladed weapons of various lengths and weight 13) Declare whether you are possessed I am not Possessed 14) Do you eat carrots? Only in stew, goulash or salmagundi 15) Emergency contact information Master Li Mu, Monastic Order of Salves 16) Are you literate? No, answers scribed by companion 17) Do you have a horse or other livestock which you are bringing into the city? None 18) Are they literate? Two are literate, the Engineer and the Minstrel Giving false information on this form is punishable by fines, imprisonment, and/or execution as deemed necessary by the local magistrate and such punishments may be inflicted in any order.
  5. Mallet, scanned your post but do not have time now. The newest construct of HERO Mechanics that just came to me. Buy the Images as IPE. Use Naked Advantage, Personal Immunity, put Usable by Others on the Naked Personal Immunity. Now The Images are seen by granted Immunity and we dodge the whole Limitation/Advantage debate. More later today.
  6. We are in search of proper game balance and that reaches, so far, into mechanics, SFX and metaphysics; ie Whether to incur additional expense simply because it could clarify beyond a simple mechanical construct of the system. We, at least I am, are looking for the simplest answer. And that may be outside of Powers in the system and include skills, see my EDIT in my last post.
  7. Problem seems to be Variable Limitation; also SFX. You are suggesting a narrowing of SFX and what is and is not possible by SFX, not Power, Limitation or Advantage and by extension Compound powers. In a Fantasy genre, Magic is the SFX I am dealing with. Specifically Turakian Age which has 12 main branches of Magic. Generally my starting point was anything is possible. I do not subscribe to Tech being superior to Magic in SFX. The answer to these questions concerning my op, raise questions about how any sufficiently creative player can justify anything by SFX. I just need to have a firm grasp of when to step in with mechanics. Ie. for Images to only work on a descendant of a Family line or any lineage. That just seems to beg for a Detect with Discriminatory. Though that leads to Naked Advantage and Powers that could link, as Link could be Variable Limitation. EDIT: Though with Magic, Research of Spells is a thing, so research for a particular Limit would lead to amount of time and sufficient knowledge to include such a limitation.
  8. A power that acts as another Power, is that other Power. The spell proposed only wants to do one thing. Display information, albeit to a specified target or targets. This is Images. It does not do damage, it affects more than one target, has nothing to do with willpower. Images can select for Senses or Sense Groups. Trigger has the only mechanic that links a Detect specifically to it for X variable. I do not see the argument for MI.
  9. My, many heads are better than one. Great contributions by all. This is for 6e. I am now going to take a deep dive into 6e rules on many points raised here and come back with both what I find and with my first pass at a build.
  10. HERO is a game of Limitations. I have a MU who wants to put a limitation on Images, which last for a time based on END Reserve. The Limitation is: Viewable only by X. Where X is re-definable. The possibilities Being: Only Seen by Ultraviolet vision, Only by those who are color Blind, Only by Orcs, Only by Party members, Only by descendants of X. Images are not bought with Invisible Power Effect (IPE) Advantage with the limit, Not IPE v X. And trigger only speaks to the Power activating, not who can see the Images. The argument is that since Images are visible to all, all the time, this is a limitation. Feels like an Advantage to me. A way t have IPE without paying for it. So it is IPE with a Limit on IPE so that IPE does not apply to a Class, or is it an Advantage on IPE so there is a Class that is excluded? Second, A Limitation on DEF, that only works v One opponent per Phase. Realizing that is scales depending on campaign and the Commonality of circumstance of its use. Assume it is a Duelist in a Heroic Fantasy HERO campaign.
  11. lensman

    New GM

    ScottishFox, clearly a testament to your guidance. Did the replacement GM have any experience with HERO before? How long have you been playing HERO?
  12. I would say that the concealment of valuables would be the way the culture would go. Homes festooned with pots, leveled gardens, many boxes, homes with bags of flour or (sneezing/pepper)powder in the attic where a rope or sash could pull them down into a gravity feed shower for a room. Hiding things would become an obsession or hidden panels for one man hidey holes.
  13. Yes, given the size of the two works, finding some similarities is inevitable. I make no assertion as to intention or imitation. I simply comment on the vibe as I read through. Because as I read, page by page, I grok it through the prism of all my game knowledge. I understand zealous defense of good works. This will be the cloth my campaign will be cut from, just looking at the macro elements. magic seems more common, not item magic, but spell magic. HERO players almost all want to play in that sandbox. Anyone that has observations of the macro or on magic, I'd like to hear them. @LL : Read your post on the location you would start a campaign and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  14. Is it just me or does TA have a Greyhawk vibe?
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