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  1. I don't believe so, Duke. IIRC, Scott had an entire different Bay City campaign that he ran many moons ago. I have the C:NM one.
  2. I had a villain who used the shadows of others as an attack. The shadow would reach up, grab the person casting it, and pull it into the shadow, causing a damaging effect that was AVLD (Light/Shadow-based Defenses). The person would pop out of a random shadow, which added a limited teleportation effect to it. Made the villain quite creepy at times.
  3. I always lean a bit on fear powers when it comes to shadows. Maybe a PRE boost, or Mind Control (Fear Only) that's linked to Darkness. I've used an EGO Drain in the past that represents the shadows bringing out doubt and despair in a target as well. One of my favorite darkness abilities is using Mind Control (Based on CON) to bring out the darkness in a target.
  4. I don't know about that, @Greywind. It's more about what I'd want the Pawns to look like. For those unfamiliar with them, here's what they look like without bases attached. Easy to store. Could really easily build an army or group.
  5. Yup. Okumarts has the best printable figures IMHO. But I'd like to see a nice box set with sturdy cardboard figures (much like the Pathfinder Pawns style). I've honestly considered it. But a lot of it comes down to what I want them to look like.
  6. On the concept of Standies. I kind of wish more companies would make affordable cardboard minis like the Pathfinder Pawns. Having a slew of Champions Pawns would be awesome to use in a game, and having some generic heroes would be wicked.
  7. D'oh! I had not. Thanks, Dan.
  8. I went to add some Movement Skill Levels and noticed that it wasn't in the skill tab. Is there a trick beyond using a Custom Skill?
  9. Pre-COVID, I always found minis useful in a Champions game. In the recent past, I mainly used Heroclix for my minis fix, though I would love to see more generic minis come out. Or Champions Heroclix.
  10. Like Duke mentioned, powers in Hero are effects based with a multitude of descriptions. You could have a character with a 7d6 Blast that's defined as "Laser Beam", "Frost Blast", or even "Junk Debris" with the descriptor being what defines it. In the case of Light Based Powers, Greywind has given a good starting point for powers, but it could go beyond even that list depending on how you define the effects.
  11. My condolences to her family and all that knew her.
  12. Actually, in Mongoose's Traveller 2nd ed. they did away with the whole "death during character creation" bit. They have it as an option in their Companion, however. Beyond going with the free systems, it would depend on what style of game you'd want to run/play. There are a bunch of games on DriveThruRPG that are pretty affordable that go beyond any kind of D&D. Much of it depends on the play style that you choose. Have to agree with Joe here. FATE and FATE Accelerated are both easy to access and play relatively easy. And while I dig FATE, my gr
  13. Sketchpad

    Fear AOE?

    I think Mind Control (Only to Inspire Fear/Terror -1/2) would work.
  14. a) I would do NND (Grounded) myself. I find that Stun Only doesn't have quite the same effect for electrical effects (like Tasers), since it would be altered by Defenses. b) The auto hit I would stat out as Damage Over Time.
  15. Might have to chip in on this. There are a few books in there I did art for that I don't seem to have anymore.
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