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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our group's 'change of pace' venture into the fantasy genre yesterday... Things you do really do not want to hear from the young scion of nobility whom you fished out of the harbor, where some evil sorts had obviously left him to drown: "My true name is... Emperor Niall VI of the Rystani Empire."
  2. Re: I could watch him get slapped around all day
  3. Re: I could watch him get slapped around all day I really hate to say this, because I loathe Jubilee with the intensity of an entire galactic cluster of supernovae. But, facts are facts, and I must yield to them. To be fair, Jubilee did not learn acrobatics and etc. by growing up in a mall. Before her parents died and all, she was in competitive gymnastics, in the 'seriously trying to get into the Olympics' level. It was after they done died (in a car crash, I think, but can't remember for sure) and she apparently came up entirely minus on either living relatives, legal guardians, or a Social Services department that could remember that even she existed, that she started living the teenaged runaway on-the-streets lifestyle, which included sleeping in that mall, yes. So her gymnastics actually wasn't that stupid. It's merely everything ELSE about her character that was stupid. (Such as the martial arts... although again, IIRC, she didn't actually *have* any martial arts unlike Logan started training for her reasons known only to the writer, because seriously, I never understood WTF he gave her the time of day.)
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our "Aberrant in the Bronze Age" game -- Hermes, a young Chosen (nova) known for his speed, is speaking to Artemis, a nature goddess who has been raised in the wild and only recently come to civilization. They're on their way back from having consulted a rather gloomy and naysaying oracle. Hermes -- "See? I can angst after all." Artemis -- "I was /not/ angsting." *looks at him* "What does it mean, by the way?" Hermes -- "... you know, I'm actually not sure."
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From last night's UNITY Prime session, which I DM: ----------- *While the team is at a press conference, Astroman picks up a vague indicator from his Danger Sense* Astroman -- *I've got a bad feeling...* Rand Valor -- "Oh, look, if something happens, something happens, we'll just make it wish it didn't if it does. Until then, enjoy being admired." ----------- *First question at the press conference!* Reporter -- "Jason Bernstein, New York Times. Mr. Secretary-Marshall, could you please tell me..." (he fades to a stop and looks up at the sudden shadow falling) "... why the sun is going out?" ----------- *NPCs snark at each other! Specifically, POTUS dressing down the CIA director.* President Westfield -- "Director, if it hasn't occured to you yet that /we/ are the obvious first suspects here, I strongly suggest you drink more coffee before coming to work." ----------- *The team plots grand strategy!* Rand Valor -- "First, we end the current mess. Then, we take a moment to smile about doing so. Then, we figure out who was behind it. Then, we kick their heads in." ----------- *A new supervillainess is revealed!* Jack Frost -- "Wow, a supervillainess that has never yet tried to kill me. I am amazed, I didn't think there were any." -----------
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... And from last night's "Aberrant" session: The group, after having trekked across the frozen wasteland, has reached the ice palace of the infamous Winter King. After ringing the gong several times, and receiving no answer... Aral (deadpan) -- "Perhaps he's at his summer palace."
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My Aberrant character, commiserating with an NPC upon how my character's son feels totally overshadowed by his nova father and is estranged from him, and the NPC counters with something like 'at least you /have/ a family, all I can get is meaningless one-night stands with nova groupies'. (He's got a little Taint problem, so hardcore nova groupies are about the only women who will go for it.) Me -- "An outside observer would have trouble deciding which one of us to envy."
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In some myths, sprinking salt on zombies harms them.
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Whoa, deja vu. About three weeks ago in an Aberrant game I'm in, I did the same thing -- my character reached over and cold-cocked another party member right in the middle of a conversation. Our characters still aren't speaking to each other, and it almost destroyed teamwork at a critical juncture. Also, it's not normally my guy's style. And yet, at the time, given where everybody's head was at that moment, it just seemed to make perfect sense even though I *knew*, before I even did it, that the fallout for this would be falling out for months. (add) Oh, and there's a quote attached to it as well. Doing from memory...
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I'll be in my bunk.
  11. Chuckg

    Champions Jargon

    Re: Champions Jargon
  12. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...
  13. Chuckg

    Champions Jargon

    Re: Champions Jargon In our group, we called that particular sound effect a "boink".
  14. Re: Alternate Earth/WWYCD: The Legacy Of The Metal Wars... I foresee Badger and Soaron having a dramatic aerial battle at least every other episode. (One of Zedd's two robot lieutenants is also a flying energy blaster, and he melees as well. Sucker was like a giant metal pterodactyl with lasers. "Living metal" regeneration, too -- he'd get stomped in one episode and be right back in the next one, factory fresh.)
  15. Re: Alternate Earth/WWYCD: The Legacy Of The Metal Wars... Starguard: is cosmically powerful. And robots don't trigger her CvK. And she's capable of making barren lands reflourish, and healing the sick, and stuff like that -- her powerset is basically 'earth-bound archangel'. The war's over. And soon. (Hey, she once dropped an entire army of zombies and demons into an instant Grand Canyon, so the more Zedd's troops are assembled, the more they're just a bigger target.) Dr. Pain: Robots! He /loves/ smashing robots! And as a STR 60 brick, there ain't too many robots in Captain Power that he can't smash. He won't be winning the war single-handed, but he'll definitely be taking the point for a lot of it. Poor Tank, though. He just got totally upstaged. Baron von Darien: has a distinct problem, as his normal food supply (human blood) is a helluva lot scarcer around here. OTOH, as a very powerful master vampire, there's lots of things he can do to screw up Lord Zedd's operations, using his mist ability to get inside places and then his strength to hurt them. He wouldn't hook up with Captain Power's people, though -- he's not much of a joiner. At best, he'd be the annoyingly enigmatic figure who showed up, warned them of danger or handed them a clue, and faded away again. Alternately, he could find a surviving city and assume a leadership position within it, thus curing his lack of food position, and giving himself a powerbase that he can eventually work from. As an immortal, he can take the long view.
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