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  1. Re: test. You got a mighty pretty avatar there.
  2. Re: test. Nothing. Just roaming the information super highway. 'Sup with you?
  3. Month? A whole month and no…tasty rump!
  4. Re: Help with faith based VPP I would like to point out that the player's inability to control which powers his character gains is different than the character's inability to control which powers he gets. I created a character that was extraordinarily lucky. I used a VPP but did not use the NCC. I controlled the mechanics of it, with GM approval. My character had no control over what happened (or didn't happen for that matter).
  5. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet Since Pulp Hero, I have allowed a lot of Super Skills in my 'mundane' campaigns. But then I run cinematic campaigns.
  6. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet I like the layout of this one too. Powers might be a bit cramped.
  7. CourtFool


    Re: Test I'll see your Shenanigans and raise you, Monkey Business.
  8. Re: What is your plans for your first 6th Edition game? You formed an alliance with your T.V. and washer? Tell the truth. Did the T.V. detain one of your journalist and demand nuclear proliferation concessions for her release?
  9. CourtFool


    test. Spanish Inquisitioned!
  10. Re: "Super" Doctor skill set You can never go wrong with some Contacts. They give the GM an outlet for feeding the party information. They are also handy as plot hooks. KS (Hospitals) KS (Medical Professionals)
  11. Re: Grab my tentacles Ooo! Ooo! Or Naked Modifier: Area Affect, 1 Hex applied to STR
  12. Re: Sixth Edition Showcase #8: APG Goodies Would you allow Healing in a Magic Multipower Slot?
  13. Re: Sixth Edition Characters What? It never got awkward. Wait! That was a trap!
  14. Re: Need help with some powers. My next 'go to' ability is generally Luck. Almost every cinematic and literary character seems to have some measure of it, so it never seems out of place. Contacts/Favors/Followers - surely you could add a friend to two to any character.
  15. Re: Sixth Edition Characters I am generally against any kind of mathematical conversion. Different rule sets handle things differently. To ignore that is the path to insanity. I realize Hero 5 and Hero 6 are suppose to be very close relatives, but they are still different systems.
  16. Re: Need help with some powers. That never happens to me. If it did, one or two Overall Skill Levels never hurt.
  17. Re: Grab my tentacles I have some bad news for you…
  18. Re: Breakout There are simply too many variables with Mental powers. The cleverness of the mentalist, the GM's interpretation (to say nothing of prejudice) of +10/+20/+30.
  19. Re: What is your plans for your first 6th Edition game? I may revive my Pirate Hero game or try the Charlemagne campaign I have been tossing around.
  20. Re: New to Hero - Alterantive tech and Dark Champion Question I think the occupants pay for the END at the very least.
  21. Re: Grab my tentacles I agree and this would still be consistent taking the SFX route. Ectoplasmic limb goes *poof* and the hold is broken. How do the limbs 'go'?
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