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  1. This is more directed to @Jason S.Walters more than anyone. Is there a chance we might see the 6th ed POD books available in Hardcover?
  2. I think you mean Grognard. Gornad is really close to gonad. Where is everyone going to get their superhero fix? Many play games like Mutants & Masterminds, Supers, or Icons. There seem to be more and more superhero games popping up every day, with no end in sight. I've always seen Cap as having a STR 30, with Commando Training and Shield Training providing extra power as needed. Tricks like Impact Absorption and Inertia Displacement could be part of a Shield Tricks multipower. He also should have some kind of armor. In the comics he wears a chainmail shirt, while in
  3. Maybe. The stats on the page were Hero/Champions stats.
  4. I know for some time, Heroic Publishing had an area on their site dedicated to stats. Haven't seen it in their latest page, but you might be able to find it on the wayback machine or something.
  5. Like @dsatow and @Hugh Neilson I always found mechanical conversion charts a bit uneven. I always recommend looking at the concept of a character and rebuild them in the system, eyeing various caps from the sheet as benchmarks.
  6. I've been using Roll20.net for my remote gaming and have really enjoyed the experience. It does have a dice roller included, but you don't have to use it. The map functions tend to work well, and it has a handout feature, as well as character sheets.
  7. While I run my own universe these days, if I were to reboot the Champions Universe, I would tackle some of the following: The Guardians: I would try and license them back into the CU as the predecessors of The Champions. Some of them may even still be active. The Champions: Sure, they're a sample group, but I'd give them history that takes the 4th ed group as the original members, through to the 6th ed group, who currently hold the title. In all honesty, I would also make a "Crisis at Homestead" style of module that could make the PCs the next heroes to take on the team name.
  8. The way I ran PSI and COIL were more like organizations, as they used agents and often had some pretty lofty schemes.
  9. Is the art on the side an image from the book? If so, could we see a larger version of it?
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