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  1. 475 downloads

    Another bunch of generic vehicles for Champion/Danger International.
  2. 424 downloads

    Another Batch of Generic Vehicles for Champion/Danger International.
  3. 482 downloads

    More ground vehicles with helicopter and airplanes. Like the first part, they are generic vehicles to uses for Champion or DANGER INTERNATIONAL.
  4. 600 downloads

    This is the part 1 for modern vehicle for contempory hero systems games aka Danger International. i has read in the forum they have a demand for 6th edition vehicle. They are illustrated and each one has a short description. This is a corrected version of part 1.
  5. 377 downloads

    Vehicles for a Cyber Star-Hero Campaign with description and illustration.
  6. I like the idea of a blanket limitation at -1 and the buget based on character Ego with a unknow numbers. I think I will use these two idea for my campaign. I thank you! For your`s suggestion. Carnifex
  7. If i use a bioware like this: Muscle Augmentation Aid STR 4d6 (24 active points); (extra time full phase -1/2), (only aid self -1),(bioware side effects -2). Real cost 5. Bioware; Go berserk 14- recover 14- and shout tekili-li constantly. Perhaps you has a better way to simulate-it. I am very open to suggestion. Carnifex
  8. You are right writing-it in the power give the plot away. I will think of another method. Perhaps using the Underground roleplaying games has a inspiration, Genetically enhanced ex-mercenaries who were given superpowers by reverse engineered genetic technology recovered from the Elder Thing come to mind. A Player Character begins as he's discharged from service as a genetically-enhanced warrior who had been conditioned to think of himself as an ultraviolent superhero with a bizarre origin story and a dramatic past. They tend to see the world in the uncompromising black-and-white ethos of s
  9. In my futur Cthulhupunk campaign, a corporation from the APC (Atlantic Province Confederation) Bio-Quebec a retro-engineer the Elder Thing shoggoth to create their famous bioware. In my story if the pc or npc has too much bioware he develop the Tekili-li syndrome. its a thing like cyberpsychosis but with a Cthulhu flavor. The goal of the campaign is to discover-it and puplish-it in the media. My problem I dont know how to create-it in the bioware power. Have you a suggestion to my problem.
  10. 35 downloads

    Built like a futuristic supercar, with smooth, aerodynamic lines, the Arrow wins over many buyers because of its look rather than its performance characteristics. The power cell of this model produce a very characteristic sound who also explain his success with the young generation. (111 mph)
  11. Version hdp


    Generic firearms for peoples who do not like to complicate thing with too much detail.
  12. 27 downloads

    Murder Legendre Without his zombie it`s the same thing than Batman without Robin. It`s a Zombie in his decaying splendor.
  13. 25 downloads

    It`s my version of Murder Legendre from the movie white zombie for my the day after ragnarok campaign.
  14. 18 downloads

    Bruno Bucierri is the little cesar of Radisson City for my post-apocalyptic campaign.
  15. Re: Steampunk Star Wars (Needs Better Name) Perhaps Vapour Wars Oups! you american use the terms Vapor Wars. Lord Crownstone Explorer and great white hunter
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