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  1. Re: Material Girl Seems pretty simple... Probably Multiform, with a large variaty of semi generic premade forms. Possibly use a Mutiform only VPP. I feel this sort of thng is necessary, since various substances would have considerably different physical complications. Side Effects (damages the environment) and "based on material availble" type limitations. It's basically the "Material Mimicry" Absorbing Man style build. Triggered Teleport/Mega Teleport Power Skill Roll or a seperate MP for stunts like this.
  2. Re: "Neat" Pictures How is there a debate here? Fifty Shades of Gray IS porn and libraries should stock it. Problem solved!
  3. Re: Cougar (Sentry City) Typo on the character sheet in the powers section. You forgot the R in parkour I assume his Language (idiomatic; literate) supposed to be English, since it's 0 pt, but not sure...
  4. Re: "Neat" Pictures Recomended, not required...
  5. Re: Tactical Analysis: Gravitar The Barrier will stop many NND's, but it comes down to SFX and build. For example, a Barrier will not inheretly stop a GAS based NND unless the Barrier is airtight (typically done via linked life support) Having not seen the character sheets invovled, can't really judge. However, the Flash would NOT be stoped by a 6E barrier unless said Barrier had the appropriate Opaque adder. Gravitar's Gravitic Wall does not have such an adder. Then again, Graviter doesn't really care if you blind her anymore, due to her Gravitic Field Awareness (360º Spatial Awareness)
  6. Re: Gender Changing and "Instant Change" Cosmetic Transformation. I have always personally disgreed with the premise that a signifigant physical transformation should be allowed under the OIAID limitation. However, that's the way it's normally done system widse, so that's what I would suggest here. After all, if little Billy Batson can turn into a grown up Captain Marvel using OIAID, I'm pretty much ok with a chracter changing gender via the same mechanic.
  7. Re: Creepy Pics. ...maybe he's just excited about how smothly his whole hand eased it's way on up into the server. He probably couldn't do that with his last server...
  8. Re: "Neat" Pictures I'm 95% certain CC posted this pic a while back in either Funny Pics or the Motivational Poster thread:
  9. Re: Creepy Pics. Never had issues with clowns, but I knew one or two people that did. I always thought it was kind of an odd and generally uncommon phobia. Truly, it took the internet to make me realize just how many people had issues with them...
  10. Re: Tactical Analysis: Gravitar Well, I'm not talking about standing beyond sight range. Your powers are invisible to 99% of the world population, including the target in this instance. Most of my mentalist players tend to learn to take advantage of that pretty fast. Some do wade in guns a blazing, but most of those either don't last long or have some other gimmick to back them up (massive TK powers, martial artist, etc) -Use Acting to make it seem like you are just one of the many innocents. There's a reason why most of my mentalist wear trench coats instead of capes... -Use Stealth to hide. Keep in mind that she has a PER roll of 14 and mental powers don't suffer the Range modifier, so keeping your distance is a good idea here. -Attack from a position that gives you better LOS than what the target has. Since she can't ID the source of the attack, she's not going to instantly make a beeline for you. Again, Range is your friend here. I don't want to get into too much detail here because it's all scenario based. For all I know, the GM is planning to have Gravitar ambush the players while they are having tea on the moon with Steve. Generally speaking, a smart mentalist does not walk into the middle of a fight with a neon sign that says "kill me first, I'm dangerous". If they do, it's probably just a Mental Illusion anyhow Anyhow, if we want to bring up Mind Scan, that's a whole different ball game. And if we don't want to mess around with all this subtly stuff, fine. Haymaker a 6d6 Mental Blast makes it 8d6. Gravitar has a CON of 30, so you stun her on a very slightly above average roll. She has 60 Stun, so she can take roughly two of those hits before she's KOed. Even if you only have a 4d6 Mental Blast Haymakered to 6d6, you'll probably take her out in three shots. But that's alot more risky. And we haven't even considdered what the rest of the party is doing in the mean time... Depends on how the drain is built. Also depends on the scenario and how the GM is playing Gravitar. She may not fly in with the Barrier up. She's arrogant and tougher than most high level bricks, so she might not waste the energy to even create it until she feels she needs it. Also remember, she probably has to waste attack actions to move the thing, so putting up the Barrier means making some sacrifices (possibly just in mobility, but keeping her stationary favors the mentalist...)
  11. Re: Tactical Analysis: Gravitar I just don't see it as that bad. 12d6 is a typical 60 AP cap starting level mentalist's Mind Control or Mental Illusions. The dead average roll on 12d6 is 42. That instantly knock's her breakout roll down from a 14- to an 11-. On a slightly above average roll of 45, we knock her down to a 10-. Now, I would expect an experienced mentalist to probably have a few more dice to toss around, but even if they do not, they can always Haymaker from a safe distance to add +4d6 to Mind Control or Mental Illusions. She can't perceive the attack, detect it's source, has no mental powers. Any levels go into OMCV and you don't have to worry about her counter attacking your reduced DCV (or DMCV since she has no mental powers). The delayed nature of the attack may even work in your favor. Anyhow, average roll on 16d6 is 56. That's EGO +30 effects... or a reduced Breakout roll of 8- And that's before we do anything like like Drain her EGO (a basic 4d6 drain reduces her to 11 EGO. Remember, she has no power defense either) or use Change Environment to reduce those Breakout rolls further (at a cost of 3pts per -1 penalty, it's worth looking into...).
  12. Re: Tactical Analysis: Gravitar Yes, I call that "only". In this instance, we're talking about taking on a 1400+ pt master villain that in cannon defeats whole teams of experienced supers like Eurostar. If the GM expects the PC's to survive, let alone have a shot at victory, they're going to need to be more than rank amateurs here. However, a 25 EGO and 8 DMCV opponent should be defeated by a smart, well built, starting level mentalist more often than not. So add some experience onto that and I will stand by my previous statement about mentalists crushing her. Dodge only increases DCV, not DMCV
  13. Re: "Neat" Pictures Giorgio A. Tsoukalos I have it on good authority that he's actually a pretty cool, if eccentric, dude.
  14. Re: Tactical Analysis: Gravitar She trounces most purely physical types, especially when she's played smart. There are many threads about her 5E version. Some of that tactical analysis no longer holds water, but most of it should still be spot on. She's even tougher now, but her missile deflection arguably works differently and Flashes are no longer a threat. She still has no knockback defense, no hardened/impenetrable defenses, no power defense, no life support and mentalists still crush her in many situations.
  15. Re: Betty Ross, Gammazon (5e, 900+ pts)
  16. Re: Betty Ross, Gammazon (5e, 900+ pts) You forgot (or ignored...) the "Savage Sword of She-Hulk!" aka her "big-a$$ sword".
  17. Re: Betty Ross, Gammazon (5e, 900+ pts) My She-Hulk/Wonder Woman pastiche uses that name, but I totally stole it from an old What If...? comic
  18. Re: Hawkeye (5e, 650pts) Is this supposed to represent Hawkeye from any particular era or is it more or less your idealized version? Because I see you referencing some recent stuff, but he hasn't been deaf for years. Many years at this point...
  19. Re: "Neat" Pictures Most likely, she gets stuck hanging upside down on his back, with him possibly toppling over backwards and falling on top of her. Or she might simply slip right off of him and fall on her own head/back. If she scissors up tight enough to not slip and if she catches his body moving in the opposite direction, she could potentially break his neck, which is probably the answer you were looking for But that would be a cataclysmic failure of training and natural human survival reflexes. Your body wants to turn in the direction that the head gets twisted. Even untrained people will throw themselves off their own feet to prevent an injury of that nature. Most (realistic) twisting neck break techniques involve immobilizing the opponent so they can't spin out or getting a lot of momentum going in opposite directions...
  20. Re: "Neat" Pictures Well, it's a prearranged demo of a "basic" spinning head scissors takedown. You see it all the time in pro wrestling, the competitive forms scene and it's made it's way into several movies For the guy being thrown, it's not hard to practice at all. It's a very easy forward roll. He even puts his hand down on the mat first. Takes some measure of athleticism to jump directly onto a standing opponents shoulders, but she's vaulting using his arm/shoulder, so not quite as hard as you might think. He's giving her a slight lift and turn in the process, too aid her leap and the spin. Works best with a pair like that, where the person taking the fall is heavier than the one performing the throw, but not too much taller. This is not a criticism mind you. She does the technique very well (though I can't quite tell if she has her feet crossed the correct way for a proper head scissor submission finish...) EDIT: thought my initial post sounded a bit... smug... hopefully fixed now...
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