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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Archon...Archon. Forgot it already, eh? Archon's B13 game: The quotes. Clyde (Right Turn): Damn it, stop moving him around already! Archie: Okay, okay. I'll get get him behind the counter while you Probe his a**. and... Clyde: Hold him down. I'm not done with him yet! Needless to say the Gay jokes went flying.
  2. Re: Star Hero not available in online store? In keeping with HERO Games wishes I would suggesting just waiting. But I'm sad when the Print book goes away. I have a strong love for print and hate .pdfs as well. Unoffically I know where a goodly number of books like UMA and Star Hero reside for sale and also want to support a LGS that still carries the HERO line of products.
  3. I find Hard Science games to be hard to sell becasue most players don't want to worry about gravity, air pressure, etc when they game. They want drama, romance, gun fights, etc. Now, how in the past have you as GMs taken elements of Hard Science into your game but not overwhelmed your players with it? How do you sell this idea to your players? What is the upper limit on real life vs. game life you can use? Thanks.
  4. Re: Turn A Gundam HERO spoiler Honestly, the idea of Turn A wasn't bad. The fans were curious. The style reminded a lot of people of Miasaki style shows. However, it degernated over time into 'fancy space people with semi Japanese ideology' fighting out between godly nanomechs that can destory the world. Sigh. Otherwise, your fine as long as you don't delve into that plot.
  5. I'm thinking about using Time Travel as a medium for my PULP game. However, I've seen time game break down as paradoxes and Player goofiness derails good plot development. Now I'm not afraid of killing or 'Tales of the Crypting' a player if I have to, but what ideas do you have on keeping a time based Pulp game on track? Just simple guildlines would do...
  6. Re: Martial Arts versus Powers Besides another 'me too' on the reprint/revision of UMA I find this thread interesting. But ever since my mentor GM showed me his Martial Artists built totaly from powers, the dividing line between the two has blurred heavily these days.
  7. Here is a classic video game trope. You meet interesting mystical creature X and he forms a pact with you. During battles you can for a few rounds summon him to your roster to throw a big magical punch or a few physical ones. Your roster of summons grows as you meet more and more of these creatures. Now the SUMMON power works best here...but what modifications would you use to simulate the growing pool of ally critters?
  8. Re: What would you use to demo, HERO? I'll give WhiteWolf credit. Their Adventure! to Aberrant setting would be perfect for your Pulp to Superheroic suggestions. But a nice 50/50 Pulp game sounds just about right. Thanks!
  9. If I wanted to introduce a handful of players to the HERO mechanic a chunch at a time what genre and point totals would you use? What works as a good 'teaching' set so I can show them they can move from SUPERS to PULP w/out having a headache?
  10. Re: Robotics in the Marvel Universe Marvel doesn't seem to have much Robot love outside of Vison and Ultron. *shrugs*
  11. Re: Psychic Wars Ah. That old Chestnut eh?
  12. I was tinkering over on the Pulp board and it came to me... Star Treks - A Piece of the Action. It's a great idea for a federation/science team setting of Star HEROes who have to operate at a Pulp Hero setting. Strange psioics, weird science, a bizarro world ripe for the picking by hostile outsiders. Only the team of explorers from the far away stars can save the exciting era of this world! Thoughts?
  13. Re: I'll Never Play Pulp A crosstime Dark Champions/Pulp Hero game would be a nice introduction. Must make sure to show them that the Pulp world is VERY different from their own. Or pull a Star HERO trick from Star Trek. "A Piece of the Action." A world stuck in the 1920/30s.
  14. Re: Psychic Wars Lensmen was a bit over the top. The Greylensman was the plot breaker who ended the war, etc. But if you work it from say a Triplanetary level, fine!
  15. Re: Dramatic Editing: VPP/Transform set. THat's a very good break down of how it is to work. Serendipity as most. Not game breaker, but a super lucky break.
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