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  1. Re-importing characters is not an issue for me. I am, however, still waiting on character image support 😀
  2. My vote is for Aarn. A 6E Turakian Age setting with the depth of "Ptolus" would get me to spend serious cash and stimulate years of roleplaying.
  3. 6E1 92 states: "Two-Weapon Fighting is the ability to use the Combat Maneuver Multiple Attack (6E2 73) with greater skill and accuracy than normal when using two weapons (one in each hand)." 6E2 73 states: "Multiple Attack allows a character to: make multiple strikes against a single target with a single attack make multiple strikes against a single target with multiple forms of attack make multiple strikes against multiple targets with a single attack make multiple strikes against multiple targets with multiple forms of attack" If you look at the bold highlighted conditions, does this mean the the second (offhand) weapon does not need to be used at all in a Multiple Attack? That the primary weapon can be used in both attacks without incurring the initial -2 OCV penalty?
  4. Hero System Skills 6E, page 50 discusses the Talent "Universal Scholar": "Universal Scholar costs 20 Character Points. For that cost, the character has an INT Roll with any Knowledge Skill of the “Average” category (see the Knowledge Skill Category Table on page 210). For every step up or down the table, he suffers a -2 penalty to his INT Roll to know a fact associated with a KS of that category (for example, for a KS pertaining to an Incredibly Broad category, he’d make his INT Roll at -8; for a KS of an Unimagin- ably Precise category, he’d make an INT Roll at -12)..." The character/AI can improve their roll with Skill Levels and other modifiers (e.g., taking extra time, etc.).
  5. No manual Base sheets that I know of. There is a Hero Designer export format for Bases posted here (Text export only): https://www.herogames.com/files/file/92-txt-6e-straight-text-bases-gorden-feiner/ Posted by someone named Spence.
  6. C-Note


    I've downloaded the update multiple times. The datecode on the HD6.jar file is 23 October 2020, but the datecode on the HDDocs.pdf file is 15 February 2014 with the "Print to PDF" contents listed above. Could it be an issue with the zipfile available in my "Manage Purchases" page? Thanks again, Dan.
  7. C-Note


    The documentation still contains the Print to PDF section on page 32.
  8. C-Note


    Was the revised HD documentation included in this update? Thanks, Dan.
  9. Hi Dan. The 06302020 update still contains the old documentation with Print to PDF instructions.
  10. In the Galactic Champions sourcebook, the Galactic Federation follows the Terran Empire. I'm curious if anyone has set their campaign during this time period. It seems like it would be ideal for a Lensman (Star*Guard) space opera campaign against Istvatha V’han.
  11. I'm running a Fantasy Hero campaign set in the Hyborian Kingdoms, so I created a Hero Designer prefab with many different coins from several kingdoms with their relative values. It is easily adaptable to any fantasy setting, and can be downloaded here: https://www.herogames.com/files/file/316-fh-hyborian-currency/ I based everything off the generic "silver piece" where 1SP = $1.00. Feel free to adjust values accordingly.
  12. Nice Traveller products at Independence Games. Do you know if their deckplans are hex-grid or square-grid? Hex-grid deckplans are very rare and difficult to find.
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