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  1. Well, I think it adds flavor. Most definitely. It certainly worked for Fading Suns as a whole.
  2. For me, while I enjoyed the rich detail of the Terran Empire setting, I have a related, similar response to the 'maps' comment. Some of this falls on the 'art', but it's a bigger thing than that -- setting design. I think I was looking for something in the setting that gave the Terran Empire its character visually, perhaps: - ship designs broken down by manufacturer or major factions; - uniforms, clothing, and space suit design - interior layouts of ships, arrangements of space stations, and yes maps of settlements, towns, and cities. Sadly, I seem to have
  3. Would it damage the 'brand' of Hero to release some things for free? Also, for pricing, is there a page count + b&w / color + images/no images standard that's being followed?
  4. It’s got potential, but I’m afraid about them doing too much for shock and not for a good story...
  5. In Batman: Year One, we saw how a boy who'd dedicated his life to fighting crime finally figured out how to become a one-man crusader against the underworld. Many of our super-hero campaigns assume we're more or less fully fleshed out as a hero, along with all our powers / abilities / skills. But what about a campaign that's about how you go from Talented Normal and get experience bonus jumps (due to trauma or accident or intensive training) as you grow into a low powered hero? First off: what are our inspirations for this? Perhaps these... Batman: Year One
  6. well, all I’m saying is that there’s still an opportunity here with the new community content approach. but finding the right factors to capitalize on a boom can be tricky. Look at all the would-be gaming industry giants that didn’t make it in the d20 era. in addition to reawakening the Hero market, we should continue with initiatives that create a new generation - something like the character creation cards they came out with, perhaps? in any case, I’m eager to see what people come up with, and if there are hard market numbers out there that can give insights. Starting t
  7. the easiest way to do this is to create modern day pulp characters or danger international characters, I feel. Asking someone to build a full on super-hero may be a bit too much. In a way, this is similar to DCC which tends to start off people with 0-level characters, making character creation even easier than the classic roll 3d6 x 6 times approach and choose a class. Another approach: a campaign with a random power roll-up for low powered characters, then slowly award points to build up their characters.
  8. I hear these are record years for GenCon, and the indie RPGs / storygames are really an area of growth. In the absence of more detailed numbers, I'd hesitate to talk about the main reasons but I'd hazard that HERO can make a comeback with the right product line strategy and a good marketing approach. Note: I'm not saying that we should entirely ditch the strengths of HERO. I've written some articles about it, and I believe that HERO is about characters and story as much as any other RPG, but a different kind of storytelling and tolerance for plausibility than others.
  9. For us publishing newbies -- any recommended tools for creating & laying out PDFs?
  10. I'm posting this here, my latest blog post on Champions (and the Hero System), because I though that it might help some of the folks currently planning to work on Community Content for Hero. None of it is really mechanics or even anything new for long-time aficionados -- and I'm sure some of you might have other takes. But in light of many of the gaming trends these days, I think it's important to celebrate the confluence of factors that keep Champions & Hero relevant and -- dare I say it -- unique in the game-o-sphere.
  11. Eager to work with some of my old gaming buddies on filling out the corners of the HERO System offerings -- and to remind people to go out there and be HEROes!
  12. It was nice to see Marc Dacascos again, and not just as a stereotypical boss level fight.
  13. Yes I may have to go the PayPal route, and set up an account. UPDATE: Tried PayPal, and it worked. I guess there was just an issue with the normal Credit Card payment gateway. The Philippines gets tagged as a source of credit card fraud from time to time, so some gateways do that, I guess.
  14. I just tried paying, but it rejected two of my Credit Cards. Both still have balances and are in good standing -- is there a problem with the Payment Gateway? Or is there just a security issue with credit cards from the Philippines?
  15. It'll be tricky -- HIM is kind of a Mxyzptlk meets Mephisto character, wildly powerful but somehow defeated through emotional or moral triumphs.
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