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  1. I'm running a Fantasy Hero campaign set in the Hyborian Kingdoms, so I created a Hero Designer prefab with many different coins from several kingdoms with their relative values. It is easily adaptable to any fantasy setting, and can be downloaded here: https://www.herogames.com/files/file/316-fh-hyborian-currency/ I based everything off the generic "silver piece" where 1SP = $1.00. Feel free to adjust values accordingly.
  2. Nice Traveller products at Independence Games. Do you know if their deckplans are hex-grid or square-grid? Hex-grid deckplans are very rare and difficult to find.
  7. "Print to PDF" functionality has been removed in a recent Hero Designer update. It was a bolt-on feature from an independent developer, and there were compatibility issues with recent versions of Java. You can use one of the many Export Formats available in the Downloads section of this website.
  8. 400 TON DONOSEV- CLASS SURVEY SCOUT Note: Not my design. Found on web. The Donosev class is the workhorse of the Imperial Grand Survey. Its task is to continually re-survey star systems and worlds within Imperial space, updating maps and maintaining navigational beacons. The heart of the ship is the survey module, which is usually manned by four survey specialists. The spacedock normally carries three air/rafts, a 50-ton modular cutter with lab module and a spare fuel-skimming module. Survey operations are carried out using a combination of on-board sensors, long-range probes, and cutter overflights. The ship is primarily designed to work from orbit, but some lab space is set aside to handle geological or biological samples. The survey scout is almost never armed, although in dangerous regions the ship can easily mount four turrets at the cost of four tons of cargo space.
  9. From 6E1p20: No More Hexes: The HERO System no longer measures things in “hexes” (or “inches”). Instead, it just uses meters. This means changing the way Movement Powers and some other elements are noted on the character sheet (for example, Flight 20” becomes Flight 40m) and also has some effect on certain costs and calculations (such as the Area Of Effect Advantage). That leaves hexes/battlemats and scale up to the players/GM. Hexes are still useful for combat and mapping, they're just no longer part of the official rules.
  10. 6E does away with the concept of hexes and inches and just uses meters for movement, distances, weapon range, area of effect etc. Feel free to use whatever scale you wish for hex maps.
  11. Will there be an update to the User Manual, removing the PDF section (p. 32)?
  12. Wow! Removing PDF functionality reduced the size of the jar file from 41.5 MB to 14.6 MB. Looks like a lot of programming bloat.
  13. Hi Dan. I deleted my existing Hero Designer folder and unzipped a fresh install of the Jan 02, 2020 build into my Home directory (Ubuntu 16.04). Ran it as always from the command line (java -jar HD6.jar), opened an hdc character which previously printed OK with older HD versions. Print error generated as above.
  14. I can reproduce this Print to PDF bug. Print to PDF was working well in earlier versions. Currently not working in Jan 02, 2020 build.
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