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  1. Re: Funny locations for a Dark Champions game?


    Funny Locations? Orlando: The Dark Side of Disney...

    Death Comes to Downtown Disney.

    Terror in Toon Town.

    Kiss me in Kissime...a Vampire's Tale.


    I actually live in Celebration... The town that Disney built. We ran a campaign a few years ago that included the Vampire Prince of Celebration (we use White-Wolf WoD clans in my various Horror Hero games.) It was a lot of fun and kinda funny in that, if you've ever been here (or, heck, seen pictures of it) it is so un-vampire like its kinda scary;)


    Though to be fair for us this is not something to have right now. If you didn't hear, we had our first murder here about a month ago, followed not two days later by our first suicide by cop. I'm not making lite of this at all, but I was annoyed that we had news vans everywhere for almost 2 weeks, when you can go 3 miles up the street and ind all the street crime you want...

  2. Re: Hurl Lightning from another’s lightning ability…


    This I like. Along with Gojira's Indirect mention (which I had thought about also' date=' but while typing forgot to add, go figure), these could make a very nice and NOT run-of-the-mill power![/quote']



    Thanks all. I did go with Gojira's Idea... (If I'd just learn to think once in a while, I might have come up with this:p) We'll be testing it today. Thanks so much, guys!!!




  3. Re: Hurl Lightning from another’s lightning ability…


    Another option is to let him build it at full capacity and put a custom limitation on it, possibly linked with Absorption (maybe "can only cast 1d6 per Body absorbed"). This might be worth -1/2. This way, his attack doesn't start off very powerful, but can get there rather quickly.



    Hum.. I like that. This may be the way to go. Like I said, most of it is his other powers, but this looks interesting…

  4. Ok guys I need some quick help. One of my players is creating a “Son of Zeus” for my current Champs game. He is more or less the same as Zeus, just a bit less powerful (hehe.) Most of it is not too difficult. But I need a little help with one of the powers. He can hurl lightning like Zeus, but like him, he cannot create it. Like Zeus he must have some other source. Zeus had Vulcan create it for him, I want this character to be able to absorbed it through a light socket or another character hurling it at him. This in turn would make the power variable based on the source. I figured he would carry a staff that could act as a lightning-rod to attract it while outside in a storm.


    I do need this ASAP. Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

  5. Re: Champions Online


    The magazine stated that Cryptic purchased Champions. It further states that the Marvel collaberation fell through but did not give specifics.


    I don't know what they mean by purchased but they talked about ownership, not licensing.


    Did Hero Systems sell out?


    No, no... just the Champions IP, which they then get licensed back to them in perpetuity for the Pen & Paper RPG…

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