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    WWYCD Index

    Re: WWYCD Index I might, but I was hoping the next person to reply would already have it done.
  2. farik

    WWYCD Index

    Re: WWYCD Index While V is gone it would be nice if someone could post a all the new WWYCD threads that have popped up. I missed them and now I'm way behind.
  3. farik

    Super Pope?

    Re: Super Pope?
  4. Re: WWYCD: Instant Empowerment... with a twist Husky would want to assemble a team of supers ot take out the "untouchable" After changing into Kenneth to plan the details. Kenneth would work on an antidote that would strip or block the drug's effects and also work on a device to create the illusion that the "untouchable" was someone else. Kenneth would then begin a detailed analysis of the drug to "fix" it but he'd wait to finish that analysis until after Husky assembled a team of heroes to attack the villain and point out the negative aspects of the drug publically. Even if the Untouchable didn't know about the effect they would make a move soon enough.
  5. Re: What to do with a winged ex-heroine? Send her forward in time just as far as Minotaur went back. There she picked up the good fight and now leadsa band of ragtag fighters in a struggle against "insert future Villain using a current Villain's legacy." Then have her use an unstable time travel device to summon some of her greatest allies from the past. Then your players hang in the future for an adventure before having to return in order to maintain the time stream. Alternately she could travel back in time to meet back up with the party but I'd find it harder to justify her need to return to the future.
  6. Re: Seeking a little gming advice Add another voice to the "tell the players what type of game you want to GM" camp. Now to make your desire abundantly clear try a simple edict like "If you intentionally kill someone you will need to make a new character" If they think that's unfair then you need to accept the fact that this group won't be willing to play the type of game you want to run. What you do after that will depend on how badly you want to run 4 color supers. If you really want to play your 4 color game then you might have to decline GMing for the group for awhile and possibly even seek a second (or new) group to play 4 color with. I had to do this with 2 player. 1 has come back and agreed to try 4 color he's struggling but at least he's trying.
  7. Re: WWYCD:One Issue Super Cross over event! Flesh Gordon contacts Husky and suggests they go on an intersteller sight seeing tour. Husky agrees. Kenneth decides to build an elaborate interactive VR ride rather than go into space with the questionably Flesh. Just as Husky and Flesh start the adventure though an extra dimensional alien invasion begins. Throughout the whole issue Husky and Flesh wade through bad guys facing impossible odds; Husky not believing there is any real danger and Flesh not caring.
  8. Re: WWYCD: The Gift Horse Husky will immediately jump in and try it out without looking at the manual. If the plane doesn't fly intuitively he'll quickly become bored and change into Kenneth. Kenneth will immediately have the clarkebots build a small lab around the aircraft and take it apart micrometer by micrometer to see if it is in any way superior to his own Huskitonian technology (this is unlikely). He'll of course treat the vehicle with extreme paranoia.
  9. Re: WWYCD:The Facts of Life Husky will simply ask the boy if he wants to return to his people. And act on those wishes. Kenneth will synthesize a psychic version of a computer virus that will erase all knowledge and/or references to Earth and the Solar system from the hive mind right after they are encountered. Now if the aliens forcibly contact the child they will forget about him and Earth and upon returning the entire race will have Earth eliminated from their memory.
  10. farik

    WWYCD: The Arc

    Re: WWYCD: The Arc Husky is going to change into Kenneth since this is definately boring by his standards. Kenneth will then hijack the ship to keep it out of the reach of anyone else until he can finish his preliminary research of the vessel. What Kenneth does after that will depend on what he learns about the ships function and origin.
  11. Re: WWYCD? #126: For Whom the Bell Tolls Husky would leave the simple instructions "give my body to the Clarkebots." The Clarkebots would devote themselves to the singular task of bringing Kenneth Clarke back from the dead while keeping his death a secret. Kenneth/Husky will return possibly as a clone or maybe an android with Kenneth's memories implanted. Worst case scenario the Clarkebots collectively become a "supervillain" as they resort to theft, extortion, and kidnapping to acquire new technology and information in pursuit of their goal to bring back Kenneth Clarke. This assumes Husky dies in the next few years if he matures more then things could be quite a bit different.
  12. Re: Is a politician a good secret ID? Everyone is overlooking the duplication power. A duplicating politician would always have the perfect cover for their vigilante escapades. Also a supergenius with a host of robotic doubles could also fill his public duties and his private escapades. I mean after watching the debates this year I'm pretty sure the President actually is a robot (a poorly programmed robot at that)
  13. Re: Alternate Earth 26: It’s a Wonderful Life? Without the Leviathan 5 Doc Noble would have conquered the earth with his bio-engineered super soldiers;until,The Man In Black summoned the chaotic nameless god from his extra-dimensional prison destroying all order and riegning down terror on humanity; until, just a few months ago when the universe itself would have been destroyed becuase the L5 and their alternate selves wouldn't have stopped the collapse of Earth's dimensional structure. With the rest of the team around and only Husky missing everything might be okay except for the dimensional collapse. Since it was the Husky serum coursing through Shaggy's viens that allowed Professor Juncture to possess him (SHaggy) and adapt to the fluctuations of the growing dimensional rupture long enough to stabilize the Universe.
  14. Re: Alternate Earth #25 National Capes Husky would be the noble Hero of the artificial satelite "Huskiton 2" populated by intellectuals and artificial intelligences. Huskiton 2 would be a Meritocracy where grand schemes and plans are respected for their vision and the occasional large explosion would be accepted as a necessary side effect of finding a cure for cancer and developing pocket fusion. Huskiton 2 would actually be secretly preparing for space launch with the intent of finding a suitable world and terraforming it into a Utopia.
  15. Re: WWYCD #124 or so:Peace on Earth Well Husky's worst enemy is Shaggy. Since Shaggy is a mindless animal driven by instinct who only knows he's different because of Husky odds are the day won't be very productive. Shaggy will keep trying to hurt Husky and it will be even less effective than usual. Since Shaggy's defensive adapatability power is unaffected by the power limitation Kenneth won't even be able to try and make any breakthroughs in reversing Shaggy's condition and turning him human again.
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