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  1. I'm currently running a Hyborian Hero campaign. This site has been invaluable for player and GM information: https://hyboria.xoth.net/index.htm This is the campaign map I have imported into Roll20: https://i.redd.it/bdwr792mcva21.jpg I uploaded a Hero Designer Prefab for Hyborian Age Currency: https://www.herogames.com/files/file/316-fh-hyborian-currency/ Hope these links help you as much as they've helped me.
  2. My guess is the inability to carry enough fuel.
  3. You're confusing acceleration with velocity. Current spacecraft and probes are accelerated to a specific velocity where they remain for the duration of the trip, so most of their trip is spent at zero-G acceleration. This chart assumes constant acceleration to midpoint and then constant deceleration to destination. The physics and formulae are correct.
  4. Sounds like your 6E character template(s) got altered somehow. "Heroic6E.hdt" and "Superheroic6E.hdt" are the names of the templates in the "HD6.jar" file. Try replacing your "HD6.jar" file with a freshly downloaded copy.
  5. I just want to increase the number of players who use the HERO System. There's a limited amount of gaming dollars available and HERO is getting virtually none of it. How could it hurt?
  6. Getting back to the original question, I would love an awesome Pulp setting using HERO rules. "Lands of Mystery" was the greatest pulp adventure of all-time. I'm currently running Cthulhu HERO for my players, converting published CoC adventures for HERO. None of the players have had much HERO experience before, but they were all familiar with Call of Cthulhu. I've been easing them into the rules, introducing additional crunchiness as they get more experience. Of all the genres, I think Pulp has been the most under-served in the market, and a good opportunity for HERO to carve out a nice wedge for themselves. I also believe the rules should be open-sourced (like D20), but that is another discussion.
  7. Thanks! The maps are better than I expected. They leave a lot of room for GM expansion. Sometimes simpler is better.
  8. Will this release of "The Broken Kingdoms" contain a map? That was always the dealbreaker for me.
  9. They are in the HSEG p107-108 but I have never seen them in the HSEG prefabs, or any other prefab.
  10. Miskatonic River Press. It's been out of print for years. Amazon has a copy for $249. There are PDFs floating around the interwebs. https://www.amazon.com/Tales-Sleepless-Scott-David-Aniolowski/dp/098218185X
  11. I've been running a Roll20 "Cthulhu HERO" campaign set in 1925 using pre-published adventures that I've converted to HERO. The players are fairly new to HERO so I'm able to hand-wave things a little in order to keep the game flowing smoothly. I'm currently running them through adventures from "Tales of the Sleepless City", which is a collection of CoC scenarios set in 1920s New York City. As they get more experience using the HERO System, I'm slowly introducing them to more of the rules. It's working great so far. For sanity checks, the players must make EGO rolls with various modifiers. Failure can result in the characters acquiring a Psychological Limitation which could be temporary or permanent, depending upon how badly they failed the EGO roll. Permanent Psych Lims can still be bought down or bought off with XPs.
  12. Templates modified. See edit above.
  13. Here are two templates I modified to combine computers with vehicles. One template just adds INT (for a regular computer) and the other template adds INT and EGO (for an AI). Vehicle With AI - 6th Edition.hdtVehicle With Computer - 6th Edition.hdt EDIT: Templates modified on April 19, 2019 to include the "Program" Talent.
  14. Nice export format! If the character image is large, you end up with a horizontal scroll bar. You might want to resize the image in HTML.
  15. After bugs are squashed, still hoping for character graphic image display!
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