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    Hey @HeroGM... is Brett Booth a gamer by any chance? I believe I've seen you on Twitter and you tag Zircher and Panosian, who I know used to game and work on games. I'd love to see who in the comic industry games.
  2. You could take some Aid powers as "Encouragement Abilities" and tie them to Presence. Maybe something like Encouraging Word: Aid OCV (Requires PRE check), or Look Out!: Aid DCV (Requires PRE check). Or maybe some Healing like Pep Talk: Healing (Requires Charm check).
  3. Reminds me of some game material I've made.
  4. Sketchpad


    That would be the work of the amazing Brett Booth, co-creator of Backlash, and artist of X-Men, Flash, and Titans fame. He has a new kickstarter up and running with Scott Lobdell called The Anybodies. Looks like a great time.
  5. It's probably @keithcurtis. Though he'd be able to tell you possibly.
  6. Angelman looks like an Albert Deschense. Blam is a Mark Williams (you can see his sig). Bleed also looks like his. Uh Oh is a Pat Zircher. Power Battle looks like Storn Cook. Nar-Cola looks like a Chris Stevens. Enough I believe is by Glen Johnson. I believe Fast and Bloodthirsty are Denis Loubet. Forcefield could be a few different people, and Detecting has a sig, but I'm not sure who it is.
  7. The last Champions arc that I ran? Hmm... I guess I would pick the last 4e one... The New Champions: Destroyer Unlimited Last episode, Dr. Destroyer discovered the Ultiversal Code and began re-writing the universe with his devious mind. As the New Champions descend on to Destruga, they must battle dark versions of themselves, as well as Destroyers new, powered-up agents. Can they save the cosmos itself, or will Destroyer be triumphant?! <cue Champions Theme>
  8. I would build it kind of like this... 61/24 Telekinetic Bullet Storm: 2d6+1 Killing Attack - Ranged (Hole In The Middle (fixed size; +1/4), Area Of Effect Nonselective (10m Radius; +1/2); OAF: Guns, Lots of Guns (-1), No Range (-1/2)) (6 END)
  9. I agree with @IndianaJoe3 in this instance. Easiest and most cost effective way of emulating what's in the image.
  10. It varies with the agents in my campaign. Some are pushovers that need numbers, others are credible threats. I kind of take a video game mentality in some aspects, with Lieutenants and Commanders, or specialized troops, being more capable than standard agents.
  11. Christopher, I would recommend checking out the Portfolio series from LPJ Design. It's not too expensive, and there are some great images that you can use there. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/85/LPJ-Design/subcategory/1308_577/Image-Portfolio
  12. Seems like fun, though I added a few questions. Why your username? I needed a name when I started working in the Wizards Community and, as an artist, I gravitated towards Sketch. More and more people called me it, so I expanded it to Sketchpad as my online screen name. Why your avatar or if no avatar why not? It's me. The photo was taken by my wife and we refer to it as my "Dust Jacket" picture. What area do you live in? The frozen north of New York where the winds of limbo roar. What's your profession? I'm a graphic designer and PR guy by day, and a small RPG publisher by night along with the missus. She edits and writes, I write, draw, and design our products. Are you Windows, MAC or Linux? Windows and Mac. Depends on where I am and what I'm doing. Are there TV shows and/or movies you like to binge watch? Sure. I'm a sci-fi and horror junkie, but a good sitcom is something that will keep my attention. What drew you to the Hero System? An old friend of mine back in the '80s. Champions became one of our go-to superhero games at the time, and when he left, I took the game over. Which edition did you start with? It was either Champions II or Champions III. We often used rules from both. Which edition is your favorite? Though I have fond memories of 1-3, 4th was my favorite. That Big Blue Book was magical! What have you used the game for? Mainly superheroes, but I'd love to run something a bit different sometime. What point system have you ran or played in? 250-700 starting points. What was your first Hero character? I played a superhero who wore a cybersuit he built from stolen Viper and UNTIL parts. What was your favorite Hero character? I really enjoyed my Batman-like character that took darkness powers and a slew of Hunteds. Unfortunately, they all found him in a pretty hectic session. Do you still play or GM the Hero System I haven't in a long time, but always threatened to come back to it. Might be time soon. Are there other games you play? Yup. Mutants & Masterminds, Alien, D&D, Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green, Star Trek Adventures, Traveller, Star Wars, Cypher/Numenera, Rifts, etc. On an A to F scale how do you rate the system overall? As a system, I'd give 6th edition a solid B. As nostalgia from playing it in the past, an A. What are some house-rules, if any, you use in the past? I've played with different Wealth systems, a Hero Die mechanic, Mastermind Talent, and Custom Templates to name a few. If you could put together a 7th edition what are some things you add, omit and/or change? I would streamline the game a bit and bring in some modern game sensibilities. I'd also love to reboot the Champions Universe.
  13. Making a campaign can be a bit daunting in any system. There are a ton of books with advice out there, and I'll try to my best to offer my own. To begin with, you should figure out what genre would you like to run. This is often a great question to the group, and to yourself. You mentioned a modern game. Are you thinking of something high action, akin to movies like The Fast & The Furious or John Wick? Or maybe something more espionage and spy based like James Bond, Jason Bourne, or Mission Impossible? Perhaps something more Urban Fantasy, mixing magic and modern concepts together as seen in The Magicians or The Dresden Files? Maybe something a bit darker, wandering into the genre of horror as seen in The Conjuring or Underworld? And, of course, superheroes are also modern, with so many examples its hard to list. Once you have an idea of what kind of game you and your group are interested in, you should figure out how the rules apply to that kind of game. There are several books published for 5th Edition that can be adapted to 6th Edition pretty easily. For example, Urban Fantasy Hero offers some advice for running games in the genre and could be invaluable to someone planning such a game. The same could be said about Dark Champions for a more action oriented game. Within these books are character guidelines and package deals that will help with character generation. As Gamemaster, you should decide what kind of adventure you'd like to run. Is it a heist, where the players have to steal something? Or maybe they've been hired to protect someone or something? Or maybe they're a smash and grab team hired to teach a lesson? As players build their characters, they'll also choose Complications, which will help define who their characters are, as well as giving some hints on what type of story they'd like their character to be in. Hunted, in particular, is a great starting point for some characters. Maybe that spy is hunted by an old enemy? Or the Urban Mage is hunted by a spirit they once crossed? Though they shouldn't be used directly all of the time, a Hunted can provide occasional issues and adventure potential. For example, the old enemy of the spy now runs a merc company with deep contacts. During one adventure, the players encounter a pair of assassins seemingly acting on their own until it's revealed otherwise. I always recommend playing a few one-off adventures at first so you and the players can get used to the game and experiment with the rules. Hope this helps, Crayon. Welcome to the game and let us know how things go.
  14. The best advice I can give for running a Champions game is this... 1. Read superhero comic books, watch superhero movies, watch superhero cartoons. If you're not a fan of the genre, it can be a bit daunting to run. Find a style that you and the players like and stick with it. Are you teens fighting gangs and crime in the big city? Are you the #1 superhero team in the country/city/planet? Are you galactic guardians bent on protecting the universe? Style is important, and it's important to stick with it at least in the beginning. 2. Have a day unlike any other. More often than not, teams form because of necessity. There is some catalyst that brings heroes together. Is it an alien attack that causes the heroes work together? Or maybe they're part of the same subspecies or family? Or, perhaps they know some dark secret that bonds them together? Lean into the catalyst and create memorable moments in the game, no matter how long it is. 3. Bring on the Bad Guys. Villains should be characters in and of themselves. Sure MagnoPath is a powerful character, but his greatest weakness is that he has a thing for InvisoMarina, the team's leader. Or what about Dr. Foom who wants the conquer the worlds of Fandom and won't let anyone get in his way? Be creative with your villains, and give them some life when dealing with your characters. I mean, how many times does Viper Agent 989 escape death until he becomes a Nest Leader, or worse, a supervillain? 4. Listen to your players. Talk to them about the game, listen to feedback, and work with them to create a game that's both fun and exciting. If one has a problem with the game, discuss it with them or with the group. But don't feel the need to be locked into anything either. Remember, everyone should be having fun, no matter your role. 5. Grab a copy of HeroDesigner. You won't regret it. Welcome to the Hero System, Arcanuum. We're all here to help. Strike Force is a great book! I prefer the original version over the newer one, but that, in part, has to do with the layout of the books. Both are filled with some great advice, and fun characters. Now you tell me! Where were you in the mid-80s with this info, huh?!
  15. How are they any different than the previous 6e stat blocks?
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