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  1. Re: Cool Guns for your Games (haven't watched the video yet, but I wonder if he knows that he's got the dust cover closed still on that aimpoint? at at least one point during he's got it closed, but it's in a demonstration room. Also, he seems to be going for a safety many times, and the weird thing is, I can hear it "click"... however the 249 doesn't have a safety selector, the only time it's "safe" is when you haven't loaded it. Lastly, I thought they removed the "magazine" well on the newer ones because it rarely worked well at all (this I can attest to). But cool video n
  2. Re: Cool Guns for your Games lol, good stuff.
  3. Re: Cool Guns for your Games They want 1,300 bucks for it at Cabela's... I can pick up a .22 Remington from them for just near a hundred bucks.... Wow... That's absurd in my opinion.
  4. Re: Star Wars: Technological Stagnation? I'm pretty sure the "Absorb/Dissipate energy" ability is based on Vader "catching" Han's blaster bolts in Empire, so it's sourced in Cannon. I've seen other sources saying that he has some sort of Sith power glove that was made to do that, however I think that's less cannon than Vader using the force to somehow negate the damage from Han's shots. As a side, I also think that the same scene shows us (or is modeled to show us) just how useful a high "fast-draw" type skill (assuming, probably rightfully so- as Han is a smuggler, he has a
  5. Re: Star Wars: Technological Stagnation? For playing Star Wars D6 for 10+ years, I've never had an issue with Jedi being the lion's share of the PC party... in fact I've had most games where there is one or at most two Jedi, and more than a few with no Jedi at all... Most folks took the original series as a template, and if there was already one Jedi then no one else took one (mostly). More often we had a run on how many folks wanted to play the Smuggler or Tramp Freighter Captain. And when we got old enough we used some of the Rebel Source Book and got really into the Rebel Special Ope
  6. Re: Star Wars: Technological Stagnation? I see that specific quote (emphasis mine): Referenced the first movie (emphasis also mine): It seems to suggest that Owen Knew Anakin before he fought in the Clone War (Beru also suggests that she knows Anakin well, because she tells Owen at one point (in the ten lines they have before they die, lol) that "Luke has a lot of his father in him"*), and also suggests that he was older when Obi-wan met... I will cede that it's wrapped in a bit of double talk, but I still don't agree with the prequel on him being a kid. But t
  7. Re: Star Wars: Technological Stagnation? Wait... a parallel Universe to the first movies (4,5, and 6), or a parallel to the Prequels (1,2, and 3)... Remember when Luke asks, Obi-wan tells him that he met his father when he was a fighter pilot already, and no I don't buy into the Obi-wan was lying bit... not to mention there were enough other problems between the two, that I consider the prequels a alt. universe anyway. But I'm a (prequel) hater who believes that Han shot first. Also a bit of Cheek added into the post .
  8. Re: Star Wars: Technological Stagnation? I think I even saw a folding "holdout" lazer Gatling gun in this preview: Yah, I don't think anything but "the rule of cool" is wholeheartedly applied to SW... (uh... ignoring the prequels, lol)
  9. Re: Cool Guns for your Games looks like an twisted p90, I don't think it's an AK design, but I've been wrong before... unless that dude (and the weapon) is (are) a giant(s) then that magazine looks like it's pretty small (I'd say .22-5.56) size rounds, I think it's a tad small for 7.62, but again, I've been wrong. Pretty advanced stuff really, I'm surprised.
  10. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Yah, the tech we have available to us is friggen awesome.
  11. Re: Cool Guns for your Games it's still a .Mil site, I'd say it was fine unless you are the conspiracy theory type.
  12. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Lots of cool stuff on there. I've seen Proto-versions of the shotty when I was in, The gunshot detector, we had unit sized ones (Battalion level) when I was in Kosovo, I was in the Talk when our base was attacked, and you can get information on where the rounds came from and where they are going as small as .38 they said, we saw 9mm and 7.62 that day get traced. Then security teams were sent to the originating locations to root out combatants... So I know we have this tech avalible, but I didn't know it was down to personnel sized yet (though, I did
  13. Re: Cool Guns for your Games
  14. Re: Special Forces PC groups and adventures that happen "off the clock"
  15. Re: Special Forces PC groups and adventures that happen "off the clock" If I were you check out the "Inside Delta Force" book, Sure it's a specialized SF unit run by JSOC, but it'll still give you an idea, or if you want to watch it in "near to Gamer fiction" jump on Amazon Prime and grab a download (or just get it on DVD, via Netflix or something) the first season of The Unit... which is based off the book I mentioned... It's not an end all be all, but the information and feel would work for gaming (for example the show is really bad about gear and weapons, in a figity way). But it shows
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