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  1. Re: "Neat" Pictures Aww, that's so sweetly naive...
  2. Bloodstone


    Re: Fist! Is this 5E, 6E or some combination there of? The 8d6 Shockwave seems like a power that will see very little action. Might be better off building as a naked advantage on STR. I think the Magma Blood needs some additional advantages and limitations... The Accidental Changes don't make any sense given the way the rest of the build is done. The Double 14- Enraged complications strike me as a bad idea as well... Probably want Trigger on that healing. No skills at all? A 7 OCV and 4 SPD raise an eyebrow as being on the low end, but I don't know what the game parameters are like, so that might be totally fine. I personally don't like paying points to have a 150pt normal multiform that will, in all likelihood, be used as an Achilles Heal. However, if he primarily changes when he needs the puny brilliant scientist to save the day, that might work out ok.
  3. Re: "Neat" Pictures taken from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEx0bjNB9LU
  4. Re: Vincent (Collateral) I think I need to watch the movie again...
  5. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  6. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra Most likely. Got a couple of theories, one of which is so obvious that is has to be a red herring
  7. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  8. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  9. Re: A Thread for Random Videos That was sweet Also, Marina Sirtis (57) and Gates McFadden (63) both look good still
  10. Re: "Neat" Pictures [ATTACH=CONFIG]42866[/ATTACH]: Yes... yes. This is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... This Land. [ATTACH=CONFIG]42865[/ATTACH]: I think we should call it... your grave!
  11. Re: Take a Teammate to a Movie
  12. Re: Point Caps: Why are limitations inferior to advantages? True, but I've never been in a game that enforced a AP/DC cap that didn't also enforce a CV cap...
  13. Re: Bases 60. Price of computer is calculated separately from the base. 5 pt doubling rule. 1 is 20 points 2 is 25 4 is 30 8 is 35 16 is 40 32 is 45 64 = 50
  14. Re: Gorilla Grond - from typo's are mighty heroes made (6E) Updated the first post. Changes include: - Noticed that I forgot Paramedics, which was always supposed to be the sheet (they always had SS: Medicine) - Added in Brutus' cyber eye powers - Modified a couple of existing powers and added an Entangle to Brutus' MP. - Forgot that their computer enhanced brain should have Absolute Time Sense, so added that. - Added their Lab, super computer and a scientific organization that they work with (generic enough that it could be easily changed to something more campaign appropriate) - Tweaked the background info slightly Also, I posted the PDF character sheet for Gorilla Grond with a single large VPP, instead of two smaller MP's. This opens up a huge variety of powers for them to use, so long as they fit the overall techno-psionic brick SFX. This can include many of the abilities from the Cyberkinesis, Force, Mental/Psionic, Super Strength and Telekinesis sections of Champions Powers. Obviously, any Force, Super Strength and Telekinesis powers would be Unified with Brutus' Technokinesis, while Mental/Psionic powers would be Unified with Rex's Technopathy. The Cyberkinesis powers can go either way, depending on the particular effect. Superhacking and mentally projecting into the net lines up with Rex's power, while animating machines or spontaneously assembling gadgets out of spare parts is clearly Brutus' thing. While I didn't explicitly spell it out as a limitation, my general intent is that they still split their pool points up as if it was two seperate powers. So they can't spend all 120 points on a single SFX (and of course no powers can go over 70 AP anyhow). Oh, I also color coded those abilities that draw end from the End Reserve
  15. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra Why's that? They had battleships, tanks, submarines and massive propeller driven airships in the last series. This one takes place 70 years later, after an lengthy era of peace, prosperity and innovation.
  16. Re: Gorilla Grond - from typo's are mighty heroes made (6E) Edited the first post to correct the PDF that included the fixes that were already in the first post. Really want to put Brutus' single cyber eye back on the sheet... hmm...
  17. Re: Idea to art by Storn. Year 9 Ah what the heck, I always though he would look great done by Storn Gorilla Grond
  18. Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra Saw the premier last month and episode three this weekend I'm a pretty big fan of the original and was sincerely afraid that they might not be able to recreate the magic. So I was quite pleased that it turned out to be a magnificent continuation of the previous series
  19. Re: Ants Antennae We don't actually understand everything an ant's antenna do yet, so lets just say they are really important. The antenna aid the senses of touch, smell, hearing and taste. And in the insect world, ants have a VERY good sense of smell/taste, as it's one of their primary means of communicating and understanding the world around them. They do not have very good eyesight at all. If you watch ants in close proximity, they are constantly touching/tasting each other with their antenna. It was long believed that ants didn't actually hear sound, but rather detected vibrations, but more recent research has shown that their antenna aid them in ultrasonic communication. In fact, research shows that the pair allows them to accurately gauge speed/distance/direction of sound in what may be a short range form of echolocation. However if true, they still "hear" very differently than we do... ants appear to be largely deaf to normal human range frequencies. In addition to all that, they also use their antenna to measure humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide levels, though these may in effect be extensions of of their specialized senses of touch and smell/taste.
  20. Re: Titanoboa Realistically, they are just using their tongue to pull scent particles out of the air and into their mouth so that it can be analyzed by the Jacobson's Organ. With taste/smell being so closely linked already, it might be mechanically easier to just say they smell with their tongue, rather than adding Range to Taste. Would have to double check to see if I'm missing something though... it's an interesting thing to consider...
  21. Re: Titanoboa No Tracking for Smell/Taste?
  22. Re: Does your character need a few inches of running? The great granddaddy of LandRollers BAH! Must spread rep
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