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  1. Will there be an update to the User Manual, removing the PDF section (p. 32)?
  2. Wow! Removing PDF functionality reduced the size of the jar file from 41.5 MB to 14.6 MB. Looks like a lot of programming bloat.
  3. Hi Dan. I deleted my existing Hero Designer folder and unzipped a fresh install of the Jan 02, 2020 build into my Home directory (Ubuntu 16.04). Ran it as always from the command line (java -jar HD6.jar), opened an hdc character which previously printed OK with older HD versions. Print error generated as above.
  4. I can reproduce this Print to PDF bug. Print to PDF was working well in earlier versions. Currently not working in Jan 02, 2020 build.
  5. Thank you. If it isn't too much trouble, while you're adding Cost and Quantity, can you include the "Weight" field?
  6. Great news! Thanks.
  7. My phone is encrypted, if that matters.
  8. Same problem from Google Drive.
  9. I tried loading it from local directories. Documents and Downloads. Crashes when opening Compound Power equipment. Tried loading from microSD card. Character doesn't load at all. MicroSD card formatted as exFAT if that matters. Thank you for all your help. I will try it on my tablet later.
  10. I was planning on getting a new phone. This has just hastened my decision. 🙂
  11. Did that too.
  12. Verified empty.
  13. Thanks, but this was the first time loading this character. I've been loading the hdc from my Documents folder. Should I place it in HEROSystemMobile->characters and load it from there?
  14. If you open the HDC in Hero Designer, you will see that they are Characteristics purchased as Powers. 0 additional points of PD/ED purchased with Resistant (+1/2), checked box "Add Modifiers to Base Characteristic". 3 CP Real Cost each.
  15. 0 points of Resistant PD (applied to Primary Characteristic only) costs 3CP. Same for Resistant ED as calculated in Hero Designer. They show up in Resistant Defenses on the characteristics screen and in the PDF export.
  16. 1.6.0. Most recent. I make sure it is always updated.
  17. One other minor issue. If you look at the hdc, you'll see I purchased Resistant PD and ED on the Primary Characteristics only (no Extra Resistant PD or ED), but the Resistant Defenses are not showing.
  18. Just tried all these steps including clearing cache and uninstalling/reinstalling app. Same issue. Android 8.1, Motorola Moto G4 Plus if that helps.
  19. Sent hdc file. 6th Edition Heroic template. Thanks!
  20. Here is the hdc file that crashes Hero System Mobile opening Equipment built as a Compound Power.  Thanks!

    Conway Costigan.hdc

  21. Hi sentry0. Thanks for an awesome tool! Currently, the app crashes when I try to open a piece of Equipment built as a Compound Power. Also requesting that Equipment displays "Quantity" and "Cost" (currency, not points). Hard to keep track of Gold Pieces!
  22. Heroic Template support, please! Specifically, Powers as "Equipment" support. Currently, the app crashes when I try to open a piece of Equipment built as a Compound Power. Also requesting that Equipment displays "Quantity" and "Cost" (currency, not points).
  23. There is no 4th Edition Fantasy Hero character sheet in any of the books. Here is the one from 4th Edition Hero System Rulesbook. Hero System - 4th Edition - Character Sheet.pdf
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