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  1. This character, I presume you are the GM, has a Title and wealth. The Perk is of Lesser Nobility, the title flows from the King, or equiv, whether inherited or newly granted, the character shows up on the OP (Order of Precedence). Al the lands of the Kingdom are paid for by the Political Power, a King, Queen, Mage, Theocrat, Congress etc. There is such a thing as landed and non landed nobles, maybe +1 pt, or not, if the character is now landed, otherwise the character gets the fief as a reward / burden. Followers, as the Bard tells us, therein lies the rub. You want good people in
  2. I read this, "how to build a character" and wondered if you could expand on this. Is thee more to this How To.. than just selection of Race templates, Age Templates, Profession templates, etc, more than just mechanics?
  3. We will skip over the rules for Grab, CV mods, Resisting Grab and the penalty for Object suitability for Range mod/CV for hitting another person that can generate a DCV, as well as the STR for range based on STR over the STR required just to lift the person/object to be thrown. 6e2 pg 80, mentioned above by IndianaJoe3. The Limiting factors for Damage are the DEF and BODY of the object/person thrown and the DEF + BODY of the object/person being hit. This demonstrates the idea of throwing a melon against a wall and it splattering everywhere and throwing a spear through a
  4. Here now my reply, in order of post, by author. @ Tjack : Well I will get to looking those posts up, later. @ Panpiper : You have hit upon the point, I am going to be starting a game with six, three newbies to HERO, three veterans. I am not looking to deprive anyone of the building process. It does start and end with the player. The narrative created by the player is Step 1, then begin how well I understand it, then with my questions, we explore, expand the narrative. Then the drafting, showing the work to the player, then the iterations, questions, and agreement. I do
  5. I know my world better than any player. My argument is this, players supply a character narrative, his life , events, actions, faults, abilities. No mechanics. As GM, I build that character and the conversation continues to hone the player choices until the character build is complete and turned over to the player. Defeat my argument if you can. I cannot build a character creation guide complete enough that Players will not find cracks or make reductive or mechanical constructs that I must tear down and create a more adversarial atmosphere, based solely on what the
  6. @DShomshak: Planning to do just that @Lord Liaden: I do, and it is the place I start @PhilFleischmann: I envision both. A deck of two parts, a suited, numbered part and a major Arcana part (Have not named it yet) it will have the unique cards. Thanks for the lead, never heard of Everway. Plan to post results.
  7. Need help building an Alt deck for fortune telling in Turakian Age Short pithy names for concepts and events in Ambrethel. Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance for the crowdsourcing, what ever form it takes.
  8. I should do that, just saw the thread, read it and posted. Now its starting to get real. I know it's not for everyone, have to cast as large a net as possible.
  9. That is my hope. To form another group I am a Lllooooooooooong time HERO GM / Player / Evangelist and I have my sights set on the next thing for On line gaming. Called Tabletop Simulator. Available on Steam for a one time cost of 19.99 Better than Roll20 which puts you on the treadmill. Recently a British programmer has finished a HERO Virtual Tabletop for this software and it is being play tested, going to be released ... <Buckeroo> Real soon </Buckerroo> I want to learn it, master it and run a Turakian Age game. TTS (Tableto
  10. Alrighty, did a Fantasy HERO game happen? Anyone still looking? By which I mean, an online game, not one in the East Bay Threaddus Resurrectus
  11. Is there a source for art of the Turakian Age? Is there a collection of Drakine art somewhere? Or suitable substitutes for Drakine? What would be most useful is a line up of the major Turakian races, if not just the Humans by country. Maybe I will have to find an artist who would undertake that project for a few shekels.
  12. Figured it out with help from a friend. All good.
  13. Currently no idea how to 'Clim my Account' Have two messages
  14. Appeal to Denial of Entry of Utgor Son of Angor I am Stave, retained to argue for overturning the Denial of Entry and the Admission of Utgor Son of Angor to this Fair City. Question 13. This question, as probing and fair as any, was in fact answered by Utgor. The answer given did transcribe his surprise, not an objection to the question. Utgor Son of Angor is not now, nor has he ever been possessed, as I understand Possessed to be defined in City canon. Question 17. This question was answered in all honesty. Question 18. Utgo
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