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  1. There is no 4th Edition Fantasy Hero character sheet in any of the books. Here is the one from 4th Edition Hero System Rulesbook. Hero System - 4th Edition - Character Sheet.pdf
  2. C-Note

    JRE on USB

    It might be possible. Here is one portable version of Java: Portable Java The issue is that a portable JRE is platform-dependent (i.e. Windows), which kind of defeats the purpose of Java.
  3. Check this thread. https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/98633-print-to-pdf-not-working/ Also, make sure you have a recent version of Java installed.
  4. Make sure that Hero Designer is unzipped into a folder you have full rights to (e.g. My Documents) and run it from there.
  5. https://www.herogames.com/store/product/121-lux-aeternum-pdf/ "Lux Aeternum is a cinematic science fiction setting that strives to evoke the romanticized spirit of the 17th Century Age of Exploration – a time of sweeping changes, social upheaval, and limitless opportunity. Action, drama, and grand adventure are key elements to any grand tale to be told in this setting. The absence of faster-than-light travel limits the playing field to a handful of star systems and allows this finite area to be fleshed out with a level of detail and complexity not possible in a galaxy-spanning saga." Anyone know anything about this? It's been in the Hero Store for ages, but there is virtually no information about it. How complete is it as a ready-to-run setting? Maps/Worlds/Templates/etc.
  6. Love it so far. The "Equipment" tab is missing. Is this a "to do" or a bug? Thanks. edit: Just noticed this. Nevermind! The character must have been created with the Superheroic template.
  7. There was supposed to be a 6th Edition Vehicles sourcebook published (it never was), which was the reason 6E Star Hero omitted starship combat rules. Hopefully, someone will create one under Hall of Champions. It is a glaring omission and makes 6th Edition HERO incomplete.
  8. Another variant. This one found on the web:
  9. Seriously? Not singling out Usagi. I just think there may be a bug in the forum software preventing me from changing Rank.
  10. I've tried, off and on for years to edit my Rank, but the feature has never been available. Plus, I've seen board members with lower post counts and newer membership dates with custom Ranks. At my current post rate, I'll be in my mid-80s when I can edit my rank. Only 30+ years to go! 🙂
  11. I just wonder why I'm still classified as a "New Member" after being here for 16 years. Babies born when I joined the board are driving now! 🙂
  12. Extract the zip file to a folder you have access to. Several sub-folders are created. "Randall's Raiders" contains Character files (.hdc). The rest contain Prefabs (.hdp). Run Hero Designer and open a character (or begin creating a new one). Go to the Menu Bar and click "Prefabs" -> "Load Prefab". Browse to the folder where you unzipped the Pulp Hero Character Pack and select a Prefab. Click "Load Prefab". For this example, we will select the New Talent "Animal Friendship.hdp". In Hero Designer, click the "Talents" tab. You will see 2 sub-tabs, "Talents" and "Prefabs". Select the "Prefabs" Tab. You will see a folder called "Animal Friendship". Open the folder and you will see the "Animal Friendship" Talent (Real Cost: 20). Double click the "Animal Friendship" Talent and it will add it to your Talents list on the left. The 20 points will automatically accrue to your character total. You can load multiple Prefabs simultaneously but if you have too many loaded, it will fill up your memory. Other Prefabs will add a Tab to Skills, Martial Arts, Powers, Equipment, etc. depending upon the Prefab.
  13. From 6E2P54: A character’s Reach is 1 meter around himself — about the length of an ordinary human arm, with a little extra space to allow for the minor movement that occurs during any combat situation. For unarmed HTH combat, does this mean that 2 combatants can only be, at most, 1 meter from each other, or 2 meters since both combatants each have 1 meter of Reach? Depending upon the maneuver, of course.
  14. From 6E2P54: Hand-To-Hand Combat (“HTH Combat”) is combat between two characters who are within Reach of one another. A character’s Reach is 1 meter around himself — about the length of an ordinary human arm, with a little extra space to allow for the minor movement that occurs during any combat situation. Some Powers or abilities increase a character’s Reach, as can using a long weapon (see 6E2 201). HTH Combat usually involves punching or melee weapons such as swords, not attacks that work at Range (such as guns or Blasts). If you are using 1-meter hexes, I interpret this to mean that HTH combatants can be 2 hexes apart, since each combatant will have a 1-meter reach.
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