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  1. "Don't look at me like that, there were a ton of hints on this one."
  2. Yeah... I'd mentioned on another forum that Gary and I were in a Pathfinder group that neither one of us could stand, not only because of all the house rules, but because the GM was deliberately slowing XP advancement to a crawl because apparently he wanted the game to be gritty. Which you just can't do if you're playing D&D/Pathfinder past a certain level because people have lots of hit points and healing. And I thought, "Why doesn't he just play HERO or GURPS or some other game where character advancement does not automatically translate into taking more damage?" Basically some people are so attached to the D&D paradigm that they want to fit the peg into holes where it won't go. (Which explains, among other things, D20 Modern.) Of course it's also been pointed out to me that converting a Pathfinder game to HERO basically means *creating* Pathfinder HERO almost out of whole cloth. But I think most of it other than the magic shouldn't be too hard. JG
  3. +1d6: Good Looking +2d6: Really Good Looking +3d6: Really, REALLY Good Looking
  4. Re: Order of the Stick Casting Poison on a Dwarf. Really? JG
  5. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Adam Sandler IS Bullwinkle!
  6. Re: Musings on Random Musings Or Johnny Carson. JG
  7. Re: Musings on Random Musings They sure do. JG
  8. Re: A Thread for Random Videos "Never bring a knifechuck to a gunchuck fight."
  9. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Bach. The way it was meant to be played.
  10. Re: A Thread for Random Videos They probably think Americans wouldn't relate to guys whose cars can spew caviar slicks. JG
  11. Re: Order of the Stick That would be neat. JG
  12. Re: BOOKS OF THE UNDEAD: MUMMIES Now Available! Does the MUMMIES book include a writeup for Keith Richards? JG
  13. Re: Musings on Random Musings No, more like impractical to the point of impossibility. That could be counted as an example. Jesus was clearly more willing to die than to shed someone else's blood. But Christian doctrine does recognize a "just war" concept. So on one level that's reconciling the ideal to reality. On the other hand, it's failing to acknowledge that the ideal either is not being practiced sincerely or CANNOT be practiced sincerely. JG
  14. Re: A Thread for Random Videos "Happy Valentine's Day."
  15. Re: The "Essay"(ESSE/UEH) Project(Warning: mature/controversial content contained her As for Lucius' idea, the idea of a belt (or a handcuff build, for that matter) that is accessible by lockpicks would probably be more of a Limitation to the effect of "Can Be Removed With Successful Lockpicking Skill Roll." I'd maybe give that a -1/4. JG
  16. Re: The "Essay"(ESSE/UEH) Project(Warning: mature/controversial content contained her
  17. Re: The "Essay"(ESSE/UEH) Project(Warning: mature/controversial content contained her Probably similar to handcuffs, as an Entangle or Barrier only versus a certain area. JG
  18. Re: Musings on Random Musings There is some accuracy to the statement that "all Western philosophy is basically the footnotes and commentary to Plato." Unfortunately, Plato was the first major philosopher to promote the concept that the Ideal was not only a model to emulate in physical existence, but ontologically more REAL than physical existence, meaning that any fool with an Ideal could promote a way of living completely at odds with the needs of existence and get people to follow it, and any attempt to argue with it on the grounds that it didn't fit the physical world was considered ultimate evidence of its worth. To give an idea of how this actually plays out, read "The Emperor's New Clothes." Or the history of the Catholic Church. JG
  19. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Message to Las Vegas Tourists: When driving south on Gillespie to return your rent-a-cars to the McCarran Airport rent-a-car center, the car complex is the building just south of the freeway bridge, on the right-hand (west) side of the street. That means that to enter the car lot, you need to be in the right lane, because the turn lane is the one ON THE RIGHT. To repeat: THE TURN LANE IS THE ONE ON THE RIGHT. That means it is not necessary to drive the entire length of the street in the left-hand lane and then, just as you're about to pass the car lot, suddenly correct by cutting across three whole lanes of traffic with no warning whatsoever, thereby threatening to cause a multi-vehicle rear-end collision with every other driver behind you, all of whom had slightly less clue of what you were doing than you did. So to avoid such danger on a future visit, remember: Be in the right hand lane before you cross the freeway bridge to enter the rent-a-car lot, because - to repeat once more for emphasis - THE TURN LANE IS THE ONE ON THE RIGHT. Thanks for visiting. As a reminder, McCarran Airport contains several gift shops where you can purchase boxes of CrackerJack, which may allow you to obtain a state driver's license.
  20. Re: Musings on Random Musings Plato isn't dull and boring, he's extremely scary. JG
  21. Re: Musings on Random Musings I think of all the education that I missed But then my homework was never quite like this
  22. Re: Musings on Random Musings More than likely they've had more time to practice the latter by themselves. JG
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