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  1. Re: Urban Fantasy Hero Book of Power: the Blood Qur'an Wow! I'm starting up a new Horror Hero/UFH game in August. This is definitely going in...
  2. Re: An Urban Fantasy Game Worth Looking At Interesting. THis reminded me (loosely) of the old SJ Games, "In Inomine". Yeah, it was Angels and Demons, but it had a whole music theme too.
  3. Re: "Sleeper" Genres I’d love to see a series of War Hero books—WWII Hero, War to End All Wars Hero, American Revolution Hero, War of the Roses Hero (this one is touched on in a few already mentioned) Napoleonic Hero, American Civil War Hero*, etc…. * Sorry, history teacher in me… America has never had a Civil War. We have had a War Between the States, or more properly a War for Confederate Independence that ultimately failed. A civil war is a war between 2 (or more) factions fighting for the control of a government, not one side trying to keep another faction from seceding… sorry ranting…
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