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  1. Re: "Neat" Pictures More like this please BAH! Must spread rep
  2. Re: Ben 10: Omniverse ARGH! Lost post from IE crash and apparently autosave has failed me Mostly. His Ultimate forums were stated to not be in Omniverse, but everyone else should be reurning at some point By now, I've seen redsigns for a ton of the old forms, as well as quite a few new aliens. Chickenhawk is still unconfirmed (not even sure I heard it right) and I haven't seen pics of Crashhopper yet, so I can't specualte much more about him. By contrast Ball Weevil is likely an Omniverse era alien based on his "costume". Since that feature is back on the dial, I'm presuming any new aliens with a predominantly green/black or green/white costumes will be Omniverse era, while Flashback aliens will probably still have a white/black theme. Several of the costume redesigns are very minor (Humungousaur, Spidermonkey) while others are signifigant (Fourarms, Jury Rigg). Of course, many of the aliens still walk around in the buff, so costumes are no guarantee either way I'm torn on the new placement of the Omnitrix symbols. I like that the Flashback aliens retain the placement from the origional sries. But I really liked the universal chest placement they introduced in AF. Ben adjusting the dial while in alien form has become an iconic gesture. New alien forms seem to be keeping it on the centerline, but it's just not quite the same if he has to reach down to his belt or up to the his forhead to fiddle with/smack the dial. Yep, I'm going to focus on the new stuff but I want to update everything to the template format as time goes one. It shoudl make updates so much easier. Plus none of the posted writups are as complete as I would like For example, I don't think I ever went back and added FTL to the AF write up of Jetray, even though it's been in his HD file for over a year now. But I'm sure we'll be seeing old forms doing plenty of new things anyhow... I have to admit, I was surprised by the revelation that he was getting Feedback via Flashback. With the big goofy smile and the white/black theme I feel kinda silly for not at least considering that... And last I heard, Ben's still 16 at the start of Omniverse. Overall, I'm okay with the style. It's not my preference, but I can totally deal with it. As promised, the animation looks pretty smooth. I'm sure I'll get used to it with time. I do like some of the new designs and characters, so that helps.
  3. Re: Ben 10: Omniverse Fix-ed
  4. Re: Ben 10: Omniverse Interview with Tramm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvVIUMxMe8I
  5. Re: "Neat" Pictures They swiped form Cowboy Bebop too:
  6. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings
  7. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings Not super old, but it's the subject of at least 2 threads oveer on the NGD. That's also a fairly poorly written article about it... but then I found DC's whole approach to this anouncement pretty distasteful. I don't mind the idea at all mind you, just the spectacle they made of it. They pulled theme BS with Batwoman. I also find it disturbing that during this whole media extravaganze, almost no one was really mentioning the gay male characters that DC already has. Namely Midnighter and Apollo over in Stormwatch (who were previously married and had a daughter, a relationship the new 52 reboot completly destroyed might I add...) Since this was news to you, I imagine you hadn't heard about this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]43388[/ATTACH] And the reveal: Overall, I found that to be much more tactfully done, personally. Sure, Wonder Woman makes perfect sense. There's been plenty of wink nod moments in the comics to indicate she's probably bisexual, even though they never quite come out and say it. Given her origin, both in the comics and in the office, it would be totally appropriate. But DC doesn't seem to have the balls to really do it though. Hell, they barely had the balls to let her date men...
  8. Re: Superhero team Leader: PC or NPC?
  9. Re: Does anyone ekse like People with Powers style games? I skirt that issue via philosophy. All the arcane orginazations call what the players do magic or a blessing from the heavens and all the scientific organizations refer to it as psionics or the product of an alien retrovirus or something along those lines. So while there appears to be a single primary source of powers, in the fiction the world has not decided on what that source truly is. And there are some pretty serious "proofs" offered on both sides of the debate. In fact, two of the characters have backgrounds that completely fly in the face of established scientific metafiction of the world (lets just say mad science was involved and leave it at that) There's two types of super tech in the game too. Advanced technology from War World, which is the result of superior availability of materials and an uncanny number of power mad super geniuses, can be picked up and used by anyone. But anything really physics bending is based on a rare suite of powers known as ethermancy/psionic circuit engineering (enchanting in layman's terms). A lot of these items select their operator. Thor's hammer is one example, while War World's young Warmachine equivalent fights in unpossibly advanced technological power armor that was designed by a super genius psionic engineer. On the aliens front, the players aren't actually sure if there are aliens or not yet... and I'm not about to say one way or another since several of them post on these forums
  10. Re: Does anyone ekse like People with Powers style games? Yeah, it's been fun We hit a few stylistic stumbling blocks along the way, but we've worked past most of 'em.
  11. Re: "Neat" Pictures Who's on first!
  12. Re: So Easy Even A Nine-Year-Old Can Do It! Clearly this is just a clever photo manipulation. Everyone knows that only grumpy, male grognard mathaletes play HERO System! Really love the character cutouts to go along with the character sheets. That's a cool touch
  13. Re: Does anyone ekse like People with Powers style games? My game is based around the premise (more of the secret agents with powers style), but we cheat a little. The players get to travel to two other parallel worlds where posthumans exist openly (Red Earth and War World) Earth Prime, the world the PC's come from, is the only one with an active posthuman breeding population, but they keep them hidden and controlled. It's kind of like a forest preserve that way. One of the first pandimensional organizations the players met, DELPHI, is there to protect the flatscans and manage the posthumans. Mind you, a lot of posthumans end up leaving or getting deported to one of the other two worlds anyhow. They can't deal with their old lives or living the lie. So yes, there is a time when the PC's wear street clothes and maintain the strict illusion of normalacy and there are times when they are decked out in spandex and brawling through futuristic cities while dodging flying cars.
  14. Re: How Do I Build A Superhuman Analyze Power? When we have allowed something of this nature, it was signifigantly more limtied than the OP suggestions and/or comprised several different Sensory powers. You can go pretty far with a very high KS: Superhuman World and similar knowledges, so don't forget about that angle. In additon to specialized Detects and Skills, Telepathy is a great way to discover this stuff. But it won't reveal any weaknesses that the target is themself unaware of. We had an android who's ability to analyze all forms of energy and matter gave him serious insights into the powers and abilites of most targets, but he still had issues with magic and super skills. But since he was from the 31st century, he was aware of many characters abilities via his knowledge of Future-History. Precognition can acomplish the same sort of thing...
  15. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn Very nice Though 160 XP over 20 years makes me feel downright Monty Haul How often do you guys play?
  16. Re: So, while we're talking about things that shouldn't be in frameworks again...
  17. While Googling to find out if there was a mixed drink called a "Magic 8-Ball" Search: magic 8-ball, drink Potental Super Origin: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090607001832AAN6rjp I'm wondering if I should make the character... and if there's a potential game to be had in search resul wackiness based origns...
  18. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Survivalists! I mean, if there are gods, who really wants to risk offend any of them by suggesting that only one of them might be supreme?
  19. Re: Material Girl Wel, I don't think it's particulalry "munchkin", but the fact that she can participate in battle and not really take damage can potentially changes the risk/reward ratio considerbaly. Mind you, there's TONS of chracter types that can play that game. Summoners, Riggers, Body Jackers (and other psychics), etc... Since she's an NPC, abuse probably isn't going to be an issue...
  20. Re: Material Girl She takes damage in the "golem" form and is fine when she reverts to human. Sounds like Healing to me.
  21. Re: Gender Changing and "Instant Change" Cosmetic Transformation. True, though the real problem was that she was supposed to be smoking hot, so it's not just that he turned into a girl. He turned into a girl that got hit on CONSTANTLY. His girl form was supposed to be smaller and weaker then his natural state, but that was only osccasional highlighted as a plot point. Most of the time it didn't matter at all. I also have a vague recollection of her being slightly faster and more flexible, and she used her smaller, lighter form to her advanted in a few situations. But really, it's probably no more then 10 character points spent differntly between the two forms... Damn, what a trip down memory lane. It's probably been 20 years since I saw that series...
  22. Re: Tactical Analysis: Gravitar How could you say such terrible things about Gravitar!?!?! She may be a supervillianess, but damn it the woman has feelings!
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