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  1. Re: "Sleeper" Genres I’d love to see a series of War Hero books—WWII Hero, War to End All Wars Hero, American Revolution Hero, War of the Roses Hero (this one is touched on in a few already mentioned) Napoleonic Hero, American Civil War Hero*, etc…. * Sorry, history teacher in me… America has never had a Civil War. We have had a War Between the States, or more properly a War for Confederate Independence that ultimately failed. A civil war is a war between 2 (or more) factions fighting for the control of a government, not one side trying to keep another faction
  2. Re: Comics you loved...but apparently no one else did Hey, anyone remember SledgeHammer-- based on the ole '80's TV show. Whopping 2 issues... loved the show, and god help me, loved the 2 issues...
  3. Re: Horrorclix! Scary minis by the fistful! Hey, I'm looking SOOOOOO forward to this. The down side is I now HAVE to go to DragonCon this year, not only for Great Cthulhu but also for the Spectre fig for the DC game... okay not really for the game; really just to have it, but hey...
  4. Re: Champions Miniatures http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/ Mostly historical figures but they have great cops and gangers—look under the section for “Street Violence.†Also look at Pulp Figs— http://www.pulpfigures.com/main.php?custID=671291751221139493334 awesome for Pulp hero and Ninja Hero too…
  5. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) GURPS Hero Married with Hero Champions: Elevator Inspectors Unit Incontinence Hero Champions: Truck Dispatchers Unit Congressional Incompetence Cover-Up Hero Champions: Network Executive Unit I'm sure I copied a few from others... Blah… why’d I even bother with this…
  6. Re: Speedster Question... Yeah, thats pretty much it, though some of the ideas here are pretty funny (read disturbing) After reading some of the ideas here, I’m now thinking he will have high regen/recovery, etc but maybe its breaking down—or maybe its not able to keep up with the “pace†of the characters speed power development…
  7. Re: Speedster Question... Ohh... didn't think of that. THe PC's could find him, starving, because he hasn’t been able to eat (he tares his food apart before he can consume it) and weakened by that too...hum.
  8. Re: Speedster Question... Good point. I don't want this to be funny. I want it to be (he, he) realistic... Suggestions are good... keep ‘em coming…
  9. Re: Speedster Question... Oopss, sorry Jeff, I wasn't clear. He can't control it... It's kind of an on or off thing... He doens't just walk anymore... if he moves he moves at 150mph or not at all....
  10. Re: Would Stargate SG-1 work in a Marvel Universe? Maybe not the Marvel proper but I think it would do well in the Ultimate MU... StarGate Command could be a division of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Superpowers are still new enough that the world is "used to" such sights. I think a little tweeking it'd work just fine...
  11. Re: Speedster Question... Interesting... A buddy of mine threw this up on my LJ account. Just to say, I really haven't used, nor experienced speedsters all that much. So I'll just ask for any follow up comments on this as well... << First idea is to give the hero lots of Running, but keep his Speed relatively low. Second idea is Running with the Limitation "Noncombat Movement Only." No Noncombat Movement is a -1/4 Limitation; I'm not sure if that would make Noncombat Only a -3/4 Limitation or not. Yes, he can run fast in a battle, but his OCV will dro
  12. Re: Speedster Question... No. Effectively the PC's will have to save this man from, not only himself but save him from destroying whatever he hits. If you were to dive off a 10 story building, into a car, it would not only kill you but destroy the car, and possible kill( or seriously injure) anyone in the car. That’s the effect I was going for.
  13. Awhile back we got one of the threads “What do you want to see?” for the upcoming Ultimate Speedster. I thought of and asked there a question that is really more appropriate here. So now that I remembered to do it I though I’d repost that said question... In HERO System, what would be the most appropriate way to handle a speedster, whose mind is not as fast as his powers, i.e. running around a city and having to dodge traffic at super speed while his mind/reactions run at normal ‘human’ speed? Really, the situation would be something like: A man gets hit with a “ray” that gives him s
  14. Re: Old Version of DC? Hey, there's a seller on Amazon, that has a copy for sale. I don't know anything about him, or his rating but take a look... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1558061770/sr=8-3/qid=1139938180/ref=pd_bbs_3/104-5308747-1804747?%5Fencoding=UTF8 Hope this helps...
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