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  1. Re: Looking for Everyman Skill ideas I oopsed. There are some errors in the listing: The Range is "self only", Range/overcomming Range modifiers is made with normal perception. I would allow to add both hearing and radio bonuses. "Useable by others" is a usual advantage of most non-implanted systems. Normal Endurance is "no Cost" And they get "Persistent" for free. Using Radio-Transmission may be inobvious(radio/hrrp), with exception of homing beacons, distress calls and other "broadcasting".
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I was just told of this story and there is no real Quote in it (or that one would violate the profanity rules). Picture a high level Cleric/Magican in a LARP. In that specific LARP they use BreakableFoki to store spells: When broken, spell is cast. So, said player larp's around, trips and breaks every single one of the BreakableFoki. Right in front of a GM. And the rules state, that he is the target of his own stored spells now. There is a lot of them both healing/restoring and damaging/hindering, so the sequence in wich they take effect is realy important. The gm deceides to use a random number generator (rolling some dice) which of the spell takes effect next. The sequence was somewhere like that, written as the coresponding d&d spells: Inflict Serious Wound Poison Cure Serious Wound Cure Poison .... That goes on for some time, each spell either canceling the other or being canceled by one of the following. Well, at least until.... Flesh to Stone Stone to Dust Gust of Wind
  3. Re: Writing an Origin- Advice Not nessesarly. Trying that to hard, may just hinder you ever starting to write. Currently writing on a origin and I could not even clearly define the beginning I just wrote some things I had in my head down, roughly ordered in the three areas. Than I started filling, linking, reordering... Nearly got 3 kb of unicode text by now. (started right after my first post). About techniques: I this origin story, I combine "show" and "tell". The Origin of the power is a tell, since it is easier that way. The character part on the other hand, will use the "show" for selected events. But, since I will play this hero, if ever, on herocentral I consider leaving just a condensed view of the character (in tell format) and use "show" in Flashbacks.
  4. Re: Getting to know the game Honestly, this thread was mostly about finding someone who would be willing to play with me said mock-combats. Preferebly someone from the mapstools comunity. But nobody showed up and the organisator didn't react to pm's. By now I have the basic-rulebook and try to get into one of the herocentral.net campaings (as sugested somewhere above), so this problem is mostly solved.
  5. Re: Writing an Origin- Advice I have seen some stories that start with the character before he got his powers. Maybe tell or hint at "what his live would have been". Then comes the event and why he can't go back (it feels to good to help, public identity, fleeing from a powerfull group). If possible, why he took his name/how he got it. Not everyone cooses one, but gets a nickname that just sticks. In the easiest form this can be two sentences; Example: "A curator at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, while examing a strange artifact donated by an anonymous person was imbued with a magical flame power. Inspired after a visting to an eternal flame memortial of fallen armed forces took up the personal of The Eternal Flame." - HD3-File Some stories are told as like a real story. Some (especially those with mystical/alien origin) must first lay out the world in wich the character/the characters power source was created and then goes toward how he got to wield that power. Some may be a little bit short on the character part (usually explaining that in the Personality section), but that is not absolute. Example: Thats the Green Latern Corps and their Rings. Thats Alan Scott/Hal Jordan/Guy Gardner/John Stewart and their current live. Thats how [character] archieved [power source] and why he didn't gave it up. The rest of his story, we see in the game / comics.
  6. Re: Is it possible to build.... To 1) I found the perfect answer I was looking for, in the base rules: Side effects: -1/4 (15 Active pionts), -1/2 (30 Pionts), -1 (60 Pionts); double if power never fails (no roll) or if it hapens even if the roll is successfull. To 2) I found a second way. NND (being not alive/being alive/being not magical). This would also increase the damage relevant (since it skips all normal defenses), but it might be not "exclusive" enough. But I consider (after hearing from them) to add a "no Knockkack" and maybe "no Destruction" Limitation (inherently, as counter for the NND). So all I need now, seems to be rules for vpp.
  7. Re: Looking for Everyman Skill ideas That falls under "What Not To Spend Points On" Rule. In Basic Rules, it's on page 15. "That means PCs should spend Character Points on anything that’s likely to have an effect during the game." Cell phones are listed exactly as possible "free of charge", like are flahslights. The main point is: they are useless in Combat and adventure. You can't fight while talking with a cellphone and can't fight in darkness with a flashlight. Also they can easily declared to be lost, out of juice or have no carrier by the gm, so he can allways just "take them out of the picture" when the story demands it. Same goes for skills: a "hulk" clone may have SS: Radiation Physics and not pay points for it, if there is never a chance to use it (or only once or twice). When the player finds frequent uses for the skill anyway, just demand them to buy it or drop it the next time they spend xp (or buy it at lower level, when the don't have the xp for the current level). Some good points for "battleready" version of flashlight and cellphone is the defender sample character from br: "searchlight" and "communications suite". However, they are integrated in it's amor. Normally these things would be OAF's and the com suite would require hearing-senses to be availible (not beeing affected by flash or darkness). Edit: I have heard there is an text about "invisibility and radios" somewehre in the rulebooks, it might be helpfull. Edit 2: I looked a little bit around in the rules, and compiled everything I think is usefull. However that list is by no means complete: Radio (perceive and transmit; local AM, FM and ploce radio) 10 Maybe add increased range Maybe Flash defense or defense vs darkness (if such a power/advantage exists) Possible Advantages: Reduced Endurance (0 End +1/2) Invisible Power effects Uncontrolled (mandatory for "listening devices") possible Limitations: Concentration (-1/2; if not, there is some form of "Handsfree") Extra Time(?) Focus (OAF -1; with handsfree maybe oif/iif; no focus if implanted; bulky or immobile for realy big systems, like in ww2 HQ's) Incantations (if not, it is sub-vocal or directly linked to the brain) Limited Power (only with users on same frequency/fixed, pre selected frequency/Requires hearing) Limited Range (short range bugs) Requires Skill Roll (Bugging, Concealment, System Operation) Range: Base Pionts x 10 m (100, if nothing is aplied) Encrypting/Hidden transmission: Cryptography image(radio/hearing) invisbility (radio/hearing; invisible effect advantage)
  8. Re: Is it possible to build.... From what I have heard, the 6th Edition Bundle: Character Creation/Combat and Adventuring (and perhaps the hd3 toll) is the right "next step". Or is one of the two more important for gm's and can be skipped by a player? (when I still want access to all the powers, advantages and equipment)
  9. Re: Is it possible to build.... Now I have the book and a few more ideas with no idea how to : 7) A conceiled bag of holding (is part of/hidden in the pc's body). It may not be save for shrunken pc/npc's. Only accesible for the pc and it is restrainable. If to difficult, it may simply be the source of the pc's equipment-vpp (a utillity belt with very high capacity). 8) Heat blod: (n)pc has a high tendency to bleed and keeps bleeding until first aid is administered (then the bleeding stops completely). Hapens every time the char resceives body-damage, maybe only body damage from killing attacks (has a force field and weak natural hardened defenses). 9) 4 Weapons, 3 forms: Superhero (n)pc has four arms (extra limbs) and four pistol sized energy-weapons (unlimited amo/no endurance) and he usually uses all four togehter (dual wield is for beginners^^). He can combine two of them (plug and play) to get a longarm sized weapon (twice the power; up to two of them) and should be able to use them togehter (or with two of the pistols). All four togehter, gets a heavy weapon (combined power of all four). Most likely OAF/OIF, not useable by others. Of course I have one ot two ideas how to do each of them, but I prefer to ask those who have more experience (and the full rulebooks). To "1) Overload strike/all-out one shot?": I noticed that the sample Defender (BR 122) has the following attack: 3) Overload Blast: RKA 3d6; OIF (-½), Increased Endurance Cost (x4 END; -1½), Required Roll 14-, Burnout (-¼) I could not find Burnout in the book (Pdf; not even in the listing of things that are in the full rulebook). Anyone know what that does and/or where it is listed?
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Then it was high time for a regicide and change of government. Viva la Revolution
  11. Re: Is it possible to build.... Thanks, the answers helped a lot in understanding the posibiliteis of the game and I am about to buy the Basic Rulebook pdf.
  12. Re: Need another name for Juggernaut... Giant / GiGant (from gigantic) Giant Ant (ca. lift x times his weight - and he is heavy) Titan Or just plunder the Giant-based-mythology for names. Also interesting: Olympic class ocean liner (the 2 of 3 ships sank, gues wich one was the first^^) After remembering the Olympic class, one comes up too: Iceberg / Eisberg (German).
  13. Re: Is it possible to build.... Is there any guideline on how much time/powers disabled is acceptable? If not, that's not the thing I was looking for Personally I was thinking more about: Add a Body-Damage/Stun Damage/Power Drain [on self],[for each use] that doesn't cost aditional points, but instead lowers the price (at 50% of the self damage power or aproparte to how much you "gain" from the "self-damage-limitation") as it is part of the price. I would have bet the first answer would be Green Latern, but there are indeed multiple ways to make one hero. What is the downside of a vpp (when you want it to be cost-effective)? I already read of "changing time", "requires skill throw" and "can only be changed in certain location(batcave)". What about limiting the archievable effects? (only Stun, Drain, Dispel, normal and Killing Damage, Heal, Life Support...) Both answers imply that the also work for 4a and 5, but I still don't know if powers even can add/change disadvantages as part of their effect (Number 4).
  14. Like said on different occasions, I'd like to learn a little bit more of the game and I think a good way is to ask if certain ideas I have can be realized with the rules. For most part, the answer may be "sure, nothing easier than that", but that only speaks for the quality of the system. For some of them I can guess from what I have seen/heard/read about the system, but I still ask since I could be completely wrong. Lets start: Is it possible to build.... 1) Overload strike/all-out one shot?: An attack/power that places all of the energy into one single shot. However, the power or the pc/npc/vehicle is "burned out" after that (either for the fight, the session/rest of the adventure or maybe even permanently). Examples: Bleach: Ishida, Ichigo (will lose all powers afterwards/over short to medium time; may be changed later when only used as "plot-device") B5 Call to Arms/Crusader: the main gun of the Excalibur/Victory (1 Minute complete Power loss) JLU: the orbital gun of the watchtower (1 hour power loss; can be shortened by technicans) A bomb is the extreme of this: Maximum Energy, lost after use. 2) Destruction divided: A three power set/weapon set. Each with a certain "color". Each of them gives the user considerable fighting force (offense, defense, durability, healing), but only against a certain target/enemy group. They can't be combined. Colors and target groups are: white: everthing technological; in fantasy/low tech: undead black: everything living red: everything magic / everyone using magic/paranormal/extradimensional power (perhaps the hardest of the three) 3) Variable Power alignment: A "hero form"/"transformation" whose effects are highly variable. At some point it's nessesary to survive near a sun (vacuum, radiation, heat); at another one you need a high damage, resistance piercing, killing damage attack power; then you suddenly need superman-style super-strenght; then you need to stun or drain the enemys powers temporarily. The power may do all this, but not all of it at the same time. 4) Corrupting Power: A "hero form"/"transformation" that has a certain "power rush". When not using the power, the PC is reluctant/fears to change. When he is using it, the fear gets replaced by it's cause: A different disadvantage, like recklesness (not caring for bystanders or ignoring ones "code vs. killing"). So the hero "might do something he regretts" when using his powers. Both the non-form and hero from disadvantage must of course have relevant influence (preferebly something with a throw/ingame effect). Nothing that is more roleplaying. 4a) More Power corrupst stronger: The hero can "on the fly" increase his strenght, but at the cost of also increasing the disadvantage or adding another one (like the risk to go beserk). This could go up to the "point of no return", but intersting part would be the pc limiting his power because of fear going "to far". 5) More effort, brings stronger results or "just looking cool against weak enemys" Lets say the Hero has a a signature energy attack. He can use it in three ways: - Just wishing it to effect. Not even moving a finger (still spending action), just the enemy receiving the attack "out of the blue". May still have full defense options. - A little bit more direct. Classical energy projection: Target with your hands/emitter, energy goes from hand/emitter to target. - Point blank. Using the power at "touch range" The more effort/less coolness used, the more the more power the attack has/the harder it is to avoid it. And of course this with minimal expense of power points.
  15. Re: How would you make: characteristic drain/aid As I understand it you want two effects: 1) Aid someone 2) not use your energy/endurance to do this, but stealing it from somebody else first. So how about a normal aid (costing endurance) and a seperate power to take endurance from the enemy and give it to you? Perhaps "paint" your ally first (seperate action/power; ally must stay in range/sight; maybe touch and same "canceling" limits as taking recovery int 5th Edition) so you can give him your endurance "at will" (0-phase action?). Then drain endurance from an enemy and only give as much to your ally as you gain (or more, using your own endurance/recovery to cover the costs; or don't drain at all, using your own endurance/recovery exclusively). That you need two actions/powers/rolls or this costing a lot of points may be a nessesary game balancing-effect, since you are making two different game effects (the drain is one, the aid is another one).
  16. Re: Encyclopedic General Knowledge I don't know the rules yet, but I had a similar idea (partial adaption form a diferent rpg): Stranded Bug Alien. However, he's not cut off from his civilisation. They have mastered the the art of unlimited bandwith, intstant, galaxywide communication(a Phase-communicator, implanted in his Brain). They have also mastered using transport potals from Person Size to starhips, using the same transmission-technology. The downside is: Their ftl drive isn't very good and the are far, far away. So while he takes his distance learning courses "How to build a man/bug-alien-sized transport portal on a backwater world" (without prior knoledge; shouldn't have sleept during the "Phase-Physics"-lessons in school) he helps out as sort of gadgeter/gunslinger. So he/she/it basically has a set of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"-Lifelines on anything tactical/technical/science related. Now I thought: If there is somehting like luck (you can add extra dice/bonus points but limited "charges" per session), how about a version of "Luck" that only works on the said skills? You could be very lucky and get someone to video-guide you through disarming a bomb (by investing a lot of points) or you may just ask the bug-thing-wikipedia about it, but risk mayor failure: You do one of the things, "you would get taught not to do on the first day of the job" You chose a wrong map (Berlin instead of "M.A.S.H. 4077th Minefield plan") A faulty guide (You get a faster computer/car/lawn mower by.....) Perhaps this is an idea, and if not I am as interested on any other sugestion comming up here.
  17. Re: Mental Powers based on Grief, Solace, or Sorrow Basically Marvin from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with a build-in "Point-of-View" Gun Perhaps powers that affect multiple targets would be fitting ("I want to let as many as possible feel my pain/sorrow/griev"). In D&D there are some spells using fear and other psychological effects to lower saving throws, skill throws, attack throws (MCV? Ego?; normal CVs?). You could even target endurance or active powers ("With the weight or despair on your shoulders, the task seems three times as taxing"). Hold is possible: entrapping an enemy in a dream/nightmare scenario (like in JLU Episode 3). Also a power to find the psychological weaknesse of enemys might be helpfull: According to the "great W" (Wikipedia), the Manhunters Weakness against fire was fear/trauma-based in some interpretations. Is this going to be a villian or psyker hunter sort of pc/npc? Kind of sound like that.
  18. Re: Getting to know the game The most important part may be, to find a group playing by chat. It seems impossible to find any hero-players/gm in germany (especially in my limited radius of movement) and my current gaming group already plays to many different systems to try another (even if I would be able to be the GM).
  19. Re: Getting to know the game Mixed up the version-numbers. I would of course prefer the most recent version, that means 6E not 5. Thanks for the link, started looking there.
  20. Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and the entire hero-system. Well, actually I don't even know the system at all, but I'm here to change that I think the best way would be to have a demo game/adventure. Unfotunately I could find nothing in that direction on main site. I did found a lot of PC/NPC sheets, the 4 to 5E conversion rules, the faq, ... I think I'm get some of the basics and a glimpse of the posibillites of the system. Still, I would like to know the game a little bit better before I start investing time (the money isnt't that problematic) in another RGP-System. As I see it, there is an active maptools/chat game comunity so that may be my best chance (I live in Germany). My preferences in the long run will clearly be a Superhero/Campions setting, but any setting would be fine to begin with.
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