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    Christopher got a reaction from GoldenAge in Supers Image game   
    Bronze - a alloy of copper and various other metals - has been the main crafting material of humanity for millenia. But in the end it was surplanted by Iron, wich gave way to steel. Now nothing but artifcats remain.
    The Aegis - a shield - might be such an artifact. Or not. It is unlike any other bronze item in that is supernautrally hard. In fact some have called it "indestructible", but that is not even scratching the surface (literally):
    While the metal itself might not be as impressive, it's Passivation layer certainly is. Similar to Aluminium and Silicon, Copper tends to create itself a Anti-Oxydation layer by oxydising. Except the case of the Aegis this layer is harder then even questionite or vibranium (wichever universe you are in).
    In fact the passivation layer on the aegis is so hard and so quickly reforming, any atempts to identify what it was made of failed. It is literally to hard and energy abosrbing for any analysis technique ever tried.
    The same passivation layer also makes any atempt at putting markings on it impossible wich resulted in it being entirely blank. Even if it was possible, any atempt would entirely block out the passivation effect on the treated surface making it (potentially) incredibly vulnerable to attack.
    Without any cultural markings, natural wear and other telltales it is entirely unclear who made the aegis, when it is was made or even how long ago it was made.
    It could be anywhere between 1 years or as old as the universe.
    The Scarlet Shield is a burglar that first appeared about 1 year ago, brandishing the Aegis. He temporarily lost it (wich resulted in the thorough analysis featured above), but quickly retrieved it. It is unclear from where he has the shield. However since he appears to be mostly a glory hound it seems unlikely he made it himself. His crimes seem more concerned with gathering (media) attention, then actuall accumulation of wealth.
    While he is not exactly know for violent burglary, he still has a bronze rapier (made of a more conventional but stell extremely durable bronze alloy), is an expert swordsmans and athlethe and will happily engage any Superhero who dare stop him in a fight. If the heroes even get there, as he tends to stay just below the attention of any bigtimer, while also picking targets that garner enough media attention.
    As such he has avoided capture and (except for that time he lost his shield) even leaving much of any traces for now.
    Many a Superhuman crafter (both hero and villain) and Historian would love to get thier hands on the shield, to crack the "Aegis Conundrum" and maybe replicate the metal for whatever plans they have. But all they can do is live with the realisation that it rests in the hands of a common burglar, who might not even appreciate what a unique item it is and is only a villain for the attention.
    Note: As one might guess, the Aegis is heavily based on Captain Americas Might Shield. Except it is Bronze Alloy, not a Vibranium/Steel alloy.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Pariah in Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe   
    Or if voiced by Vin Diesel.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Pariah in Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe   
    That is just normal Environmental Immunity from being a Fantasy Character.
    I mean seriously, Star Wars has Wizards, Knights, Princesses and Dark Lords in Space. So I did not expect scientific accuracy at any point
    1. The fire burned him that way.
    2. Both should have suffered worse just being that close to Rock so hot it was a liquid.
    I mean steelworks are life-threathingly hot environments. And steel has a low melting point and good heat management compared to lava caves.
    The air that close to a river of something at 700-1200°C would propably burn your lungs. If it even still had Oxygen.
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    Christopher got a reaction from Armory in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
    Maybe Terry Pratchet was right after all?
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    Christopher got a reaction from Barton in Getting Better: Tonight's Mistakes   
    I will try to solve your questions. Of course I have the benefit of unlimtied time instead of the streess of GMing in paralell.
    The setting will solve this.
    In Heroic, a 6DC attack sounds like a likely value. WHile +6 DC sounds excessive.
    In Superheroic, a 6DC attacks sounds uselessly small. Unless it has some advantages that affect the DC calculation (so iti s actually a 9 or 12 DC attack), 30 STR is way to little damage. While normal STR + 6 DC should be about in line Characters < 30 STR.
    Turning a power off/on usually requires a 0-Phase action. And you can not do that specific "flip switching" action twice per phase. So no turning Desolid "off and on again" in the same phase. You also no longer can take 0-phase actions after an attack. Otherwise Affects real world would be unessesary.
    If he was desolid when starting the move: Turn off desolid before the move or after a half-move. Then Passign strike.
    If he wasa solid before: He could turn it on before/after his half move, but would then jsut pass through his enemy. And turning it on after an attack does not work.
    I usually find Multiple Attack to be overly limiting. Way to many penalties in Superheroics to use it.
    NND is a form of AVAD.
    In a way NND is both the final step and a lessening of the "Defenses Ladder".
    The rules regarding no body damage are AVAD side:
    "AVAD attacks only do STUN damage (even ifin their ordinary form they do BODY), and the specifed defense reduces their effect as usual. However, characters can purchase the Does BODY (+1) Advantage for them (see 6E1 333). If a character buys an AVAD attack with the Advantage Autofre, he must apply an additional +1 Advantage to Autofre."
    This includes the exceptions for Drains.
    By RAW "Draw weapon" is a 1/2 Phase action, with no "can be combiend with 1/2 Move" allowance.
    Of coruse Quick Draw is still an option.
    By default Shape Shift is "constant" and "costs end each turn".
    "A character may freely shif his shape as ofen
    as desired; switching shapes takes a Half Phase
    Action. Shape Shif costs END to use, both to shif
    shapes and to stay in a shifed shape. If the character is Knocked Out or Stunned while in shifed
    shape, his Shape Shif immediately “turns off ”
    unless it’s Persistent"
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    Christopher got a reaction from Cancer in Quote of the Week From My Life.   
    The discussion came towards religious fanatics. And how they relate to Antheism. A Atheist said:
    "I do not mind god. Just some of his Fanclubs are really worrying me!"
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    Christopher got a reaction from bigbywolfe in Aphorisms for a Superhero Universe   
    Or if voiced by Vin Diesel.
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    Christopher reacted to Cygnia in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to Cygnia in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to Cygnia in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to Starlord in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to archer in In other news...   
    Report Reveals Jesus Christ May Have Benefited From Father’s Influential Position To Gain High-Powered Role As Lord And Savior
    "Examining evidence from the Gospels, as well as recently unearthed ancient Christian and Gnostic texts, researchers at Yale Divinity School concluded that Christ’s close familial relationship to the Creator of Heaven and Earth likely contributed to His meteoric rise from obscure carpenter to high-level divinity"
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    Christopher reacted to Sociotard in "Neat" Pictures   
    "Into the Marvelverse" looks busy.
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    Christopher reacted to Zeropoint in "Neat" Pictures   
    Looks like the skull of some sylvan spirit beast.
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    Christopher reacted to Greywind in "Neat" Pictures   
    A mimic that never learned that its fangs are supposed to be inside the chest.
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    Christopher reacted to L. Marcus in More space news!   
    Needs a good vacuuming.
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    Christopher reacted to Starlord in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   

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    Christopher reacted to wcw43921 in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to Old Man in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to tkdguy in Futuristic Sports & Entertainment   
    This game has apparently been around since 2011.
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    Christopher reacted to Cygnia in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to Starlord in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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    Christopher reacted to archer in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   

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    Christopher reacted to Lord Liaden in DC Movies- if at first you don't succeed...   
    I don't see DC as "flailing" at this point. I believe they're trying to do just what we've been applauding Marvel for -- find the style and tone which fits each distinct character.
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    Christopher reacted to Bazza in Funny Pics II: The Revenge   
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