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  1. Re: Force Field Power Question as for shield, someone already adviced to use force wall. also, you can multipower that with a missile deflection/reflection if you like the idea as for the "rebouncing" effect, you could: - build a power that does knockback; you can do it with an EB with "no damage, only to calculate KB" and x2 KB (and also Does Knockback if you campaign does'nt support it). Other ways exists, like a telekinesys "only to throw away from me" or like - limit it to "up to incoming attack active points" or "up to incoming attack damage" or like - trigger it to auto start whenever someone hit the shield
  2. Re: Desolidifed attack in the same special effect they are affected by yeah they got Affects Solid World for their power; i'm wondering if they will need it for the spells (i know i know... they are mobs of the weeks so no problem if they ends up with lot more points, is just some laziness 'cause i don't whanna copy-paste-and-modify grimoire spells while i could just point at the book... )
  3. Hi all i got a little question about desolidified chars you all know desolidified chars are affected by a special effect, name it magic or electricity or something similar an example is a desolidification of spectre/wraith: they are affected by magic, so every magical attack will damage them now, i remember about reading someplace that a chars desolidified could affect physical world (without having to pay for the advantage) by using same special effect than the one he's affecting in the example before, the spectre could use magic without having to pay "affect physical world" for it but looking into the book, both 6ed and 5ed, i found no more this thing so, again in the example of spectre, they will need to pay "affect physical world" for all their spells wich one is correct? in wich book could have i read this thing?
  4. Re: quick question: martial throw with ranged weapon ok thanks
  5. hi all a quick question if i use ranged weapon (like a bow) with a ranged martial art (es. elven archery) and use a martial throw maneuver victim gets normal damage from weapon + damage from hard surfaces, or just the fall damage? ty for answering Edit i know for hand to hand maneuver could be dependent on the maneuver; this one (i made following rules from MA with Throw basis, +OCV and Time+ element) name phase cost OCV DCV Rng Effects Orimisian 1+1 3 +1 +0 +0 Thrown, extra segment could do normal damage? or not?
  6. Hi all sometime ago i was reading Unisystem Lite UL is a fast action, very cinematic system in UL you have to roll both attack and defense, but use an escamotage non-named mobs (like standard vampires or low level demons) does'nt roll for attack nor defense: a static number is used like threshold for caracther so when a good guy attack a bad guy, player (good guy) need to roll for attack vs a static defense when a bad guy attack a good guy, player (good guy) need to roll for defense vs a static attack so on, there are 2 results: 1) low dicerolling, only PC rolls 2) PC will feel like theyr fate is on own hand. they roll to attack and roll to save first point is useless in hero: attack roll is already vs a static number (someone say: "defense is passive") second point.. .well... it's easy made: attack roll in hero are: 3d6<11+OCV-DCV or OCV+11-3d6>DCV this one is something like an "attack roll": you roll your attack vs your enemy's defense but, applying some maths, there are: 3d6+DCV if 3d6+DCV goes HIGHER than OCV, then attack miss. so, defense roll is: 3d6+DCV>11+OCV and you can give player possibility to roll your own defense roll: if they goes higher, attack miss; if they go lower, attack land in this way: advantage: player are aware of their fate. there is no "GM's Lucky" and they are happier because "their fate is on their hand" disadvantages: 1) player are generally speaking lower at calculation: GM is faster so, in the long run, combat are slower 2) so on, player need to roll LOW for attack, LOW for skill roll, and HIGH for defense... sometime can be confusing the viceversa is also true: attack roll could be made by GM for the PC, so lower dicerolling and increased "GM's Luck" effect
  7. Re: Knockback and Bullets I think this is no necessary... IMHO in all more "realistic" Dark Champions (or DC-like) campaign Knockback is'nt used, and sometimes ever Knockdown is'nt used too In more "cinematic" campaign like Champions or Champions-like, firearms are way muuuch more rarely seen, and aven in this case: is a superheroic genre, does not necessary be "realistic", it must be "cinematic"
  8. New question about flash and FD i want to build a "flash" attack that is an urticant spray (similar to pepper spray in FREd...) this spray will work "at contact" with eye, not "through" eye; so FD like polarized lens (only cover eye bulb, not eye socket), anti-dazzle cyberoptic or inherent flash resistence but NOT against Glasses, IR Goggles and eye protection of some sort so: can i build this "spray" as a Flash with AVLD (protection is a full restrictive coverage; +¾)? or i must build this as a NND (protection is a full restrictive coverage; +1) or a "normal" flash powerful enough to break through some standard resistence?
  9. Re: Three or more Eyes Okay i think this is the point: in "A Far Far Away Galaxy" having three eyes is not more distinctive than having blu skin, four arms, huge blob-like body or similar, but is distinctive to wear a lightsaber or a "kimono-like" vestment in Cycloplandia having two eyes is very distinctive Now in this specific (my cyberpunk campaign): having three eyes is distinctive, but also having a chromed cyberarm, two rabbit ears, scaly skin or flashing jacket with Illumipanel inside. So is so distinctive that, i suppose, is not distinctive (all are distinctive, so having three eyes is not more distinctive than in-modern-day wearing sunglasses or leather jacket...) Advantages? well, nobody install third eye only to say "ehi i'm an indian goddes" (well, i know some people that will be glad to install it for this reason... but this is another question...) Installing Tricloptics is only to have a third cyberoptic (defined like a VPP 30+15 with some implanted optional inside). But my question is: i will give other advantage? (some FD 'cause three eyese are less susceptible to blinding, accurate range detection 'cause three eyes makes binocular vision more accurate, etc.?)
  10. if a character want a third eye or more (think about an "indian god"-like superhero, an alien with more eyes or a cyborg a la Appleseed's Briareos) how can he build this third eye? just a special effect or some other power?
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