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  1. Re: American Dream character, getting out from dust For the Kissing and Only Ones atracted, you could go for "Limited Class of Minds"(-1/2) and "Skin-Contact" (-1). Maybe add Concentration to the Extra Time (it is easier to hit her). Maybe Limited Effect(-1), as in these example Love-based Mind Controlls: Cupid’s Touch(6E1 257): Mind Control 10d6, Telepathic (+¼) (62 Active Points); Only To Control/Inflict Love (-1). Total cost: 31 points. Cupid’s Dart (6E BR 56): Mind Control 12d6 (60 Active Points); OAF (-1), Only To Control/Inflict Love (-1). Total cost: 20 points. What me absolutely irritates, is that there is no "Maximum Effect Limitation" for Mental Powers. No way to say EGO+20 tops (before counting complications into it). At least there is nothing in the Basic Rulebook and the two core rulebooks, perhaps someone with the APG can help you out here.
  2. Re: Tenure as a perk I don't know, that might be a little bit cheesy. And I think the comparsion with the sportstar isn't very good. Could he (mc-guy) do the same thing with normal persuasion and complementary skills, that aren't beyond the human maxima at the same cost? Also you forgot one point: They notice they are mentally attacked, in the first round he doesn't archieves a result. When talking about different interpretations, would it be okay to archieve the same thing with mind-bending chemicals in the food for the presentation? The effect of Mind Controll is clearly stated as "taking over the mind of someone and controll their actions". If that is not what you want to do, then Mind Controll is the wrong power. And of course the entire "path to evil thing" was from my point of view, wich is admittedly relatively black and white (with a steep, grey slope).
  3. Re: Using a D20 And there is the optional "extraordinary skill" rule: When you hit 18- or better, you can make normaly impossible things at -10 (like opening a lock with a kick, breakfall to take no damage from a max velocity fall ...).
  4. Re: Limitations on Combat Skill Levels - same as the attack itself?
  5. Re: Damage Negation: how much? Thanks. I had that in Mind. Not the total of the defenses is in the MP, but enough that it makes the DN a "stand and take" power against autofire. About cheese and forgetting: It's as dangerous as any elemental controll/EP Multipower. I only put in things that are fight relevant. And instead of half a dozen blasts, I have one 30-35 AP HTH-"Attack Power" (a STR Bonus). It wil go down to the following configurations: Full normal+resistant defenses, and either fulls STR or full speed (main battle mode) DR and a little bit of normal+resistant defenses, nothing else. Maybe some other usefull/weird battle powers I can think of and that don't mix with DN, but defenses. Honsetly: I mostly did this so my charakter could be fired upon by a dozen henchmen and say "that tickled"/"was that all?" afterwards (must be a nice bonus to any presence attack). The overall number should be GM aproveable (he allowed 20/20 resistant + 4/4 DN outside of a Multipower).
  6. Re: Mega Knockback in 6th Actually I know that the old Star Wars D6 System dealt with exaclty this. The scales there were: Human, Speeder (Car, Aircraft), AT (Tanks), Spacefighter, Battleship, Deathstar (yes, they really had that category in the Basic Rulebook). The idea was for example, that a speeder and a human had a 3:6 scale. When human attacks speeder, speeders dodge dice were "capped" at 3. As were the humans damage dice agianst the speeder (who could of course us his full dice). On the other hand, the speeder-scale attack had it's hit dice capped at 3, but the humans resistance dice were capped 3 either (So you are harder to hit, but easier to damage or vice versa). Of course, sometimes you could use different scale weapons: Anti Vehicle weapons, Anti-Fighter Lasercannons for Battleships. And there were area-damage effects. For here the main difficulty would be, how to apply scale to defenses and DCV(or OCV).
  7. Re: Government and the superhuman
  8. Re: Mega Knockback in 6th Right, but the text explicitly says that AOE or "Powers that work on Range" could be megascaled. Like it explicitly counts Movement Powers. Also, don't forget this important sentence: "It [Megascale] is intended to allow characters to create interesting, useful, and flavorful abilities (often non-combat ones), not to make it easy to build planet-destroying weapons for just a few points or to allow a character to travel anywhere he wants instantly." When you can define Megascaled Knockback in a way that does not remove or kills everyone you hit, than it might be applicable. If you want to just one-hit your enemys or take them out of the fight for a long time, then it is not. When it gets more powerfull in taking out/disabling your enemys than a 80 AP Blast, a 80 AP Entangle, or "Desolidification, Useable on others" - than imho it would simply be powergaming. [Edit: On your logic, what about damage? Could it be megascaled?]
  9. Re: American Dream character, getting out from dust
  10. Re: Limitations on Combat Skill Levels - same as the attack itself? In 6E, it's in the rules for the CSL's. But afaik that was a sight that could be switched between weapons and CLS 3 (even if it just was for OCV Bonus to offset range).
  11. Re: American Dream character, getting out from dust Very interesting build and even a double-legacy hero. You may want to make the shield resistant and maybe this second +1/4 thing for defenses too (don't remember what it was called, I think "Impermeable"). The "sexy" part is pretty easy covered with Striking Apereance and you can even go to the "supherhuman" area for it. Have you ever though about making the kiss a limited mind controll? I had written some of my thoughs about it here. Won't rep you, because now some of the ideas for my female brick will look like a cheap copy of American Dream. But I gues that is what I get from beeing so slow with creating her
  12. Re: Armor from x-men type of brick.
  13. Re: Using a D20 You have a important point there, Fearghus: d&d put a lot of effort into limiting the "bonus cramming", with the varius types of bonusses (enchantment, sacred...). Or the Skill limits by basing them on level. And magic items prices/levels are based on effect^2, to create an exponential growth curve. So it seems the hero system avoided all this, just with using a different dice system.
  14. Re: Limitations on Combat Skill Levels - same as the attack itself? In 6E at least, the GM can deceide that and the example uses 3-pt csl's. If this is a rule/encouragement is hard to say.
  15. Re: Mega Knockback in 6th I just meant: Even if you don't have a CvK and don't bother about living in "a world made of card stock", others will have a problem with you when you break to many things (like the Grond in Champion Universe Online). Even such gritty games like shadowrun, don't encourage excessive body count and rampant destruction. And all of that is of coruse only a concern when you can (cost effectively) build such a power (or modify the rules so you can). When you can build this and think you have a chance to use it without the world trying to kill you, have fun with it. I do not jugde playing styles, genres or modifying the rulesystem. I merely point out possible flaws in what you describe and when it doesn't bother you, just go on and ignore me.
  16. Re: Limitations on Combat Skill Levels - same as the attack itself? If I get it right, what you want to do is a 2 Point CLS. It could (could!) even be defined as for any Blasts, but then may not apply if you use any combat maneuvers (like haymaker) with the blast. The only truly "legal" may to limit CSL's seems to make them a Focus, Restrainible, Material Manifestation or similar. Pretty much anything you would try to make a Flash-Resistance or other minor Special Power legal for a Power Framework (I say minor, since you can use flash resistance in fewer circustances than duplication/summoning).
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