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  1. Re: 6th Edition Brick Funnily, this would most likely be the main reason for my gm to not allow them. About their usage: I think DN is very good for simulating "Imunity to normal weapons" (Buy 6 + decend Resistant and you can ignore them) and as mentioned above, DR is good with large attacks or for "Boss" Enemys, so they are harder to stun, but everyone can contribute to the damage. I only know the interpration from software devellopment: KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid:) About Speed: I too do not want to wait to long for a phase, so 5 is the minimum. That is barely "competent" and a fighting character should be at least competent in a such battle-relevant value (and even the BR list for Superheros speed 5 as minimum). Unfortunately the rest of my life wants some more attention right, so it may take some time before I get to posting my design.
  2. Re: 6th Edition Brick Then I don't understand what you meant with that: Having low SPD to compensate for having high SPD?
  3. Re: 6th Edition Brick Thanks. Am I right that you mean movement Speed(the main Movement Method/Power) with "Speed"?
  4. Re: 6th Edition Brick Thanks, but it is not a shortage of examples that's my problem. It is more a missing general understanding of where to spend points, how to balance and what is important for a brick. That is why I formulated the questions, that is what I need to know.
  5. Hello, I have a wierd situation: I have to make a Brick for a 6th Edition game, but I have no Genre Book, never build a character before and the gm for that game has not really the time to guide me through the process. I know the following things: Standart Level Superhero (400 Pionts/75 Disads) with Equivalent Ability Guindelines (6E1 34/35) The use of Multiform is disencouraged, due to additional bookkeping for the gm. I think that also aplies to duplication/summoning/followers/ai equipment Things I need to know about a brick in general: What are the most important Characteristics for a brick (wich ones should be maxed out)? What are the second most important Characteristics for a brick (wich ones should be at least at half maximum value)? General understanding/balancing: - Is the Guideline for 20-25 DEF/12-18 rDEF that you have 20-25 normal + 12-18 resistant Defenese of each type, or is this 20-25 normal + resistant DEF, of wich 12-18 Pionts are resistant? - When I want to add damage reduction/negation, could I just go on and add that power or should I lower the normal defenses acrodingly (i.e. adding 20 AP of Damage Negation, and lower the normal/resistant DEF 20 AP below the maximum?). I think more question are going to come up, but that is it for now. I hope somebody can help me.
  6. Re: Made an .ods (Open Document Spreadsheet) character sheet I am slowly starting to think, that he just wrote down 50 Numbers and repeated them, each time he got to the 50., the X in 10^X increased. I could copy that, if I would knew the numbers. Or perhaps he only got every 5th Number, and the the ones that are 2 before ervery 5. (i.e. 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 23, 25), omitting every else. Of course it would help to know, what the Hero designers says about the intermediate numbers. Unfortunately it is the only part of the Hero-System I can't buy per PayPal on DriveThruRPG, so I don't know the values.
  7. Re: Help me Populate a Cirque de Hero! The Magician: Every Circus has Magician and summoning a Rabbit out of a Cylinder is nothing special. But don't go on the wrong side of this one, for what he draws out of his Zylinder may very well be the Rabbit of Caerbannog.
  8. Re: Help me Populate a Cirque de Hero! The Stagemaster: In every circus there are people in the background who controll music and lightning. This one, does it with the power of illusions, or environmental manipulation (amplify sound with change environment). When you should battle him, you can neither trust your eyes nor your ears, since manipulating them is like breathing to him.
  9. Re: ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE II -- What Do *You* Want To See? What exaclty do you want? The only thing you would need with mental attacks (all those "mind" powers) would be block. All other martial Maneuvers can be copied with Telekinesis-Attacks.
  10. Re: Odd idea for initiative/action completion After some thinking I remember one gaming system actually using your aproach: Star Wars D6. The Group that wins initiative, can deceide who must declare their actions first. Then the other one declares their actions, and can of course "exploit" the knowledge about their enemys actions. If someone failed to declare evasion, you could attack him only with range modifiers. You knew you don't need to take evasion, since you are not attack that round. Or you need to take full evasion, since everyone seem to think you could need some nice, warm energyblasts. After declaration, actions are resolved in declaration order (first action of group one, first action of group two, second action of group one,...). A really wierd effect had this in a battle between a dozen Stormtroopers and 4 Players, both sides had defense boni. The Stormtroopers were definetly not bad, but due to their bulky armor they had to deceide if they tried to fully evade (only short move, but way harder to hit) or attacked/moved. When the Player got the choice (4d6 vs. 2d6, meaning: always) and choose to act first, the attacked stormtroopers would fully evade (effectively denying any hits), the other ones would fire or move. Once the players turned the order, the only choice for the stomtroops was to shoot or run. If they dodged, they hadn't been attacked at all and that way they had at least the chance to do something (archieve better postition or hit someone). The players on the other hand, had now a lot of non-evading enemys to shoot at (which really increased their odds of actually taking them down).
  11. Re: Need an Insane assylum When it's not so much about being a "real" asylum, but more about being a prision: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcatraz_Island Maps can be found here: http://www.nps.gov/alca/planyourvisit/maps.htm Historical Maps are linked there too: http://www.nps.gov/alca/photosmultimedia/upload/HistoricalMapPlans.pdf
  12. Re: Quick character reviews: Malice and the Wonderland Gang People name themself after atom bombs? I would very close look for any connection to Terorism.
  13. Re: “What hurts me makes me stronger powers”! I don't think I would allow this either. After all, most enemys tend to have either Energy or Physical attacks, they don't normally mix them. So having to choose if I want a higher PD or higher ED would not be a "real" hinderance. It's a little bit like putting not combat relevant powers in a Multipower: when you will never ever have to choose between powers since you never actually could need them simultaniously, why should you get them cheaper?
  14. Re: Odd idea for initiative/action completion It sounds nice, but I wouldn't reflect a real battle very much. I know some people who know how to fight with a two-handed sword. And believe me, they don't need 3-6 Seconds to place a deadly blow on someone, not even if that one knows how to defend him adequately. When you really want to do this, don't look at the phases. How about: the effect is archievend in the segment after the phase he acts in, that would still be okay. But in the end, that would still be nothing you could not archieve with a held action (6E2 20) and with aborting to defense (6E2 21), would it be? In battle there are two things: You act or you react. Both in split-seconds. If your skill isn't enough or you react to slow, you get defeated. In your exaplme (SPD 2 vs. SPD 4 wit higher dex), the SPD 4 guy could always just hold his action (that way he can react to his enemys action), or he could abort to defense and still have his two extra action to attack. Rules for fluid movement: I was told there are already such rules, in the ultimate speedster. It's a system for movement per segment, not by phase/action. Edit: And the first mentoining of it, is in 6E2 27. Just asume the char can only change speed/direction in his phases. Also, there is this Example A.I. Autopilot with SPD 1 (6E2 185) and it is noted: "Its SPD of 1 may seem too slow for safe piloting, but it maintains a Held Action for emergencies."
  15. Re: Quick character reviews: Malice and the Wonderland Gang Consider giving Malice a Growth/Shrink Multipower How about a Mecenary Group with their Leader "Queen of Hearts" and lot's of mooks? (dressed like another incarnation of the "Royal Flush Gang").
  16. Re: “What hurts me makes me stronger powers”! About absoprtion to growth: It's perhaps is not that critical. Posibilly you overlooked some rules: First, growth costs Endurance while used. When you aid it to higher Active Points, it cost's more Endurance. If you add no endurance, it increases the active point costs by 50%. So even Enormous (Level 2) cost you already 75 active Pionts. To get to Huge(level 3), you have to aid it by 45 Active Pionts to get 120 total Active Pionts. And for level 4 (Gigantic) you have to aid a total of 105 Active Pionts to get to 180. And absoprtion can't aid more than 2 or 4 times it's the body it's bought for... Second, the Body increase is only as long as growth stays improved, so when you take to many injuries that aren't healed when the aid fades away.... Third, STR still cost its normal END to use and asuming he mostly used his STR to increase his damage, that would cost him a lot too (in adition to the per phase cost of growth). Fourth: Say hello to my tank-batallion (with the amor piercing, hero killing rounds), who can add +2 to + 6 OCV against you now...
  17. Re: ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE II -- What Do *You* Want To See? Does STR 400 equal 2.5 * 10^25 kg Lifting Weight? Beacause if it does, an equivalent chart will be availible here. And if not, I'd like to know when at wich point the progression changed so I can limit that chart to stop there.
  18. Re: Made an .ods (Open Document Spreadsheet) character sheet Okay, got the lifting progression. Aparrently there is an artifact/use of designers license. Every 50 Str (first at 45, again at 95) the value is 12.5 instand of the expected (6.4 times two or 12.8). I caught that with an if and modulo-operation and unless he changes the progession somewhere beyond 100 I can say that 400 STR has lifting capacity of about 2.5 * 10^25 kg. The suns mass is about 1.9891 * 10^30 kg The earths mass is about 5.9736 * 10^24 kg. So you could move aproximately 4,185 times the mass of earth with 400 STR. Still have to add the Damage Dies, vlookup and the string manipulation functions before the modifications are complete and I can post it. Edit: Just realised, that only the multiples of 5 are correct. The values between are off and I am not jet certain how to compensate for this. The STR-Chart is more difficulty than I thought at first. Currently I try to figure out what the values between should be: 25 - 800 26 - ??? 27 - ??? 28 - 1200 29 - ??? 30 - 1600
  19. Re: “What hurts me makes me stronger powers”! Yes, it is indeed a little bit overpowered. And it get's worse when you want to add Variable/Expanded Effect. Also, it totally ties up 90-piont Multipower reserve. Especially for a game in that I am new, the last thing I would try is to ignore the active pionts limits. Ignoring them can be fun at first, but in the end you will need equally unbalanced oponents to chalang your players. This is just a a personal opinion, when you tink it works better for your group just ignore the guidelines (that's what Mr. Long himself wrote). Perhaps something to limit the real (but not the active) costs of such a power: OIAID/OIHID or a simple Multiform may help. Especially when you put some limitations on the Multiform. The downside of putting limitations on powers: You basically request your GM to have them taken from you some times. It the same thing with Complications: You get the pionts, for asking the gm to make this part of the character a part of the story. To have it exploited by some enemy, even unintentionally.
  20. Re: Odd idea for initiative/action completion What exactly can you do with this rule, that abort to block or simple normal blocking and using the aditional two Phases could not archieve just as well?
  21. Re: Fading Stars...when and why should superheroes retire?
  22. Re: “What hurts me makes me stronger powers”! That is the first possible mistake: Absorption does not negate any damage normally. Frankly the name is a nis-nomer. Triggered AID (maximum X Pionts per Segment) would be more fitting. Also I don't know how you got to 90 Active Pionts (if that are active Pionts). That is why I asked for a reable writeout, preferebly this format: Effect (i.e. Absoprtion 20 E/20 P), Base Points (i.e. 40 BP), Advantages (double maximum Effect, +1/4), Active Pionts (i.e. 50 AP), Limitations (if any), Real Piont Cost (before aplying Multipower divisor, i.e. 50 RC). Adjustment Powers affacting multiple/different powers: See "Expanded Effect" and "Variable Effect", but even that is limited to some basic categories (Like only Defenses, only Charakteristics, or only Powers with similar Special effect like "Fire Powers").
  23. Re: “What hurts me makes me stronger powers”! I am not certain I really understand that buildup. Could you please make a more readable writeout? Also, could you give an example how you calculate the effect of an attack (e.g. when do you aply what). Absorption/Adjustment Powers have a lot of special rules, especially when used with Power Frameworks (Multipower and VPP).
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