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  1. I would suggest looking at Hero System Skills on p. 125-132 for some expanded Computer Programming rules. That might have some options that you could use. As for how to keep Computer Programming from taking over a modern game, there are several ways. First off, certain computer systems will be harder to crack than others. This could be a negative modifier to any check. For example: Kyle "0v3rk1ll" Obert is attempting to hack into a heavily fortified bank with Computer Programming 15-. The bank has some anti-hacking software installed in it, giving anyone trying to hack it a
  2. I've been lucky enough to have had a great gaming group for the past two decades. I just had to split it into two groups a few months back. Unfortunately I'm not running Champions much these days, but that's how things go.
  3. Just speaking the truth. 😄 Have you been doing any gaming lately?
  4. That's because you ARE cool, Shelly!
  5. On the subject of Eurostar being a team for a bygone age. What about evolving them? Taking Fiacho and turning him more into a Baron Zemo pastiche who puts together these "Conquerors of Crime" sort of groups that are funded by Eurostar as a multi-layered agency? On one level, you've got the Euro-Baddies, but on another, maybe a larger company that, in turn, funds a modern techno-terrorist group that employs soldiers, hackers, and rogue engineers. The thought of Eurostar as a villain group was lost in the past. No one believes they're still around, and even if they were, they don't deem them a t
  6. Steel Sword Too Heavy? -X to OCV making hard to wield. Uranium Armor? CON Drain. Sodium Armor? Xd6 Blast (Explosion), only in contact with water. Rust: Xd6 RKA (Only vs. Metal Material) Molten Metal: Xd6 AP RKA Gold/Silver: +Xd6 Strike Appearance (UOO), Drain PD/ED
  7. Has there been a new Champions of the North? I'd love to see a revision of that book.
  8. Oh I have a map. I just wasn't sure if there was some mechanic to populate an area with thick growth, for example, since its designed to slow people down or hide things.
  9. I have a group who is using an old camp as a base. Think kind of like Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th movies. I'm trying to figure out a few things about it and could use some build advice... What SIZE should it be? Right now I have the camp at 131,072 m^3 in volume with a x32,768 in Grounds. If there was a dense forest that makes it hard to navigate, how would you depict this? Change Environment? I was thinking it might give some minuses to movement and perception. Easy for people to get lost (as they're also adding traps). They want to have some portals to get aroun
  10. That's one of the reasons why I'm a big fan of having just skill modifiers with computers than the skill itself. Rather than a "KS: Internet Chat Etiquette 14-" I would rather have "KS: Internet Chat Etiquette +3" as it modifies the skill of the user.
  11. Hmm... I don't know. A bit of modification on the modern one and they look pretty cool as Viper Agents.
  12. I always find minis helpful when running con games. Maybe snag some cheap Heroclix and use them?
  13. I didn't mind Guardians, to be honest. I think it had some fun ideas, and the art was fairly decent for the time. I also really enjoyed Justifiers, which I ran pretty regularly for about a year.
  14. I've played a little bit of everything as far as Superhero RPGs go. By Guardians, do you mean the old game from Star Childe, or the OSR one that's relatively new? I've been running M&M for a while now, but recently have been considering returning to Hero. Loved both of the TSR Marvel Games (FASERIP and Saga), and really wished that WotC could release a new edition as an open license game.
  15. I ran some Tri-Stat SAS when it first came it out for a bit, but the group I was with preferred Champions. Funny thing was, they called it Hero-Lite for a while (which is what M&M has been occasionally called as well). BESM 4e was a bit more detailed, but still didn't quite gel with the group I ran.
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