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  1. 4th has always been my preference as well. If I were to create a new Champions edition, I would look at 4th ed as my starting point and move forward from there. There are a few things I enjoyed from earlier editions, such as the Mastermind option. But, for the most part, I really love 4th ed. One of the many reasons I would've loved to see Danger International take the forefront over Dark Champions as a Modern Hero model. Having something like DI with modular setting guides would be most awesome.
  2. I don't think I could agree with that. I have players that care about the world they play in, and take some stock in it. They want stories, and add to the lore of the world as we play.
  3. SJG is currently funding a new edition of Car Wars, which has been wildly successful. We'll see the final version in stores once the game is completed. The same can be said about the Torg Eternity Cyberpapcy books, or the Cypher System rulebooks. In addition, Paizo did use some crowdsourcing recently with their newer Kingmaker stuff (in fact, they even tapped the D&D 5e market with it).
  4. That's not entirely true. There are plenty of companies, both old and new, that run regular crowdfunding to produce their material. In many cases, this ensures that you have an audience for a game, as well as offering perks and bonuses as rewards to those that help. Many companies, such as Free League, Green Ronin, Modiphius, and Monte Cook Games, have done such a thing.
  5. Part of the issue with that is that many gaming stores (at least in my experience) believe Champions/Hero to be dead. The three shops I have locally do not acknowledge it's existence, nor are they willing to stock it because "nobody plays it". HoC may make some difference, but only if the products are visibility-friendly and draw people in. In my experience, blocks of text do not do that.
  6. Completely agree with Massey. In addition to the amazing Wolfman/Perez run on New Teen Titans, I would also recommend the following trade paperbacks: - Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Marvel) - Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past (Marvel) - Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel) - New Warriors Classics v1(Marvel) - Avengers Assemble v1 - 3 (Marvel) - Avengers Forever (Marvel) - New Teen Titans v1 - 10 (DC) - Justice League: The Darkseid War (DC) - Justice League (2018) v1 - 4 (DC) - Justice League Dark (2018) v1 - 2 (DC) - Young Justice (2019) v1 (DC) - Legends (DC) - Invincible (Image) - Dynamo 5 (Image) As far as worldbuilding goes, I always suggest History of the DC Universe, as well as The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe and Who's Who in the DC Universe (the latter of which is available on Comixology). Welcome to the game and hope you have fun with the system.
  7. In comparison to statted out characters that need minimal modification? For example, The Crimefighter as presented on a website. Please note, the characters in the books appear a bit smoother.
  8. Pay an artist and graphic designer to do the work. You can use portfolios like Storn offers through LPJ Design, but when you want something customized, hire someone to work on it. Make your books look good and spit polished. Get someone on board as an editor and have them fine tooth the text. MS Word/Publisher only do so good. Invest in your products like you'd want people to invest in them. When I started making my own books, I asked myself what I would like as a patron and started working on that vision.
  9. I've never had an issue with either game, to be honest. The Deluxe version of the M&M HH has a few adventures, villains, and archetypes in it, so you can easily begin a game in a matter of minutes. It was okay, but I think something needs to be done with the Hero statblock. Particularly with Champions characters. There's a dynamic that's missing IMHO. This is where I think M&M shines, and where Hero could learn a few things. The archetypes in M&M books act as a template, or as a quick-start character. Full art, ideas on customization, and even some info on backgrounds. Plus, they list some for villains as well, so you could easily use one when you need a bad guy in a pinch. I'm kind of glad that we didn't get full CO art. Some of the designs were "meh" for me. Never cared for their Defender, nor did I like their version of Grond. Speaking as a graphic designer, the art and layout of a game can make or break it for me. When 4th ed came out, I jumped at it as I was running Hero before that, and I'm a big Perez fan. To this day, I wish that they would release that cover as a poster.
  10. If you're truly putting the sole savior on D&D with Paizo/Pathfinder, keep in mind it was more than rules and concepts. The art and design of the products really elevated the style and look of their books, making them some of the best looking games on the market. I don't know if they're the sole savior in this case, but they did stand out. Something to think about for Hall of Heroes.
  11. We always played at 250 back in the 1e-4e days. Villains like the Geodesics were played as chump villains for a time. When I started running 4e, I remade some of the old villains, including the Geodesics. IIRC (it's been a bit), I believe that they came out to around 350 each, and had some pretty solid teamwork abilities.
  12. Depends on the concept and the campaign. I've had a campaign where people started with a 10 to 12 OCV, and had others where I capped it at 8 to start.
  13. IIRC, I ended up pumping up his Dex, Spd, OCV/DCV, and gave him some special "skills" to both give and take a beating. In a few scenarios, the team had to defend a few former Viper agents from him. Turned out to be a pretty awesome fight.
  14. I wish I could find my old campaign books. I had a bunch of updated characters from 3rd and 4th ed in them, along with some of the story hooks and history in the campaign. IIRC, Psi from Mind Games was pumped up a bit, and had a few members added in. Mongoose had become a neat street-leveled hero with elements of Casey Jones blended in. And Doctor Destroyer had been killed and resurrected several times.
  15. METE might be off limits, as it was part of Allston's universe. I was hoping we'd see them and The Blood as part of the Strikeforce KS. Unfortunately they didn't hit that goal.
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