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  1. I believe there was a another Miss America published by another company around the same time as Timely's(DC owns the character now so it probaly was Quality Comics). Right now the only other one's I can think of is Yankee Girl, Major Glory, Ms. Victory, and a group of government heroes that appeared in the Outsiders vol. 1 (Major Victory, Miss Liberty, Shooting Star(?), and some others), and how about Liberty Belle does she qualify or were you looking for actual "Flag" wearers instead of "Patriot" archtypes?. Oh yeah, their was Americomando and a Mr. America too. Let me dig into it some more I know there was some more.
  2. I've always found remakes in the movies and on TV signs of laziness (though to be honus there have been two periods of time where due to a writers strike(mid to late 70's) and a threatened strike(about 6-7? years ago) they had no choice). But musically it doesn't bother me much except for certain remakes in the 50's(i.e. Pat Boone, etc.)
  3. Nothing else to add except I was disapointed when we found out who the sleeper agent was at the end:mad: (no details in case some haven't seen it yet)
  4. You realy want to scare them call him: Bill Gates
  5. Holy Cow! Looks like you stumbled onto Teleios' homepage:D
  6. Hey Blue, I think you need to get rid of the horizonal lines on Typhoon's costume or lighten them up. Or just adjust them up or down so that that one doesn't sit right above her breast. It just seems to throw the piture off. EDIT- Maybe you could put them at an angle if you are trying for the cyclone effect.
  7. Re: Re: re: Blub blub blub Sure they could hang out with Lobo's space dolphins:)
  8. In our shared campaign world he is the former lover of one PC and the father of two others. And has for the most part a behind the scenes typr villian. For some reason the PCs are afraid of him though they couldn't really tell you why:)
  9. How about Elves, but with green blood, advance tech, and oh yeah no emotions:p
  10. Did I mention that it only cost 25 cents and is written by Kurt Busiek.
  11. OT- Just a heads up that Dark Horse just satarted a new Conan comic book issue #0 came out this week.
  12. I would use Transform(Major,AOE,mega-scale-the whole moon changeing thing is just SF/X as others have pointed out) since thats the way to give someone a Disavantage that should be the way for removing same.
  13. I was looking at the lunchbox on the CafePress site and it doesn't seem to come with a thermos. Whats with that?
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