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  1. Re: Istvatha V'han - why can't she conquer Earth? In order for the Quaternion Banishment to work on her, she would need to be from a dimension among Hod or Netzach, or farther out, on the Sephiroth. Tyrannon and Skarn are from such places; V'Han very likely is not (as all the 'mundane' alternate universes of the material universe are still Assiatic planes, way down on the Sephiroth's bottom along with Earth). Indeed, since part of the definition of an Outer Plane is one where the reality runs primarily on magic as opposed to science, she's likely not from one. The point is moot, h
  2. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot If you have the offstage threat having actually been *stopped*, then that removes the primary objection to having it exist in the first place, yes. Which means you can leave it in w/o having it wreck the theme. (aside to the room) See the value of a rigorous debugging process, folks?
  3. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot And you're coming across like somebody who has delusions of moderatorhood. Which is actually worse than anything you've said. What the hell gave you the delusion you could order either of us around? The guy who actually *can* do that is one PM away from you. Ping *him*. Don't try to show how manly you are by doing it yourself, much less ranting and raving about what detestable human animals we are. Way to save the thread, there, Basil. By single-handedly raising it to an entirely new quantum level of invecti
  4. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot
  5. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot It is not a personal disagreement. It is not a contest. It is an effort to find a workable scenario, by peer review -- meaning that non-workable scenarios which are posted get logically examined in detail and noted for flaws. These flaws are then rewritten around and revised scenarios are posted. Then the revised scenarios are themselves rigorously examined and tested for weak points. Repeat step A long enough, and at last, a fully workable idea -- or sevearl -- will be achieved. Think of it like debugging code, if that helps.
  6. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot
  7. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot I notice you've completely abandoned actually talking about the ideas in question. Probably because there really is no way to defend them. Oh, and if the original author wrote that into his scenario, then I strongly suggest he write it back out, unless 'an exploration into complete futility and existential despair' was his objective. Anything that can so overmatch *them* won't even regard *us* as a light snack, and there really isn't much of a way around that.
  8. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot > Or, after millenia of ruling a multi-galaxy empire and being extremely > out of practice in dealing with low-tech, single-species non-spacefaring > races, they make a mistake or misinterpret something. Only if you're running a totally campy game. Now that you've established them as having run a multi-galaxy empire, you just established that they are an extremely cosmopolitan, long-lived race. I.e. -- the odds of them being unable to grasp the concept of non-telepathic sentients is nil, because unless humanity is
  9. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot I mean, wouldn't it be more reasonable if they went: "In our culture, it is considered a sign of good faith to open one's mind to another. We have attempted to do so to you, only to have our contact efforts rebuffed and you concentrate upon shielding your own thoughts and not even acknowledging our efforts to share our own. We *strongly request* that you explain why you have chosen to open these negotiations with such a gross insult!" "... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you're NON-TELEPATHIC. Boy, are our faces red! Sorry!"
  10. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot They have never, in the entire history of their species, ever met or even conceived of the hypothetical possibility of a sentient non-telepathic race? That stretches disbelief majorly. A general point is that any species intelligent enough to figure out that the secret is to bang the rocks together is either: 1) relatively civilized enough that war is something they don't happily leap into the instant some little thing first goes wrong, but instead wait for something remotely resembling an actual /casus belli/ or:
  11. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords? > One brief note: I did not call you intellectually arrogant. Didn't say you had. Was commenting on the irony of my having been accused of such in the past. Edit -- on going back and rechecking, turns out I did indeed say 'and *he* calls me intellectually arrogant', not 'and *they* call me intellectually arrogant'. I'm sorry for my carelessness, and I'll go back and edit it now. [snip] > One final note: I am sorry that you choose to interpret my arguments and > my words in the way you do. Here's a nice arti
  12. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot In a realistic hard-SF campaign, yes. However, in-atmosphere plasma guns are a long-established genre trope, and a *moderate* amount of rubber science doesn't harm most SF campaigns. The real trick for a DM is in knowing when to stop.
  13. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords? Yes, and I just ripped a strip off the other guy for pretending to read *my* mind. But, of course, I wouldn't have done that and said this if I hadn't felt the two situations were different. Why did I feel they were different? Simple. It is really unlikely that anyone who's been on NGD, much less seen *me* post on NGD, bring up *that* issue of real-world politics in a conversation with me and then claim that he didn't expect a real-world political discussion to break out. It is flat-out impossible that anybody could do
  14. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords? No, I'm saying you weren't paying attention and that your lack of attention annoyed me. If you're going to pretend that that is a vicious personal attack upon you, maybe I should make a *real* one so that you could tell the difference. Then again, the moderators tend to frown when I do that, and I've collected enough warnings. No, what you have done is completely make up something inside your own head and then claim that it was what I was really saying. The last time I checked, I was not, in fact, the Oracle at Delphi.
  15. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords?
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