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  1. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings
  2. Re: Creepy Pics. Nah, the creepy part is that he doesn't call himself Lawnmower Man yet...
  3. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings Might I add, I would totally play a martial artist/monk type character that loses some amount of power if they have had sex recently. That's a pretty common belief in the fighting/sporting world, though plenty of people, myself included, believe the exact opposite. Now that I thik about it, there's an ammsuing bit about this in the boxing buddy movie Play it to the Bone. Anyhow, I would most likely not play such a character if they lost ALL of their power if they had sex, especially if they lost all power permenantly...
  4. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings
  5. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings Like I said, I'm personally ok with that idea so long as her power isn't directly tied to her virginity. That would almost certainly be considered the worst, most misogynistic and oppressive direction to take the character.
  6. Re: "Neat" Pictures That would be the Ruppert Archaeopteryx glider. The actual clip is from Live Leak, but here's a youtube version: I was upset when I found out it lands via wheels and not via the Flintstones method of foot brakes
  7. Re: "Neat" Pictures Ammo for future rants? But hey, even I admit that the the suck to awesome ratio was seriously out of whack in the 90's
  8. Re: "Neat" Pictures Yeah, they've done some... stuff... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revanche
  9. Re: Who died in the 'Who Will Die ?' story arc Many Bothans died to bring you that information
  10. Re: The bystander safety trope and your game If they are at least somehwat careful and mindful of their surroundings, I'll usually let the heroes save everyone with a little bit of effort. Things usually just sort work out in favor of the good guys from time to time. Keeps the angst down. However, I don't protect my players from the consequences of recklessness, stupidity or bad decisssions either. We had one player nearly kill a bunch of innocent bystanders though carlessness once, so I'll ocassionaly reference the "bus full of nuns and orphans" as a warning... Usually I find if the body count is low, it's all the more impactful when a death does occur. I've played in more than one game where the body count was high and observed that the players usually became numb to it all very quickly.
  11. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra Well, that would certainly change the political climate, but I think it would disrupt the balance she's meant to maintain. Most likely.
  12. Re: Who died in the 'Who Will Die ?' story arc Sister Psyche and Statesman
  13. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  14. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra You can totally tell that they weren't sure that they would get additional seasons And I was wrong about the identity of Amon...
  15. Re: Speedster Pondering. I not only know Wally best but he's also my favoirte Flash, so take this with a grain of salt: Jay is slower than Wally or Barry. He likes to use his hat for various power stunts, which none of the rest of the flash family toys around with much. Wally eventually gets faster than Barry, at least up until the point where they bring Barry back... Jay is smarter than Wally and Barry is smarter than Jay. Not that Wally's an idiot, but he's a pretty down to earth, joe average grease monkey while Barry is a genius super scientist. Despite this, Wally figured out a lot of speed stunts that I don't believe Barry ever tried, most of them relating to the Speed Force mythology. Stuff like draining or adding speed to things, accelerating the bodys healing processes and even demonstrating a Danger Sense on occasion. Depending on time period, there were other differences... like for a while Wally would cause anythign he vibrated his molecules through to explode... gotta run, but I'll chime in more later if I have a chance.
  16. Re: I like Playing Bricks! Is that wrong? Well, first off Happy Birthday Q-Man! Myself, I like variety and the challenge of the new. But even so I will often gravitate towards up close and personal physical types: Bricks, Speedsters, Martial Artist/Weapon Masters, Metamorphs... often some combination of the above. Nothing wrong with that. It's a game and you are meant to enjoy it. That said, exclusive preference for one AT could be seen as a bad thing in a few instances I suppose. In some groups, schtick protection might mean that there is only one brick per team. If you are always playing that character, somone else in the group may feel slighted if they wanted to give it a shot. Not sure if that's the case for your group, just tossing it out there. Obviously, if you never try anything else, you'll never know if you like other things. Some may percieve a preference for one type of character as a crutch or weakenss of sorts ("He's typecast. He can;t play anything else!"). But that does not appear to be the case here. Instead it seems like you have found something that makes you happy via trial and error. Previous editions did give some juicy point breaks to Bricks, so I suppose from a pure math point of view that could be seen as power gaming. But it's not like they are inhernetly more powerful than all the other archtypes. A lot of that comes down to character design and campaign style. So yeah, if it makles you happy and isn't causing some kind of grief at the table, I say stick with it I'm really quite curios what propted the question, man?
  17. Re: Paladin Martial Art? Oh, it's not just about the history aspect. Some judoka just really hate wrestling Certainly not a majority opinion, although the recent IJF rule changes were deliberately targeted against wrestling style technique being used in international competition. Pretty complex subject actually. I probably have at least a half dozen books that mention it. The Kata Guruma story is very well known, though not necessarily true... Anyhow, sorry for the derail folks.
  18. Re: Cryptic Concept Art for Nighthawk I don't mind the 'hawk having tallons, I just don't get why he has two on each hand...
  19. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra Nope, June 23rd is the 1 hour season finale.
  20. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra I have been patiently waiting for the reveal at the end of Turning the Tides since November 3rd, 2010, when Dante mentioned on his blog that he had recorded an episode of the new series. I got a bit choked up when they revealed who his new character was. Totally worth the wait
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