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  1. I have no real idea what you mean with that. Both CV are indeed very important for Combat. I mean that word is literally in their name But even there, they do not Reign supreme. SPD and your Ability to abort is relevant. Defenses and thus the unessesarity of aborting is relevant. High DCV implies usually low defenses, wich means you can hit them with a Area of Effect attack. But they do not mater for any skill I know off. And skills can have quite an effect on how combat is resolved as well. This can even go so far that the cost structure (should) change. The prices in the rules are only for average campaigns. My favourite example for this is a theoretical Underwater Campaign: Underwater, swimming is like Flight. Meanwhile in a Underwater Campaign, flight would only be as usefull as swimming is in the average Landlubber Campaign. So the prices for both Movement Powers might fully swap.
  2. I get the redirection warning from google. Then the "Access Denied". The access denied mentions some IP adresses, so it might be geo-locked. But I thougt god only dislikes the naked singularity?
  3. In that case the existince of PSL on the same sheet increases the Advantage/Decreases the Limitation cost. Up to +2 or -0.
  4. Personally I see Combat Luck the same way I see Bulletproof Spandex and "Invisible, Persistent Forcefields". They allows designs like: and without Sacrificing combat survivability. Every other Discussion really just seems you guys overthinking it I mean why even care what it was originally "intended" to simualte? Even if you can figure out the intention unambigiously (wich is a big if), how it is used in practice seems way more important.
  5. The Liquid/gas approach has the danger of the earth "burping it up again", so to speak. And the earth burping tends to cause earth shattering calamities. Coal is a lot less likely to come back to the surface like that But even if it fails at CO2 capture and storage, it might still be a viable way of energy storage. Coal and Gas Power Plants do have one huge advantage/important role for energy supply: Quick reaction time to demand peaks. Nuclear Power Plants can take hours to literal days to set to a higher powerlevel. So their output has to be planned days in advance. Renewable power is unreliable by nature. One of the big challenges in turning to renewable energy is to compensate for energy demand peaks and valleys. A few coal plants kept as reserve might just do that.
  6. I can not remember if it was HERO, Shadowrun or another System altogether but I once read a rule: "Every attack does at least as much STUN damage as BODY damage". You could adapt this to a multiple of the BODY damage done.
  7. A whole Bunch of Limitations and Rules only exist in Heroic Games. Real Weapon, STR Minimum, NCM, most of the advanced Damage Options. So yes, there is a disconnect between "Book value" and "Average Fantasy Campaign". It is just the nature of things.
  8. Could you write up a "Too Big to fail" power? "Unified" deals with that part. And I somewhat doubt "Drain: Growth" is really common enough to worry about this in most games.
  9. By RAW that is not how it works: "A Power bought with the Focus Limitation (6E1 376) is governed by the rules for the Obviousness of Foci. Even an Inobvious Power becomes Obvious if it’s generated by an Obvious Focus." 6E1 126 And after that, this rule is in effect: "Invisibility doesn’t automatically make a character’s attacks or other powers Invisible as well (that requires the Advantage Invisible Power Effects; see 6E1 338). Using a perceivable power can expose an Invisible character’s position" Note that your clothing does not provide a Power (if it does, treat it like armor). And gear other then armor is not "in use" every segment you wear it. Only when you actually use it. With the usual Caveats of course: "As always, common sense, dramatic sense, and considerations of game balance should apply."
  10. I think they did something wrong. I got a Access Denied for that page.
  11. I think 47 is Star Treks "42". The best explanation I ever read was: "It is 42, but accounting for Inflation".
  12. I finished watching Season 1 of the 2017 Duck Tales Series. It captures the charm of the old time nicely, with updated Topics and Animation.
  13. I would permanently loose this. My Blood Pressure is so low, it has to be measured twice. Once to realize they need to listen really closely to not get invalidly low heartbeat counts I think that is a Full Metal Alchemist Reference. And that one would clearly belongs into the Creepy Pictures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzKi3BoLZ0A There are just some issues that can not be fixed, short of "burn it down and regrow it from scratch". And that solution tends to take time.
  14. Actually I am 90% certain I watched that Venom movie. Twice even. I long ago formulated a Theory: "Marvel is better in Movies. DC is better in Series." That is actually a very important part. If you look "Star Trek Voyager: Scropion Part 1", you can notice that they do not show the Antagonist before Minute 30. This Episode was intentionally made to simualte a Horror Movie. That is why it worked so well. So the Bad Guy is Black Adam after all? By this time, it is a classical Introduction to the Character. Ever since this DC Showcase: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman/Shazam!:_The_Return_of_Black_Adam Justice League Action also followed those Footsteps.
  15. What does the Rat say? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25LYVxTUZhM
  16. So...have you tried turning it off and on again? Because you would be suprised how often it works!
  17. That is a case where "Invisibility: Touch Sense Group" would be valid and work. This whole thread sprang from a thread that was speceific to a Heroic game. And low level D&D Spells are more on the Heroic Level. So "Invisibility: Sight Sense Group, Only Affects Normal Sight(-?)" would be highly appropirate.
  18. Normal Superheroic Characters start at 400 CP. 900 points is a serious challenge for Superheroic Characters. Most enemies that are intended to challenge Superhero Groups are built on less points. There might be some realy cost inefficient stuff in there, but this is still a heaping lot of points. Either Tukarian Age is intended to go into Superheroic Powerlevels, or you were never supposed to fight the Lich in a open battle. It sounds more like a "Force of Nature" villain that has to be avoided/worked around/defeated via plotdevices. Hero is more about total limits then "can buy X". It does not mater if you got the CV's and DC from stat buying, CSL, Martial Arts or any other way - only that you reached the cap is relevant. 1-5 XP per sessions is a ton of XP. Way beyond what you should be handing out. APG I 191 has "Resource Points". they cover more then just equipment. And you can hand out resource points instead of XP, to have more granular rewards. Spells in Fantasy are a Problem. However you might have compensated for it by handing out too much XP, rather then looking at how to make it more affordable.
  19. And another one I did not consider: Large Feet. Lives in cooler Climates Existance outside his cave not fully prooven. I except for the white fur, I could be a Yeti or Bigfoot.
  20. If you bring combat luck to a fight, you are not unarmored. Nominal can mean a lot of things, but in this case it clearly means "unarmored in name only".
  21. Could you link the coal thing please? I thought the best possible efficiency was to put back in all the heat energy it produced in the first place, and that is not that efficient.
  22. Not really. Just a interpretation we have not thought about:
  23. A KA is always taken seriously. No extra EDM is nesseary. The more I read it, the more it sounds like simply a early "Magic Gun". Any early gun could be: Dodged. Penetrated most armor of the time. Even if the hit was not terminal, treatment for it was limited. So you were likely to die. The Heroes would not use it, because it is to evil/dishonorable Usually it would kill nobody important in any story. Dumbledore let himself be shoot and then fell to his death. While Harry jumped into the Bullets path, only to get better. Maxim 24: "Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a big gun."
  24. By Raw Sense Affecting Powers affect a entire Sense Group and any sense you put in that group to get the free Sense Modifiers. If they affect less, that is actually a limitation on the Power. Radio Group Sense Affecting Powers would usually affect Radar Sense*. Hearing Group Sense Affecting Powrs would usually counter Sonar Sense*. And i have no idea what Sense Group you would put "Seismic" in. I could put it both into Hearing and Touch Groups. *I asume you put them in the obvious Sense Groups, as you did not define the Sense Group. Wich is kind of the most important part of the whole examples Absolutely an Advantage, and a Huge one at that. +1 to +2 I would say. You ignore "Invisibiltiy: Sight Group" while Maintaining your Sight Group Modifiers.
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