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  1. Re: Attractiveness - Comeliness Vs. Striking Appearance When I buy SA I expect it to work on (signfigantly) less than 50% of the game world population...
  2. Re: Jokes Well, apparently I'm old, but I'm not sure how old. I know about all 15 and have had actual expereince with many of them... 1.Candy cigarettes - they had these when I was a kid. The fake smoek was only ever good for one or two puffs. 2.Coffee shops with tableside juke boxes - we still have these things at some local retro diners. Not sure I eever saw one at a cofee shop though... 3.Home milk delivery in glass bottles - my mother talks about this fondly all the time, but we never had it when I was growing up. However, Oberwise does home delivery in glass bottles these days. 4. Party lines on the telephone - never used one, but know about it from freinds. 5.Newsreels before the movie - never actually saw one, though I saw movies where it was featured so I knew of it;s existance. 6.TV test patterns that came on at night after the last show and were there until TV shows started again in the morning. (there were only 3 channels [if you were fortunate]) - We had more than 3 channels, but I do remember the test pattern. It would come on after the bad horror movies I would stay up later to watch 7.Peashooters - never actually shot peas with one. We used spit balls. 8. Howdy Doody - Not old enough to have seen it live, but I have seen some episodes here and there. Not sure if that counts for anything though... 9. 45 RPM records - my uncle had a huge collection 10.Hi-fi's - my first stero was inherited from my mother and was clearly labeled hi-fi. 11. Metal ice trays with lever - still have two of them. I can no longer remember what color they were, as it's faded to plain metal. I rememebr our aluminium ice cream scoop used to be pink... 12. Blue flashbulb - My mom had these for our polaroid. 13.Cork popguns - I had one as a kid, but it was shaped like a little wooden cane and not a real rifle. I can still remember the odd smell of the cork. 14. Studebakers - seen them at car shows, nevre owned or rode in one. 15. Wash tub wringers - had one for years in my grandmothers basement. She actually used it on certian things that she wanted to hang dry in the summer (curtains and linnens mostly if I recall) Pretty sure that squeeks me into older than dirt, but I might just qualifty for don't tell...
  3. Re: And Now for Something Slightly Different: Mis-Spelled and Reimagined Supers My write up of Gorilla Grond, who was inspired by a typo.
  4. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... This one went viral, but I figurred it belonged here.
  5. Re: "Neat" Pictures IMX, male mandarin ducks aren't quite that vibrant in real life...
  6. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities I'm can be pretty crass sometimes IRL. And I've been known to hang out in the underbelly of the internet, so I'm well aware of some of the alternate entertainment that elements of this particular fanbase are drawn to... But at the point where you drop rape jokes and N bombs in the presence of children, you need a serious wake up call. Quite possibly a five fingered one... This is internet trolling, 4chan browsing, youtube coment wars brought into real life. Sounds like an Epic Fail by secirty and con staffers too. And I probably would have gelded the Brony in the second link...
  7. Re: Stop Hits I have done some JKD and fencing, so I'm familiar with the concept. However, what really matters here is what you want to accomplish with it in game. For example, if you just want to interupt a guys attack and hit the guy before he hits you, there's a few ways to do that. However, if you want to interupt his attack and hit him in such a way that it is impossible for him to continue his initial attack well, that's a signifigantly more powerful ability and would probably need to be built differently.
  8. Re: NBC Revolution There was nothing about it that really impressed me, but I'll give it a chance because the Wife seems interested in it. Still not sure if the mystery will really work as a hook for me. Right now I'm mildly curious to find out the explaination, but so far it's just pixie dust.
  9. Re: Planetary Value? That depends... Do I have the power to enforce my choice? I don't trust humanity to do what must be done without a a ruthless captain at the helm. L:acking that, the only chance of survival is to abandon ship.
  10. Re: [illo Test] What Tartarus Really Looks Like maybe just post the photobucket link?
  11. Re: Would you allow this? Pretty much how we run it. No one hit's all the caps, a couple will hit two caps and the true speciailssts can generally excede the cap in a single area. [arr] The caps is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules! [/arr]
  12. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities In the last 20 years, I've brought women to cons/expos for sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, comics, anime, books, toys, tv shows, cars, guns, computers/electronics, martial arts, fitness and sex/exotica. In that time, it has never happend to anyone I was with. This is not to say it doesn't happen, but I've not experienced it or even witnessed it happening to somone else. Honestly, the only times I've personally witnessed litteral ass-grabbery have been times where alchohol was involved (bars, night clubs, conerts, parties...)... or at strip clubs, where some guys seem to think they can get away with it with the dancers
  13. Re: Planetary Value? Well, even if it's easy to leave, it's still probably going to be a PITA working out the logisitcs for mobilizing a global population.
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