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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Archon...Archon. Forgot it already, eh? Archon's B13 game: The quotes. Clyde (Right Turn): Damn it, stop moving him around already! Archie: Okay, okay. I'll get get him behind the counter while you Probe his a**. and... Clyde: Hold him down. I'm not done with him yet! Needless to say the Gay jokes went flying.
  2. Re: martial art Or better yet, build a power that simulates the effect of an autofire MA and multipower it to build the 'Art'. Easier that way in higher power levels.
  3. Re: Alternate Earth 20: Paradise Island Lost Brand X - Well that depends. He would most likely have a 'mother' now than a father. Even stranger he might be a she as they would want a good solider mentality when they made their commerical super. The project that would make him/her would most likely be called Project: Athena. Otherwise, still a good team player and recluse due to being raised in a lab most of life.
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