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  1. It was nice to see Marc Dacascos again, and not just as a stereotypical boss level fight.
  2. Yes I may have to go the PayPal route, and set up an account. UPDATE: Tried PayPal, and it worked. I guess there was just an issue with the normal Credit Card payment gateway. The Philippines gets tagged as a source of credit card fraud from time to time, so some gateways do that, I guess.
  3. I just tried paying, but it rejected two of my Credit Cards. Both still have balances and are in good standing -- is there a problem with the Payment Gateway? Or is there just a security issue with credit cards from the Philippines?
  4. It'll be tricky -- HIM is kind of a Mxyzptlk meets Mephisto character, wildly powerful but somehow defeated through emotional or moral triumphs.
  5. One of the things that seems to be a natural outgrowth of this exercise -- a discussion between the two of us regarding the differing powers and power levels of the girls. As mentioned above, they initially seem to be interchangeable and have many shared powers -- but occasionally the stories show how they're different. A new challenge for me: how to build & rebuild the characters so that those differences come out in play (Bubbles at a lower power level given her friendly nature, but terrible when enraged as in the S01 episode "Bubblevicious".
  6. From my blog: The Powerpuff Girls, it turns out, aren't a pure rip-off of the Kryptonian power set. Each of the girls have their own unique powers -- and that's just from the original series. I won't go into the two other series that have aired since then.In order to build the girls in the Hero System, I'd follow the following process: create a base PPG template of powers add in the individual powers and abilities of each girl tweak the stats and complications for a completed character sheet. 1. the Base PPG template Fortunately, www.writeups.org has DC Heroes character sheets for each of the girls: Blossom Bubbles Buttercup These will not only help to build my base template, but will also help in the next step on how to add in the individual powers of each girl. However, not everything necessarily will be reflected in these stats, so I'd have to go to a Wikia page for an 'in fiction' explanation of those abilities. 2. Individual Powers and Abilities It turns out that Bubbles has the ability to talk to animals, and that Buttercup is the fastest of the trio, and that Blossom has both fire breath and freeze breath. Thank goodness for fandom wikis which keep track of this sort of thing. 3. Finishing off the character sheet I'll be honest in that I'll be trying to not only be faithful to the builds based on the two sets of source material above, but I'll also be balancing them against each other, point-wise. This is partially due to my longtime Hero System habits of wanting to know the point totals, but also to show my son how allocation of the same amount of resources can result in very different results... and different options for play.
  7. My son kept asking questions about who could defeat whom when encountering superheroes and video game characters across a variety of media, none of them comics. so I decided to run Champions for him, with his fave supers, train him in the ruleset, and then eventually have the PPGirls come up against the many different iterations of Superman and family. So far: a damaged Superman robot that was controlled by Mechanon. also: I plan to use it to teach him about science (villains galore) and math (System and puzzles), which he needs instruction in.
  8. This is a welcome return. My West Coast Metropolis & Gotham were San Angelo and Night City respectively.
  9. Not a bad idea. Someone needs to Defend the original timeline. 😁
  10. Longtime fan and Hero gamer. Prided myself on pen and paper calculator work on character sheets. But now I'm running for the next generation and I want to simplify my life... Some help?
  11. Interesting point of view, but with Tony dusting Thanos and his invaders before they were returned to their timeline, there's already an alternate timeline, IMHO.
  12. Wow! This is a lot of work. Will you consolidate things later?
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