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  1. Re: Lucha Hero I run Lucha Libre games at our local gaming conventions, twice a year. They're almost always sold out! So I'm more than happy to talk about it.
  2. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster I played in a 3.5 game where we had so many Bags of Holding that we literally didn't know what to do with them. In my (admittedly limited) experience, if you play 3.5 RAW, you're going to be giving away handfuls of +1 Rings of Protection and +2 short swords to every begger that asks for a handout.
  3. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster The last couple of years, I've been getting this cool Reed Richards graying around the temples thing goin' on. I kinda dig it, actually.
  4. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Oh, well that makes perfect sense then. I know I bring in a hammer and an attitude every time I go to check out a book or DVD.
  5. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Where the heck did you work?
  6. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster George Bernard Shaw said that first; Lincoln was just quoting him.
  7. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Looks like the Type V demon isn't allowed to be shown on Photobucket..
  8. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster "Dear Mrs. BoloOfEarth..."
  9. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster You know how they say in the software industry: Fast, Cheap, or Good - Pick Two. With girls it's the same way: Sexy, Smart, or Sane - Pick Two. She's sexy, she's not smart, so odds are good she's sane.
  10. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster At least you can be pretty sure she's sane.
  11. Re: Fantasy Art Thread Hey, it's Lady Isobelle, from the Fantasy Hero game I'm running. Very nice -- she even has the Baron's insignia on her shoulder. Also, mazel tov on your upcoming nuptuals, Storn!
  12. Re: Fantasy Art Thread I like the inclusion of Merry stabbing the Witch-King in the knee. That particular detail is frequently missed when people draw this scene.
  13. Re: "Your Most Embarassing Game Mastering Moment" Years ago, back in my college days, we gamed at the local student center. The Student Center was huge, more of a conference center than just a regular old student union, and they always had outside groups putting on major tradeshows or conventions there. One Saturday, my girlfriend (now wife) announced that she was going to be running a Western Hero game next week. We all made characters and then, on the appointed day, showed up at the Student Center. Every single one of us, without talking to each other or planning ahead of time, cam
  14. Re: Fantasy art Yep, v2 are definitely more vibrant and richer.
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