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  1. Note quite. If the "Superhuman Level" is OCV 10, then 2 CSL on top of 8 OCV or 8 CSL on top of 2 OCV would both hit it. Wich means neither 2 nor 8 CSL are any realiable figure to go by. Indeed no count of CSL (short of 10 I guess, because then the total must be 10+) would allow a classification.
  2. I am uncertain if I understood you right, but Mutants and Masterminds is actually a distinct Roleplaying game, not a Supplement for Hero. Apparently it runs on a modified D&D/D20 Systems
  3. Yes. Why do you ask? Was the time not right for a Futurama reference?
  4. I can not tell as I never watched the old or new ones in OV. But at least the german voices are pretty equal. That too. Particular Youtubers/Lets Play Series lately. Pokemon Trainer is the proper term I think. And yes, it feels like a good description. I watched: Captain Marvel. The Plot is Straightforward and avoids 90% of any complication I could imagine. Ther was a large number of fun Quips and a nice bit of backstory on Nick Fury and Coulson. Also Captain Marvel of course.
  5. The first part is really just Shadowrun Dicerolling. Extended Actions. Contested Actions. Failure/Critical Failure. Health Levels and Effect on Dicepools. The way good success adds to Attack Damage and you dodge/Soak the damage. Heck, even the Dice you roll in 3E and the target numbers (D6 and 5+): All ripped straight from the Shadowrun Games. No subtlety about it. Adding Dice to the Pool and Rerolling is Shadowruns Edge. And there are cases when Edge can be used to add direct Successes too (like instantly going first in a phase). HERO also has a bunch of Optional Rules. Rerolls can be found in a APG, while Heroic Points fall into the Edge Territory. No idea about changing the Target Number. SR stopped having moving Target Numbers with 4E, but 3 or prior might offer some ideas here. So I can only repeat that any Shadowrun Conversion would be a really good starting point. On top of all the Other Games using this Game System. I did finally find a exalted Intro Adventure btw: https://de.scribd.com/document/25894992/White-Wolf-Free-Download-Series-Exalted-Quick-Start-Story This should help with getting a better feel of how the game plays. Castes: Of course a big difference to Shadowrun is that it appears to be "Class Based". D&D classes and Tyical Shadowrun roles in particular. Between the Anima Effect and Favoured Traits, there are clear specialisations in the Castes. I will try to translate the 5 Exalted Castes from the Quick Start to Hero Terms: Dawn Caste (Fighting): The Anima is a debuff to enemy attacks. Presence Attacks might match it. But so might a Change Environment effect. Zenith Caste (Magnetism): The Anima is basically Turn Undead from D&D, mapped to Exalted Mechanics. Twilight (Scholarship): A damage Reduction seems like a really odd Anima Effect for the Scholar/Mage Guys. I guess it makes some sense in how casting makes you unable to defend a primary target? Night (Stealth): Their Anima deals with Hidden use of Power. 6E1 124 deals with Sensing Powers and how to hide their use. Eclips (Embassy): Their Anima allows them to turn any Promise into a Geas like effect. And they also have a "Circle of Protection from [X]" effect, down to the break condition. With the Exception of the Night, the Anima effect is really hard to map. Traits: Each of the 5 traits seems to map to multiple Hero mechanics. Fighting: OCV, DCV, Damage Classes and even SPD/Initiative. With some Initimidation Sprinkeled in. Magnetism: Leadership, Constitution and Willpower, Tracking seems like a odd combination Scholarship: Casting Magic with Essence, as well as Crafting, Languages and Knowledge Skills Stealth: Stealth/Subterfuge/Perception. Agility. Again SPD/Initiative and even a DCV standin Embassy: Everything Social Related. Presence Attacks. Social Skills. Essence: At first glance it seems to be some kind of "Mana". Usually those Map to various END or Charge based mechanics. Longterm Endurance or a really slow END Reserve. But it also seems to have Elements of a Complication/Obviousness of Power use. Edge from Shadowrun- Force Points from West End Games Star Wars D6. And of course Heroic Action Points. Recovery is based on hours or succeding while doing a "Stunt" description. Summary: The dice and combat system seems not that hard to map. It is just a SR 4 or SR 5 conversion with way smaler dicepools. Mechanically it seems both simpler then SR and way more Cinematic, while still maintaining a level of "need to stay low profile". Essence and it's uses (Particular the Anima, Dice Doubling) is where it really starts to break down however. This is the big issue to map to HERO.
  6. Well, we have been working on this since the 1780's. Earlier if we include the Greenhouse gasses from Animal Husbandry.
  7. I was going to just quote parts of Limited Power (6E1 382). But as it turns out, the Book explicitly advises against that Limitation: "The GM should also watch out for Power Limitations that are too sweeping. For instance, a character probably shouldn’t be allowed to buy all of his powers with the Limitation Only Works In Darkness. Such a character would be worthless during the daytime and very powerful at night; that’s no fun in a roleplaying campaign, and it’s unfair to the other players. Logically, the player is probably going to ask the GM “Will this adventure take place at night?” before every game — and if the answer is no, he won’t play, or will play some other character" Even if just a ally is able to cause Darkness, the value of the Limitation would go way down. If he can even cause Darkness himself, it basically becomes worthless. It might fall into the territory of linked in this case. There are few things I loathe as much as Usable As Attack. The best way to deal with UAA is to plain not allow it for anyone. It is like the Secure Storage of a Doctor, Demolitions Technician or some of the stuff you find in a Military Armory. The second best way is to ask the players: "Do you really want enemies to use such powers against you?" Regard it as always marked with STOP sign. There are few things in the book that can break a game quite as reliably as this one thing. Most GM experience with it is about the cases where you got the right combination of players and UAA'd power where you can allow it without instantly breaking the game.
  8. I also agree that I would never run it this way. It is however what RAW says. It can be a sensible decision and against RAW at the same time! Ludicrous examples are at no point a "logical Conclusion". Actually just writing up the Invisibilty Power with a Obvious Focus was stupid. The rules are unambigiously clear you should not do that. Dunno why you insist trying to pull such things in any game, but it will not fly. Invisibiltiy is a odd power in parts. It is Obvious that you are invisible now. Yet the power itself is not obvious. Frodo wears the ring and goes invisible. Does the Ring need to be a obvious Focus for that? Or could it be inobvious?
  9. Yes, of course. Why would that not raise your attention? Either the 6DC attack is underpowered or the 12DC attack is overpowered. Something in your story is not adding up. Please provide actuall examples.
  10. There is no such thing. There is only a Superhuman level of total DC and CV's. Counting how much of that is raw Stats and how much of that is CSL is really not that helpfull.
  11. How about those guys: http://superredundant.com/?comic=strip-6 http://superredundant.com/?comic=061-mishaps Of course that is more a problem with their City: http://superredundant.com/?comic=060 http://superredundant.com/?comic=090-doctors-appointment On a more serious note, Kevyn Andresian from Schlock Mercenary. The guy started and ended more "Intergalatic Wars with thousands of ships" then any living being ever should. And that is excluding his Timeclone. He is summed up by Maxim 14: "Mad Science" means never stopping to ask "what's the worst thing that could happen?"
  12. Here is a crew of 4 Missfits: I require that you reference at least 2 of the Characters in your submission, but 3 or all 4 are even better.
  13. Did he have Traveler books by chance? Their career options might just be a good fit for getting some ideas here...
  14. I am pretty sure we were still discussing the applicability of the "-2 All Or Nothing" Limitation from that 4E supplement someone had brought up. And how applicatble such a high limitation is, if the attack is so strong it will kill most characters. As well as the general idea of having to tweak the values of Limitations, based on the total situation (specific Game Setting, Power of the attack, Defense of the targets, supporting abilities, possible allies). The text for the generic "Limited Power" Limitation explicitly mentions it: "For example, suppose a character wants to build a Blast that only works in an intense magnetic field. In a Science Fiction campaign, intense magnetic fields exist in many places where PCs go (meaning the Limitation is only worth about -¼). On the other hand, a WWII “Golden Age” superhero would almost never encounter an intense magnetic field (so the Limitation’s more like a -2). To repeat: a Limitation that doesn’t limit a power provides no bonus! [...] Similarly, if a character took the Limitation Only Works In Intense Magnetic Fields on his Blast, and another PC just happens to generate intense magnetic fields as a special effect, he gets no bonus (or a very small one, if they don’t work together all the time)."
  15. If the "snowglobe of Invisibiltiy" is a Obvious Focus, it would be Obvious for (nearly) everyone that it provides Invisibility. Even when not in use. That is a wierd Snowglobe of Inisibiltiy you got there. But more likely it is a Inobvious Focus. Indeed this "learning what it does via 3rd party senses or Knowledge" something I explicitly mentioned above: Default Invisibiltiy in D&D is "breaks on Attack". What you talk about is a very high level Invisibility. Something for CR's where enemies have coutnerspells or senses. Also the moment of Visibility is technically only until the end of the Segment in wich they attacked. You would know where to swing afterwards, but still suffer the penalties.
  16. You intentionally picked a ludicrously low level of powers for your examples there. Please do not do that. Use realistic power builds with realistic Active Points for your example. It is pretty hard to argue if you can not even make a serious example. Your Armor Power would be visible everytime it is "in use". As in every second you wear the armor. That aside, aiming for the impact point of blind fire is one way to defeat a cloak:
  17. Only ever heard of it by name, but Wikipedia says it uses a modification or variant of the Storyteller/Storytelling System. Maybe you could expand your search to other games that use this System/derviates of this system? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storytelling_System https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/Storyteller_System Edit: The Roll resultion System seems highly influenced by Shadowrun, based on a old SR designer being in the team. Attributes (1-5) and Skills (0-?) grant dice. I asume a planned dice pool cap around 10 dice. They use pools of D10 rather then D6. Every dice at or above a "target number" was a sucess. The target number (and if 1 counted as a -1 success) varried a bit by System (6-8). I asume as a way to finetune the feeling of power for the specific setting. Atributes are ordered in a 3x3 Table. The colums are Physical, Social and Mental. With the Rows relating to Strenght, Agility/precision and Resistance in those fields respectiely. A number of derived Attributes is in use, based on combining 2 Stats. Again, that seems similar to SR. If you are looking for a Sanity/Corruption System, that will propably be the hardest part, as Hero does not have a premade one like Storyteller has: Edit 2: There is a free intro-adventure (think SR Food Fight) at least for World of Darkness. That should give me some more data.
  18. I think you mean "Project Cadmus". Well know for cloning of Krytonians in both Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice and Titans.
  19. The Silvershade Metal is a magical Weapon. Practically the magical Equivalent of a Grey Goo scenario, designed specifically to counter mages. Once in contact with a living being, it will first start to spread over the entire skin. Once the body is enveloped, it will eat the being - mind, magic and soul. As it is also a magic consumer, this is not a problem that can be solved via most magic. Very powerfull mages are usually the ones that are consumed fastest. Aside from a quick amputation, there is a way to stall - but not cure - this artificial affliction: Jewel-Mancy. Jewel had contracted this diseases when she was still young, her magic still weak. However she had just about enough magic to stop it progressing past her arms. Or at least at the time. Nobody had every dragged out a Silvareshaed Metal Infection that long, so nobody could have predicted that prolonged contact even with the innert/stalled metal would slowly drain her magical powers. As her powers waned, she had to add a gem into her skin as a focus. Then another. Then many others. Her hope is to find a cure until she runs out of skin or magic grade gems.
  20. Wich batroom does Godzilla use? He uses the whole Building as his bathroom! As well as parts of the City and large tracts of land.
  21. By pure chance (looking for Growth via a textserach on the PDF) I noticed the books do deal with that actually. 6E2 272 "Controlling Character Power And Growth" I normally do not make such big quotes from the books, but I think in this case it may be the best option: "It’s difficult to try to make sure that each PC is balanced — powerful enough for the player to have fun and emulate the source material (comics, novels, and movies) which inspires him, yet not so powerful that he makes the game less fun for the other players. This problem starts as soon as players begin designing characters. Providing guidelines for character creation, as discussed above, and making sure the players follow them strictly, is usually a good step toward having a balanced campaign. An experienced GM will have an instinctive “feel” for what is balanced and what is unbalancingly powerful; a novice GM has to develop this capacity through experience. It’s more difficult to maintain character balance over time, as the characters gain Experience Points and begin to grow in power. If you run your game on any kind of a regular basis, it won’t be long before the players are chafing at the bit to increase their characters’ power (which usually means the number of dice of damage they roll and how much defense they have). They’ll start pestering you to increase the limits you placed on the campaign, to allow them to buy powers you disallowed during the character creation process, and to buy powers and abilities that don’t really fit their character. Resist the temptation to give in to the players’ demands. True, you want them to have fun — but how long will the game remain fun if it turns into an “arms race,” with each PC scrambling to earn the Experience Points to buy +2d6 for his Blast because Captain Courage just did the same thing? The emphasis of such a game often moves quickly away from roleplaying and storytelling into materialistic attempts to earn copious Experience Points. (Of course, if you like this, let it happen — there’s not a thing in the world wrong with it, and you should do what you want in your own game.) But sooner or later you’ll have to allow some growth. If you never increase the campaign limits on CVs, DCs, SPD, defenses, and the like, after a year or two of campaigning all the characters will meet the limits in all categories and know every Skill in the book. The best way to control character growth it to let it proceed slowly while you monitor it carefully. When you feel the time is right, start increasing the campaign limits — but with little nudges, not wholescale raises. Make sure all players get your approval for new abilities or Skills. Think very carefully about the impact the purchase will have on the campaign. An extra point of SPD doesn’t sound like much, for example — but as any experienced HERO System gamer will tell you, one little itty-bitty point of SPD can make all the difference in the world in many games. You, and your players, need to be ready to make retroactive changes in characters if necessary. Sometimes an ability doesn’t seem unbalancing or overly effective at first blush, but the rigors of play reveal that it’s not something you want in your game. If so, tell the player (in a nonconfrontational way) that the ability simply isn’t working out and that he’ll have to change it. Stress the need to keep the game as a whole fun for everyone — good, mature gamers will accept this explanation (or at least accede to your request gracefully). For the sake of fairness, make sure the players know in advance that you reserve the right to do this."
  22. He would propably try to build Dyson Fence around the solar system, because as american he does not know where that place "mars" lies.
  23. It depends on teh other Circumstances. If the attack is on the normal DC amount? Sure. But that scenario is also somewhat unlikely. Just having a blast - even just a large enough Multipower to fit a blast - is a huge cost investment. Limiting it down seems counter-productive. If however it is build that way to allow exceed the campaign limits (with GM Permission), then having the limitation might be mandatory to even have that much attack power. So I can not agree that it should never be -0. I can easily think of cases for even that extreme.
  24. Actually China is pretty affected by Climate Change. They are actually reforesting a huge area because of it: The one thing the Chinese Government has always been good at, is longterm planning. That is part of what makes them so scary.
  25. I mean, isn't Godzilla like the Poster Child of "Permanent Grown"? Size the Powers in 6E are explicitly only for changing your size: "A character with this Size Power can increase his size.[...]Growth is for characters who can alter their size. If a character is exceptionally large all the time, he simulates that by buying a Size Template (see 6E1 443)" - 6E1 229 Note that the Italics are in the original text. I did not add them for disambiguity. That means you have either: - Multiform (into something that is natrually grown). In wich case Multiform should be drained or transformed away. - Growth the power. A Size Power. Wich can be drained. It varries based on wich one you mean. The 1954 original was a 'mere' 50 meters. The lastest movie put him at 150 meters.
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